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    Anger and Disappointment [24/2/2014] (Non-lucid)

    by , 02-24-2014 at 08:09 PM (253 Views)
    Anger and Disappointment (Non-lucid)


    I wasn't sure wether to post this or not. In fact I wasn't even sure whether to write it down in my personal DreamJournal or not...

    (The dream had a bunch of other sequences before this, but I don't remember them)

    I went outside, climbed on some building with a ladder to examine something and found my father and some other guy probably the same age as me hanging from that same building. I guess they were climbing around. I know they were hanging there intentionally.
    My father said something and I suddenly was filled with rage shouting at him and eventually hit his hands so he fell down.
    I left, still having a very aggressive argument with him.

    I entered a room that looked like the living room from the apartment I grew up in. A bunch of people were there minding their own business. I was angry and sad and sat down on a couch.
    Then my father arrived. He was holding something in his hand, which I knew was something extremely expensive. Appearently he got this for me and planned on giving it to me later as a surprise present.
    While he walked towards me and put the thing onto the table next to me he calmly said: "You know, it's been pretty expensive since you live here." And then "Congratulations for being born...".
    I felt the disappointment in his voice and started crying.
    I woke up crying and couldn't stop until several minutes later.

    I seldom experienced so much emotions in a dream. Enough to transfer to the waking life...
    Yes, I have a rather bad relationship to my father and we had a lot of horrible fights. And yes I'm currently living with my parents and I know I'm kind of a burden. That's probably why it hit me so hard.
    What I didn't know at the thime (I actually just found out about it minutes before I wrote this down) my father actually bought something expensive as a surprise present for me I wasn't supposed to know about yet... WTF.
    This was probably the most depressing dream I ever had. Fuck, I hate this dream so much.

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    1. Bambrielle's Avatar
      Dreams like this are always very upsetting, but if it makes you feel better, this is your subconscious' way of trying to tell you that there is something really bothering you. But that doesn't mean that everything you hear in the dream is true.

      Also, it's interesting you mention that this dream was a bit precognitive. I, too, have begun to notice that, as my dream recall improves, so I am noticing that I"m dreaming of things and people a few days before they make an appearance in my life. Its strange, a bit unnerving, and I wonder what it is a result of.