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    Analyzing "Limmy's Show" [2/20/2014] (Non-lucid)

    by , 02-20-2014 at 11:39 AM (256 Views)
    Analyzing "Limmy's Show" (Non-lucid)


    My mother is watching TV. I check what's airing and I see it's a dubbed version of the Scottish comedy show "Limmy's Show". Every now and then the skits stop and they cut to a duo of showmasters of some giant live event. They talk about how to analyze certain shots of the skits in a pseudo intelectual way.
    At some point a special guest appears. It's some guy with a blonde full beard, sunglasses and a baseball cap. I had no idea who he was but the live audience went absolutely crazy.
    At some point he took of this shades and exposed his face which was full of hair. At one point I said he looks like a wolfman.

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