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    Watching wrestling with my mom [2/21/2014] (Non-lucid)

    by , 02-21-2014 at 11:30 AM (415 Views)
    Watching wrestling with my mom (Non-lucid)


    I was watching a WWE (Professional Wrestling) Live Event on TV with my mother. It was just a single match instead of a bunch of matches. The match was kind of like a Royal Rumble, where random Wrestler enter the fight after a certain amount of time, but Wrestlers weren't eliminated when the get thrown over the rope out of the ring. In fact they were allowed to fight outside the ring without disqualifications.

    During the match I was telling my mom all sorts of background information even though she didn't really care most of the time.
    I remember I also told her about the wrestler Daniel Bryan and his impact on the company.
    (The WWE has quiet a few of problems recently which makes the fanbase pretty mad. One of which seems to be that wrestler.)
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    1. Bambrielle's Avatar
      Are you a big fan of wrestling?
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    2. Coheed's Avatar
      Kinda. I have my favorites, like to play the videogames with friends and watched quite a lot of shows in my past. Right now I'm not really involved but there actually was a live event last month which I watched and which the fandom didn't like, so there is the inspiration for the dream.
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