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    2012: from Udora to Israel

    by , 08-11-2012 at 03:19 AM (623 Views)
    I haven't updated my journal in a while. The following dream happened this morning on the 10th August.

    It was early in the day, and as it turns out, a French citizen who Patrick Geryl, a 2012 survivalist partnered up with, was going off to Israel.

    Friday morning. I'm browsing through the Barometer Bob show. It turns out that the host was ill the previous night, and so one viewer comments on the Stormchat group on Facebook, "I wasn't planning on this".

    Well, I'm back at my high school now. Apparently this was a school day in the middle of summer, and I'm talking to this girl about something I saw on twitter the other day.

    "Say, did you hear about that article?"

    "What article?" she says, apparently full of interest.

    "That one about the fact that apparently, psychiatrists will suspect that you're a psychopath if you don't have a Facebook account!"

    "Really? That's pretty funny!"

    Now, I don't know what it was about this particular conversation. Maybe it's the fact that I never talked to her much, or that she was originally planning on majoring in psychology, or even the school she's going to. But something about the talk makes me wonder whether she really liked me. Whatever it was, she looked awfully beautiful that morning.


    Somewhere around this time there's a discovery made of a large vertebrate fossil near Udora, Ontario, about 30 km NE or ENE of a town called Newmarket. We find the specimen neatly preserved in igneous rock.

    This doesn't make any sense. Much of Southern Ontario was covered by seawater during the Ordovician, meaning that nearly all the rock would be limestone, not volcanic. And there weren't a lot of vertebrates to speak of.

    I'm compelled to write a fairly comprehensive Wikipedia article, and it turns out to be quite long as well.

    Back in Israel, I'm visiting a special agency website. As it turns out, it's offering a journalism job to "entrepreneurial Facebook users", whatever that meant.

    Somehow, I'm back at my high school again, attending a graduation convocation for band students in the music room who will be leaving for the year. Someone gives out between three and ten tips for future students, and they're quite worth paying attention to.

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