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    1. Becoming a guardian angel [2/26/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-27-2014 at 12:47 AM
      Becoming a guardian angel (Non-lucid)


      I was in an abandoned house, searching for something paranormal.
      At some point I walked through the hallways when suddenly all nearby doors closed themselves. "Ha! I knew it!" I shouted out.
      Then I heard something behind me, ran down the hallway and entered a room. A small girl was sitting on the floor playing with toys. She saw me and looked at me, surprised but not afraid. It turned out, that no one could see me except for her. I somehow was travelling back in time and only visible to her like a ghost. I knew I was chosen to watch over her and secure her in her life.

      All of that was part of some kind of enlightment and I seemed to have found the answer to a really big question.
      Unfortunately I forgot what it was about.

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    2. Molding Bread [25/2/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-25-2014 at 09:29 AM
      Molding Bread (Non-lucid)


      I made myself 3 open faced sandwiches (I guess that's what Americans would call it) for breakfast using bread from 2 different loafs. I grabbed one of the sandwiches to start eating it, when I noticed blue/greenish mold on it. I threw it away, disgusted.
      For the other 2 sandwiches I had used different bread, so I figured they should be still good. I grabbed one of them to eat them but noticed that my fingertips had mold on them from holding the other one before. It was like powder and it was now all over the fresh bread. I was disgusted and angry and threw at all in the trash.
    3. Anger and Disappointment [24/2/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-24-2014 at 08:09 PM
      Anger and Disappointment (Non-lucid)


      I wasn't sure wether to post this or not. In fact I wasn't even sure whether to write it down in my personal DreamJournal or not...

      (The dream had a bunch of other sequences before this, but I don't remember them)

      I went outside, climbed on some building with a ladder to examine something and found my father and some other guy probably the same age as me hanging from that same building. I guess they were climbing around. I know they were hanging there intentionally.
      My father said something and I suddenly was filled with rage shouting at him and eventually hit his hands so he fell down.
      I left, still having a very aggressive argument with him.

      I entered a room that looked like the living room from the apartment I grew up in. A bunch of people were there minding their own business. I was angry and sad and sat down on a couch.
      Then my father arrived. He was holding something in his hand, which I knew was something extremely expensive. Appearently he got this for me and planned on giving it to me later as a surprise present.
      While he walked towards me and put the thing onto the table next to me he calmly said: "You know, it's been pretty expensive since you live here." And then "Congratulations for being born...".
      I felt the disappointment in his voice and started crying.
      I woke up crying and couldn't stop until several minutes later.

      I seldom experienced so much emotions in a dream. Enough to transfer to the waking life...
      Yes, I have a rather bad relationship to my father and we had a lot of horrible fights. And yes I'm currently living with my parents and I know I'm kind of a burden. That's probably why it hit me so hard.
      What I didn't know at the thime (I actually just found out about it minutes before I wrote this down) my father actually bought something expensive as a surprise present for me I wasn't supposed to know about yet... WTF.
      This was probably the most depressing dream I ever had. Fuck, I hate this dream so much.

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    4. Antarctic Machinery [2/23/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-23-2014 at 02:48 PM
      Antarctic Machinery (Non-lucid)


      I was on a camp in Antarctica and they showed me how everything worked. There were 3 guys working huge machinery in 2 rooms which were on top of each other. The rooms were built in a mountain; the first floor was missing a wall and the second floor didn't have a ceiling.
      The guys explained to me what they were doing. They had to do something on the first floor (Forgot what) and then had to climb up some kind of ladder to get to the upper floor where they had to push some buttons or pull levers, not sure what. Then got down again and repeat the whole thing.
      After they showed it to me I tried it myself. It was pretty damn simple. To climb they had pillars full of open latex suits around them. You just had to jump against them and you were instantly kinda wearing one of those latex suits that were attached to the pillar and could easily climb up.
      They also had a bunch of these pillars in a row leading outside the 2 rooms, which were probably used as lookout posts.
      A woman with black hair, red parka and freckles was there too. She tried out the lookout posts pillars. Instead of jumping from pillar to pillar thow, she immediately jumped to the furthest away one she could reach. The workers didn't like that and told her to be more careful.

      (That woman was the main protagonist from the graphic novel "White Out" I'm reading right now and I actually read a few sites of before sleeping.)
    5. Writing down dream notes [2/21/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-21-2014 at 11:34 AM
      Writing down dream notes (Non-lucid)


      I dreamt I would lay in my bed and write down notes about my recent dream "German Jackass?" on my phone. Then I woke up and was confused whether I did write down the notes or not.

      Last night I was reading a book before bed and then had 7 dreams. This night I was reading stuff on my phone before sleeping and only had 3 dreams.
      I guess the stuff about watching screens before sleeping reducing dream recall or whatever is true.
    6. German Jackass? [2/21/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-21-2014 at 11:31 AM
      German Jackass? (Non-lucid)


      There is a new TV show with a bunch of German famous comedians.
      Two of them, one being Michael Kessler
      (pic), went to my old school and started a fight in front of the pupils to shock them.

    7. Watching wrestling with my mom [2/21/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-21-2014 at 11:30 AM
      Watching wrestling with my mom (Non-lucid)


      I was watching a WWE (Professional Wrestling) Live Event on TV with my mother. It was just a single match instead of a bunch of matches. The match was kind of like a Royal Rumble, where random Wrestler enter the fight after a certain amount of time, but Wrestlers weren't eliminated when the get thrown over the rope out of the ring. In fact they were allowed to fight outside the ring without disqualifications.

      During the match I was telling my mom all sorts of background information even though she didn't really care most of the time.
      I remember I also told her about the wrestler Daniel Bryan and his impact on the company.
      (The WWE has quiet a few of problems recently which makes the fanbase pretty mad. One of which seems to be that wrestler.)
    8. Licking a Dead Mouse [2/20/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-20-2014 at 11:40 AM
      Licking a dead mouse (Non-lucid)


      I'm standing in my room, looking out the window. It's extremely stormy outside.
      A very big branch of a tree on the other side of the street snapped and fell into the front yard of some neighbors.
      I go to my father to tell him about it. I find him in the bedroom were he was going through a bunch of plastic bags on the foot of his bed.
      He shows me something he intended to keep for my sisters (his daughters) baby, but appearently it was broken.
      He then shows my a dead mouse he found behind on of the bags. He says he thinks it's disgusting and he was wondering for a while why there was this bad stench in this room.
      I looked at the mouse when suddenly he moved his head towards it and liked the dead mouses belly. I was shocked. I think it was a weird try to be funny or he just wanted to shock me.
      He then said "What? It's just a dead mouse."
      Me: "Yeah... Who knows what diseases you just got."
    9. In Zak Bagans Room [2/20/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-20-2014 at 11:40 AM
      In Zak Bagans Room (Non-lucid)


      We are in some dudes room. It's in the attic.
      The guy had black hair and looked a lot like Zak Bagans just with less muscle.

      We were about 5 people. A guy I knew back in the days, called Stefan was sitting at a desk with a printed version of the search results page from amazon. Appearently we decided to buy a book for the pen&paper-RPG "The Black Eye" (basically a German version of Dungeons and Dragons) and we wanted to split the price. Stefan used a pen and paper and tried to see how much everyone had to pay. The book would cost 60 .

      Looking out the window there was a deep abyss as if we were in some kind of canyon. The abyss was filled with 3 feet high water.
      On another platform of red stone I saw an old, fat lady with a backpack and a walking stick. She eventually climbed down the rock and walked through the water.
      We talked about Zag Bagans guys age and I said I think he is about 20 years old. He laughed and says: "I'm in the mid-30s. No wait. We aren't in Finland so I'm 30."
      I was confused and asked him what he meant. He explained it, but I forgot what he said.

      For some reason the only way out of the room were 2 windows on the top of the rooms wall which closed and opened automatically after a time, so there was always only one window open.
      Some guy climbed up and jumped through the window. The Zak Bagans guy wanted to go next. He got rid of his clothes because he didn't want it to become wet. He gave it to me, but before he climbed up he changed his mind and put on his clothes again. He searched his room for something.
      After a while he pulled out some clear plastic pants with suspenders from a shelf. I saw anglers use these before. I laughed when I saw them because they looked ridiculous.
      At this point the Zak Bagans guy was standing right in front of me and it was the first time I got a clear look at his face. He suddenly had a full black beard.

      The whole time I knew I was timetravelling. The whole thing was a situation from my past and I somehow got to experience it again.

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    10. Analyzing "Limmy's Show" [2/20/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-20-2014 at 11:39 AM
      Analyzing "Limmy's Show" (Non-lucid)


      My mother is watching TV. I check what's airing and I see it's a dubbed version of the Scottish comedy show "Limmy's Show". Every now and then the skits stop and they cut to a duo of showmasters of some giant live event. They talk about how to analyze certain shots of the skits in a pseudo intelectual way.
      At some point a special guest appears. It's some guy with a blonde full beard, sunglasses and a baseball cap. I had no idea who he was but the live audience went absolutely crazy.
      At some point he took of this shades and exposed his face which was full of hair. At one point I said he looks like a wolfman.
    11. The FPS Game with the Mysterious Hentai Hallways [2/20/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-20-2014 at 11:38 AM
      The FPS game with the mysterious hentai hallways (Non-lucid)


      I was in some kind of videogame which was a lot like Counter-Strike but you could build thinks like in Minecraft, even though the graphics were more high def.
      My friends Louis and Tim were playing too. Appearently it was some kind of really big event with tons of players on a giant map.
      Louis and I found some underground hallway which was incredibly big and long. We changed it so the ground contained of conveyor belts so you were able to get faster through.

      At some point I was standing near a cliff with another player and accidentally killed that person.

      Later we were sitting on another cliff, our feet dangling over the abyss. My friends dog Benny was there in form of an old man with white hear and full beard. He took a cigarette, lit it and put it in his mouth. He continued and lit 2 more cigarettes. I told him if he actually wants to die, but he just laughs.

      Afterwards we were fleeing from something. I arrived at the giant underground hallway were we put the conveyor belts. I rand to the end of it and found a ladder going up which I didn't see before. I climbed up and stood on a platform, still underground. I saw another giant hallway which was full of hentai pictures. Appearently the theme was that every picture had an assortment of different girls on it. I looked around and literally saw hundreds of these hallways full of hentai. Everyone had a different theme. I remember asking myself who the hell built these.
      I saw one about tits and started going in that directing. I had to jump from platform to platform to get there. On the way there I accidentally triggered some kind of mechanism which threw me into a body of water and released some zombies. As soon as they touch me the game was over for me and I was in some kind of spectator mode.
      I heard my friend Tim ask me if I was the traitor. I didn't even know there was something like traitor in the game. I eventually found out that I was originally an innocent person but when I accidentally killed that other player I became a "traitor".
    12. Near Death Experience Dreams Including Mermaids [2/20/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-20-2014 at 11:37 AM
      Near Death Experience Dreams including mermaids (Non-lucid)


      I knew that next to next to lucid dreams and regular dreams there was another kind of dreams which were about experiencing near death situations. There was just as big of a community for this like there is for lucid dreaming.
      There was a guy that set up a shipping container with one open side somewhere in the woods. I put a wooden chair in there, sat down and started sleeping. He arranged for a naked mermaid to swim around him in the air like she was in the water and whisper stuff, just to get one of these near death experience dreams.
      The mermaid, which was chubby but attractive, swam around in the air, also swimming through random rectangular things which were flying around. At some point she says in a hauting voice "guuuuiltyyy!" and swims away.
    13. Shopping With My Sister [2/20/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-20-2014 at 11:36 AM
      Shopping with my sister (Non-lucid)


      I sit in a car parked in the middle of some huge plaza in some city. I was sitting on the driver seat but the steering wheel and pedals weren't there. Someone was sitting next to me. We talked about something until that person says, that he/she had to go somewhere.
      We both left the car and walked over the plaza, past some old woman with a headscarf and a guitar and into a giant grey building. It was some kind of mall.
      A group of people walked along the mall in a line. They walked from shop window to shop window acress the hall. Appearently we had to follow this group, so we did.
      Later I was with my sister in some sort of shop for clothing with tons of movierelated shirts but rarely any in my size. My sister had her baby with her in a buggy. We were standing at the shop counter and talked to the employee. She pulls out a shirt from a shelf and gave to my sister. She says she likes the design and wants to try it.
      The employee then gave me a shirt as well. It had a huge print of a dinosaurs head on it (Some kind of Saurolophus).

      I liked it and told the employee that I wanna try it out to see if it fits.
      Somehow Hello Kitty shirts came up and the employee gave me a catalog, saying they have a lot of Hello Kitty shirts. I looked through the catalog but couldn't find anything Hello Kitty related. When I told the employee she just stared at me speechless and shocked.
      My sister then talked about rubber ducks with the employee and she showed her a bunch of different kinds. My sister chose one and the employee got a pen to write my sisters babys name on it. She was about to start writing when she suddenly realises that there is already a name on it and her previous smile vanished.

      Later we were sitting at a table, which was actually just a big cube, very colorful.
      (I forgot what we were doing there)
      At some point a female friend from my sister showed up. She had a buggy with to babys with her. She took one of them and put it down on the chair next to me. Than she took the other one, which was a girl, and gave her my sister, who jokingly said "I take the crazy one."
    14. Running From Hunters [2/19/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-19-2014 at 08:32 AM
      Running from hunters (Non-lucid)


      Patrick and I were in some kind of forest. We talked about something when I noticed 2 hunters standing behind him. One of them looked exactly like the hunter from "Jumanji", the other was some woman.

      I told him what I saw and started throwing rocks at them knocking them both out.
      We started running out of the forest, crossed a busy street and entered a building which seemed to be some kind of hotel were my whole family was staying.
      I told them what was going on and Patrick and I continued running, exiting the building and running through some kind of mixture of a national park and a village. Everything looked very European.
      Sometimes my friend Sven was with us.
      At some point we ran past a guy pissing at a wall, with another guy standing next to him. Suddenly the pissing guy was an old lady and the other guy was her caretaker. She says, she thinks something is wrong and tells the caretaker to check her underwear. I told the others to wait and we stopped running looking at the old woman and the caretaker. I said I think I know what's going on and told the others that I think she is bleeding down there. If that's the case we will have to help her out by donating blood. I said, I think I have blood type 0 negative but I'm not sure.
      We talked about blood types while we were waiting for the caretaker to check if something's wrong. Eventually he says everything is fine and we continued running.
      We end up in a building. At some point we met my family there. My sister had her baby in a buggy with her. The buggy was basically a basket with a single rectangular hole in it, letting barely any light in.
      We exchanged a few words but then left them.
      We ran through the building which started to look like the hallways of my former high school. At some point I see a person standing in an open doorway which looked really familiar. I stopped and spoke to him. "Hey, you are... That one guy... Man why can't I remember your name right now?"
      The person was actor Mads Mikkelsen.

      He leaves me and enters the room he was standing in front of. We follow him in. In the room were a lot of men sitting at desks like in school and listening to some kind of teacher. They were right in an argument so we kept quiet and stood near the wall. Every now and then I think I accidentally said something which made the men laugh.

      Pretty sure I should mark forests and hotels as dream signs now.
    15. A Night at Patricks [2/19/2014] (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-19-2014 at 08:29 AM
      A night at Patricks (Non-lucid)


      I was at my friends Patricks place. We were in his room (which looked like my IRL room) and watched a movie. Patrick and I were sitting on chairs while his father was laying on the bed watching too.
      The movie didn't fill the screen. It was like it was letterboxed (the black bars on top and bottom) and also had black bars on the sides. I told Patrick he should change the settings to 16:9. He got up, got 2 pieces of Paper and put them on the screen so the black bars on the sides were covered. I thought it was a stupid joke and told him to just use the remote control and put it in 16:9.
      He says the TV doesn't have a feature like that. I told him that's stupid. That would be like a blu-ray player without a pause function. Every TV has it.
      At some point Patricks father fell asleep.
      I took the remote control and checked the buttons. There was no button which for settings or anything. Then I realise there are 2 more remote controls laying on a chair. One of them was appearently custom made out of special pieces or something like that. There was something about the other as well. They both looked very similar to the remote control my own TV has.
      Both of them had no buttons to get into any kind of settings menu either.
      Next thing I know is me waking up in the bed were Patricks father was laying in on the day before. I found a chickenegg laying near me and grabbed it. I accidentally broke it and egg white was dripping out of it landing on a stuffed animal representing a hedgehog. I quickly got up and threw the egg into a trashbin.
      I was alone in this room which was on the first level.
      I looked outside the window and saw some rusty old pick up truck parking in front of the house. I knew they were here to get some bulk garbage from Patricks father. He wanted to get rid of a bunch of old pickaxes.
      I see the guys coming out of the car into the building. After a while they came back out not only carrying the pickaxes but also Patricks sleeping father. They throw him and the pickaxes on the back of the truck and drive off. I laughed a bit. Later when I couldn't see the truck anymore I heard Patricks fathers voice shouting angrily at the guys that took him with them.

      I decided to go downstairs. On the stairs I met Patrick gong up. He had made breakfast for himself. I remember he had prepared an eggsandwich among other things. I told him about his fathers little adventure with the pick up truck guys. He knew about it.
      I continued going downstairs while he went upstairs. I entered the kitchen and found a piece of green plastic on the table which appearently was part of some microwave egg boiler. I turned it around and read some instructions on the backside struggling to understand them.

      2 nights in a row I had dreams involving pickaxes.

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