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    In Zak Bagans Room [2/20/2014] (Non-lucid)

    by , 02-20-2014 at 11:40 AM (1085 Views)
    In Zak Bagans Room (Non-lucid)


    We are in some dudes room. It's in the attic.
    The guy had black hair and looked a lot like Zak Bagans just with less muscle.

    We were about 5 people. A guy I knew back in the days, called Stefan was sitting at a desk with a printed version of the search results page from amazon. Appearently we decided to buy a book for the pen&paper-RPG "The Black Eye" (basically a German version of Dungeons and Dragons) and we wanted to split the price. Stefan used a pen and paper and tried to see how much everyone had to pay. The book would cost 60 .

    Looking out the window there was a deep abyss as if we were in some kind of canyon. The abyss was filled with 3 feet high water.
    On another platform of red stone I saw an old, fat lady with a backpack and a walking stick. She eventually climbed down the rock and walked through the water.
    We talked about Zag Bagans guys age and I said I think he is about 20 years old. He laughed and says: "I'm in the mid-30s. No wait. We aren't in Finland so I'm 30."
    I was confused and asked him what he meant. He explained it, but I forgot what he said.

    For some reason the only way out of the room were 2 windows on the top of the rooms wall which closed and opened automatically after a time, so there was always only one window open.
    Some guy climbed up and jumped through the window. The Zak Bagans guy wanted to go next. He got rid of his clothes because he didn't want it to become wet. He gave it to me, but before he climbed up he changed his mind and put on his clothes again. He searched his room for something.
    After a while he pulled out some clear plastic pants with suspenders from a shelf. I saw anglers use these before. I laughed when I saw them because they looked ridiculous.
    At this point the Zak Bagans guy was standing right in front of me and it was the first time I got a clear look at his face. He suddenly had a full black beard.

    The whole time I knew I was timetravelling. The whole thing was a situation from my past and I somehow got to experience it again.
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