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    Shopping With My Sister [2/20/2014] (Non-lucid)

    by , 02-20-2014 at 11:36 AM (486 Views)
    Shopping with my sister (Non-lucid)


    I sit in a car parked in the middle of some huge plaza in some city. I was sitting on the driver seat but the steering wheel and pedals weren't there. Someone was sitting next to me. We talked about something until that person says, that he/she had to go somewhere.
    We both left the car and walked over the plaza, past some old woman with a headscarf and a guitar and into a giant grey building. It was some kind of mall.
    A group of people walked along the mall in a line. They walked from shop window to shop window acress the hall. Appearently we had to follow this group, so we did.
    Later I was with my sister in some sort of shop for clothing with tons of movierelated shirts but rarely any in my size. My sister had her baby with her in a buggy. We were standing at the shop counter and talked to the employee. She pulls out a shirt from a shelf and gave to my sister. She says she likes the design and wants to try it.
    The employee then gave me a shirt as well. It had a huge print of a dinosaurs head on it (Some kind of Saurolophus).

    I liked it and told the employee that I wanna try it out to see if it fits.
    Somehow Hello Kitty shirts came up and the employee gave me a catalog, saying they have a lot of Hello Kitty shirts. I looked through the catalog but couldn't find anything Hello Kitty related. When I told the employee she just stared at me speechless and shocked.
    My sister then talked about rubber ducks with the employee and she showed her a bunch of different kinds. My sister chose one and the employee got a pen to write my sisters babys name on it. She was about to start writing when she suddenly realises that there is already a name on it and her previous smile vanished.

    Later we were sitting at a table, which was actually just a big cube, very colorful.
    (I forgot what we were doing there)
    At some point a female friend from my sister showed up. She had a buggy with to babys with her. She took one of them and put it down on the chair next to me. Than she took the other one, which was a girl, and gave her my sister, who jokingly said "I take the crazy one."
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    1. Bambrielle's Avatar
      "What!? You mean there aren't any Hello Kitty items in the Hello Kitty Catalog? How can that be!?"
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    2. Coheed's Avatar
      Haha, no, no. She didn't give me a Hello Kitty catalog. She gave me the catalog of their shop.
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    3. Bambrielle's Avatar
      Ah. I stand corrected. Her shock is all the more valid for it.