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    Time Away from Home

    by , 09-20-2015 at 02:45 PM (357 Views)
    Mama was talking on the phone to one of her friends--or perhaps in person to someone else--about how she had always hated the thought of imaginary friends. They had always made her uncomfortable, and I knew for sure I could never tell her about Augustus, my tulpa (not that I had particularly wanted to, anyway). Augustus was standing beside me, but of course I was the only one to see him.

    [There is a point in the dream, right here, where I feel like more stuff was going on but I cannot remember what it was.]

    I was trying to eat me a snack before Dakota and Jon got home from their trip to their mom's/cousin's/whoever's, and I know that the snack I was trying to eat was a sandwich. I think it had two balogna slices on there and a lot of mayo--or at least that's all I can remember. I ate it in the kitchen by the microwave and watched as dozens of roaches scurried every which way. I heard their car doors close outside but didn't try to hide the sandwich, and then they came in.

    Mama was sitting on the couch in the living room and listening to "our" adventures at the place they had went to. Apparently Dakota and Jon had taken "me" with them (though I didn't remember that at all--was it a clone, perhaps, or had I just sort of "switched" into a new dream character?). They said that Dakota's mom and her boyfriend had started off cool and said that they were going to make Halloween "all about me," [as in me, and not her--I'm not sure why Halloween would be all about me haha] but after that they just sort of left and did their own thing. Apparently everyone there was pretty crappy, too, and Mama said that she could tell everyone there just sucked.

    Later on, the two of them were in my bedroom, and I think they were about to smoke pot. They opened my door and set a chair at the entrance, and then proceeded to try to barricade us in by placing numerous blankets on there (including the small red one that they had used in real life for a while, and my black one with white and gray). In hindsight it didn't make sense; why do that when you could just close the door?

    Dakota and Jon were talking about a television show that they had seen over at the place they had been. It was apparently based off a bunch of kids at a law school and lasted an hour long. The acting sucked--or at least that's what I thought they were getting at. They said "the gays sucked, the lesbies sucked, the trannies sucked, everybody sucked." Despite that, Dakota had apparently attempted to watch all of the episodes, but he was only able to catch one.

    Romeo sort of crawled under the blankets and chairs that blocked off my doorway from the hallway, and when Dakota seen that and looked at him he said, "I like it when Romeo walks around like he cares about himself," or something like that.

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