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    3 Frustrating Lucid Dreams

    by , 04-28-2017 at 03:21 PM (667 Views)
    Dream 1:
    The beginning of the dream was kinda like a videogame, but I was also inside it. I was some kind of space bounty hunter and I was in an enemy base. I was carefully taking out everyone until some security system spotted me and alarms began blaring and I had a timer on the bottom of my "screen". I tried to escape the ship while enemies tried to stop me. Some friends appeared and helped me. When I was at the ship's hangar (it was a big cargo ship I think, so it had a small hangar for smaller ships) our ship was there. Instead of being in space we were just in the sky tough. I think I jumped back onto my ship and we flew away to safety.

    We landed on a grassy island with a plateau and a spiral pathway leading to it.
    As I was nearing the top I gained lucidity. I climbed up onto the plateau (I don't remember how) and there were lots of grass and trees. There was also a naked girl there, for some reason. I hugged her and could feel her soft, warm skin against me. I began to fly with her. I had some difficulties because I would ocasionally think about falling down and I lost a bit of altitude, but I still managed to fly a little above the trees. I think the dream ended shortly after that.

    Dream 2:
    I was in the back of a car with my grandparents. I became lucid and tought of opening a portal. I couldn't do it so I decided to stick my hand out of my vision and summon someone. I extended my hand foward and pulled a hand wearing a white glove. Mickey Mouse immediately came to my mind and when I pulled the hand it was him. I asked him to open up a portal and he opened a weird small cartoony portal on the back of the car. I sticked my hand through it and I could feel a pile of clothes. It was a small enclosed space. I asked him to open up another portal and he did. I put my hand through and it was just a hole that led me to the trunk of the car. I woke up a bit after that.

    Dream 3:
    I was in my grandparents' house, and I think I had a massive urge to go to the bathroom. I eventually became lucid and tried to fight that urge until it subsided. In the beginning of this dream I was RCing constantly to make sure it was a dream. I was walking around, I remember summoning someone from behind me but I don't remember who it was. I remember walking around the kitchen for some reason. At some point I tried again to summon a portal but couldn't. I tried to justify it by saying things like "Oh I'm supposed to clap before I do it" but it didn't work. I even tried recalling times where I did it succesfully but it didn't work. After a while I decided to use something to help me.

    I started looking for Rick's portal gun (from Rick and Morty) and opened a lot of closets looking for it but couldn't find it. I found a weird gadget with knobs and dials but it didn't do anything. I asked my older brother to show me where it was and he told me that he would but had to do something else first and he went into his room. I tought that I wouldn't wait that long so I turned around and began rotating both my arms in front of me and imagining time going faster. When I turned around he was already there and had done whatever it was he had to do.

    The dream skipped a bit (or I forgot something) and then I was in my grandfather's bedroom, where the floor had turned into some kind of weird brown vortex and I was floating around in a plank of wood with Morty. There was a gooey, cartoony brown creature on the ceiling which Morty told me was called a... Gloorpadoop? Something like that. I had somehow obtained a portal gun that was made of glass and didn't seem like it worked. We escaped out of the room while the Gloorpadoop spat some weird slimy brown substance on us. I escaped the room and while Morty was going on ahead he told me the gun needed Gloorpadoop spit to work, so I dunked the gun in some of the Gloorpadoop spit that was by the door and it was pretty disgusting. That didn't do anything however and I couldn't use the gun.

    I know I had 3 lucid dreams in one night which is unusual for me... but this night was pretty frustrating.
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    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      I found a weird gadget with knobs and dials but it didn't do anything.
      Use an Electronic Device - 5 points (doesn't have to work, just try)

      Did you try it? Gloorpadoop?
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    2. Cookino's Avatar
      Use an Electronic Device - 5 points (doesn't have to work, just try)

      I did try using it by turning the dials but it didn't do anything, guess I'll add that to the point total. Thanks!
    3. Cobalt Storm's Avatar
      Dream 1 sounds an awful lot like the beginning of Metroid Prime.
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    4. Cookino's Avatar
      Dream 1 sounds an awful lot like the beginning of Metroid Prime.
      Now that you mention, yeah it kinda does I hadn't noticed myself until you pointed out, even tough I finished that game a while ago.