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    1. Meeting a Genie

      by , 09-22-2017 at 04:29 PM (My Dream World)
      I think this dream occurs after a brief awakening IRL. The memory is a little hazy for this one. I'm in my grandparent's apartment at night. I think there are some other people from the family there, but I don't remember if I interacted with them. At some point, I get lucid and for some reason I remember the Task of the Month about summoning a genie and making a wish. I enter a room, expecting the lamp to be there. I find it on the stand where there used to be a TV. It looks just like you'd expect, it's a small, golden lamp.

      I start rubbing the lamp until some pink, slightly purple smoke came out of it. I cannot remember very well what the genie looked like, just that it had a vaguely humanoid form. Wanting to be able to change the dream scene easily, I tell the genie "I wish to be able to travel to any place I can imagine, instantly." I don't remember exactly what the genie did, but I imagined myself in a sunny beach, and suddenly I find myself in one. I am in a sandy island in the middle of the ocean. I them imagine myself back in the apartment and I teleport there. It is daytime now.
      I think the dream ends around here and I transition to a non-lucid nightmare, where I'm home at night and I pick up the phone but there is no response. I put it down and pick it up again and there is no sound. I say "Hello" and a very distorted voice mimics me. I put the phone down immediately.

      I tell my uncle about this and he dismissed this saying it's my imagination and similar stuff has happened to him. He tells me about how there was a dog that appeared in the building at night and he thought it was a ghost until he caught it. I then drag him to the phone and I pick it up again. I start saying something and them a clear voice begins speaking a mix of english and jibberish at me. This startles me and I wake up

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    2. DBZ Battle and Flying a Helicopter

      by , 09-11-2017 at 02:07 AM (My Dream World)
      DBZ Battle:
      The dream begins at my apartment. For some reason, I'm an old man and there are Dragon Ball Z characters fighting outside in a team battle. Goku and Vegeta are in the same team fighting an unknown character who got paired up with me. I'm in my building's corridor, watching them fighting below, from a sort of balcony. I'm lamenting the fact that I can't fly or use Ki and I'm weak, so I can't really fight with them. Suddenly, I remember about Gohan teaching Videl and Goten how to fly and a try flying and suddenly I start floating up a little. I them realize that since I can float, this must be a dream.

      I got back to the floor and think about how to get stronger. I take a stance, flex my muscles and begin screaming really hard, like a DBZ character powering up. Suddenly, my muscles grow and I become really buff. I climb up to the balcony and think I should get another power up just in case. I think that since I'm not saiyan I have to use Kayoken. I imagine myself activating it and I get a transparent aura around me. I prepare to jump down but get scared since Iím afraid of falling in dreams, so I take the stairs instead.

      When I arrive down there with them I immediatelly attack them, doing all sorts of cool moves like punching them and grabbing them and throwing them back down, cracking the ground. There was also a moment where I launched a ki blast at Vegeta from behind, altough it felt kinda weak so I went back to physical attacks. I was completely overpowering them. I even hit my teammate by accident at some point! Unfortunately around here my memory gets kinda hazy and Iím not sure when the dream ended, but it was sometime during the fight.

      Flying a Helicopter:
      Iím inside a military helicopter along with some waking-life friends. I think we are heroes and are going to a mission or something like that. Iím scared while riding the helicopter because itís really high up. Somewhere along the way, the helicopter runs out of fuel and we have to land on the middle of the street. We get off the helicopter, trying to figure out what to do now.

      I suddenly get lucid and think about flying and taking the helicopter with me using telekinesis but then I have another idea. I use a power from a manga called My Hero Academia. Itís a gravity cancelation power which allows the user to remove gravity from objects it touches. I touch the helicopter with one hand, making it weightless and now I can carry it easily.

      I fly around carrying the helicopter and my friends inside it and I stop somewhere because I want to try fusing the helicopter with something. One of my friends dares me to fuse it with an airplane but Iím more interested in fusing it with a car. I try to fuse it with a small car nearby but I canít get it to work. I even make up some magic words but nothing works. This is the last part of the dream I can recall.
    3. Doing a Favor

      by , 09-08-2017 at 01:40 PM (My Dream World)
      The dream begins, once again, in my grandmother's apartment. Seems like its been a common theme in the past few dreams. I remember being in my grandfather's room and he's having trouble with the computer. Later in the dream (there are a few gaps in my memory of this dream) he is in my brother's room, using his computer. I observe him and he is furiously downloading different things (as he does in waking life, however it was exaggerated in the dream) and installing many dubious programs, with pop-ups showing up all over the place. I'm really annoyed while seeing this.

      The dream skips some more and I'm in the bathroom. I can hear my stepmother outside talking about how her cellphone stopped working and I shout asking something about how can they have so many problems with technology. After I get out of the bathroom,
      I get lucid.

      I begin flying towards the living room and my aunt is sitting on the couch. She asks me to get a cellphone battery that's in the other room. I decide to go fetch it because I think "Complete a DC's task" is one of the tasks in Spellbee's competition. I fly over to the room where my father is lying on a hammock while watching TV. While floating all over the room looking for the battery, I wonder what my father thinks about me flying around. I find the battery and go back to the living room.

      I give my aunt the battery and she thanks me. I think she explains to me what she was gonna use it for, but I cannot remember what she said. I fly towards the balcony and have a moment of heightened lucidity. I have practically waking-level lucidity and memory, and I stop to remind myself of my goals,
      however I think the dream ended shortly after or I lost lucidity because my memory of the dream stops there.
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    4. Trying To Get an Android, Turning Lava Into Ice.

      by , 09-07-2017 at 05:33 PM (My Dream World)
      I went to sleep at about 23:30 and I woke up about 6:40 if I remember correctly. I did a quick wbtb and then tried to wild for a bit, but ended up falling asleep.

      The dream begins at my grandmother's appartment, in my brother's room. I make a RC, since I try to make a habit of doing one when waking up.
      I do a nose RC and I get lucid. I then do a few more, just to make sure.

      I walk out of the room and the place is eerily empty and quiet. When I'm about to turn around the corner and go to the area with the dining table and balcony up ahead, I think I should summon a DC so I can have them help me with stuff. For some reason, the first one I think of is a girl I used to go to school with, F. She's there in the balcony when I go around the corner. I call her and tell her something about opening up a portal. She opens up a portal to a weird dimension that doesn't seem as vivid for some reason. It's kinda blurry, it almost looks like a videogame. I step inside for a few moments then come back to the living room. Suddenly, it's filled with people.

      I'm still lucid, but around this part of the dream I begin to lose lucidity a bit, so I start losing focus of my objectives and kinda start going along with the dream plot. I'm talking with my family and for some reason have a discussion with my uncle, so I decide to get rid of him. For some reason now I feel like I'm an evil genius and kinda start playing a character here (I'm still lucid, but it's like my personality changed) so I want to replace my uncle with an Android.

      I walk outside the apartment and go into an elevator. Suddenly, I'm accompanied by a college friend, A and someone else that I cannot recall. We go down the elevator into another area. We are now in what seems like an office building with several people. I go up to a DC and tell him I want to replace a defective Android and he gives me a number. I'm supposed to wait for my turn but I decide to speed things up. I go back to the elevator and rip up a panel from the wall. I make up some logic hoping the dream goes along and say it's a living creature mixed with machinery. I "hack" it by jamming a screwdriver in it and twisting it and I hear my number being called on the speakers.

      I go up to a desk and explain the situation to the DC that works here, saying that my Android that I purchased there is malfunctioning. The clerk gets up to get some forms and I think about how I need a receipt. I pull out my phone and again make up some stuff and press buttons on the screen and somehow the phone prints out a receipt. When the clerk gets back they handle me a form and I think I start filling it, but this is as far as my recall goes, I think the dream ended shortly after this.

      I wake up in my grandmother's apartment in the morning. I decide to turn on the TV because I want to play something on the PS4. The TV makes a lot of noise when turning on and I hear my brother shout something from the other room, so I turn the volume down. I notice I'm actually very sleepy so I turn the TV off and go to sleep, quickly transitioning into a lucid dream.

      In this dream within a dream, I'm flying around and I think I'm seeing a scene from a movie. I see two characters fighting in the distance. I'm in some gloomy forest in the dark. I continue flying around very fast and transition to an area with a volcano. I was feeling powerful, so I extend my hands and make the volcano erupt. I then transform the volcano's lava into two ice pillars on the sides of the volcano.
      I wake up shortly after that.

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    5. 3 Frustrating Lucid Dreams

      by , 04-28-2017 at 03:21 PM (My Dream World)
      Dream 1:
      The beginning of the dream was kinda like a videogame, but I was also inside it. I was some kind of space bounty hunter and I was in an enemy base. I was carefully taking out everyone until some security system spotted me and alarms began blaring and I had a timer on the bottom of my "screen". I tried to escape the ship while enemies tried to stop me. Some friends appeared and helped me. When I was at the ship's hangar (it was a big cargo ship I think, so it had a small hangar for smaller ships) our ship was there. Instead of being in space we were just in the sky tough. I think I jumped back onto my ship and we flew away to safety.

      We landed on a grassy island with a plateau and a spiral pathway leading to it.
      As I was nearing the top I gained lucidity. I climbed up onto the plateau (I don't remember how) and there were lots of grass and trees. There was also a naked girl there, for some reason. I hugged her and could feel her soft, warm skin against me. I began to fly with her. I had some difficulties because I would ocasionally think about falling down and I lost a bit of altitude, but I still managed to fly a little above the trees. I think the dream ended shortly after that.

      Dream 2:
      I was in the back of a car with my grandparents. I became lucid and tought of opening a portal. I couldn't do it so I decided to stick my hand out of my vision and summon someone. I extended my hand foward and pulled a hand wearing a white glove. Mickey Mouse immediately came to my mind and when I pulled the hand it was him. I asked him to open up a portal and he opened a weird small cartoony portal on the back of the car. I sticked my hand through it and I could feel a pile of clothes. It was a small enclosed space. I asked him to open up another portal and he did. I put my hand through and it was just a hole that led me to the trunk of the car. I woke up a bit after that.

      Dream 3:
      I was in my grandparents' house, and I think I had a massive urge to go to the bathroom. I eventually became lucid and tried to fight that urge until it subsided. In the beginning of this dream I was RCing constantly to make sure it was a dream. I was walking around, I remember summoning someone from behind me but I don't remember who it was. I remember walking around the kitchen for some reason. At some point I tried again to summon a portal but couldn't. I tried to justify it by saying things like "Oh I'm supposed to clap before I do it" but it didn't work. I even tried recalling times where I did it succesfully but it didn't work. After a while I decided to use something to help me.

      I started looking for Rick's portal gun (from Rick and Morty) and opened a lot of closets looking for it but couldn't find it. I found a weird gadget with knobs and dials but it didn't do anything. I asked my older brother to show me where it was and he told me that he would but had to do something else first and he went into his room. I tought that I wouldn't wait that long so I turned around and began rotating both my arms in front of me and imagining time going faster. When I turned around he was already there and had done whatever it was he had to do.

      The dream skipped a bit (or I forgot something) and then I was in my grandfather's bedroom, where the floor had turned into some kind of weird brown vortex and I was floating around in a plank of wood with Morty. There was a gooey, cartoony brown creature on the ceiling which Morty told me was called a... Gloorpadoop? Something like that. I had somehow obtained a portal gun that was made of glass and didn't seem like it worked. We escaped out of the room while the Gloorpadoop spat some weird slimy brown substance on us. I escaped the room and while Morty was going on ahead he told me the gun needed Gloorpadoop spit to work, so I dunked the gun in some of the Gloorpadoop spit that was by the door and it was pretty disgusting. That didn't do anything however and I couldn't use the gun.

      I know I had 3 lucid dreams in one night which is unusual for me... but this night was pretty frustrating.

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    6. Weird Long Dream

      by , 04-27-2017 at 04:33 PM (My Dream World)
      The dream begins in me and my father in some kind of water park. I remember walking around, going through some restaurant part and then to the pool and seeing some girl there. The details are fuzzy for a while but I ended up chasing this girl through the whole dream (I wanted to have sex with he for some reason...). I remember a scene where I was in a bathroom but I don't remember what happened there very well.

      At some point the scene shifted completely and I was in the middle of nowhere walking by some train tracks until I came by a small train station (ora bus stop) with a lone woman by it. I asked about the woman I was looking for and she told me she went to some kind of hotel. I remember a train passing by and me jumping on it, going to the place where I needed to go. When I arrived there it was a poorly made construction made of wooden planks, boards and some bricks. It all looked very unsafe... Anyway I found the we went to her room but got interrupted by people who were there. The girl went up some ladders and I decided to follow her.
      I was lucid at this point (not sure of the exact moment I became lucid).

      As I was climbing the ladder I tought about just flying to the top but decided to keep climbing. After I got up there we went to another room but somehow got interrupted again by some manga characters who began fighting. I stayed there for a while chatting with some of the characters, but I don't remember what we talked about. I went outside and as I was staing at some wooden planks I remembered my actual dream goal which was going to Yuu's house. I pointed at the planks to open up a portal. A blurry black portal appeared and I lowered myself to the floor level to get inside since it was really low. As I was entering the portal the dream began to get darker until it was pitch-black. I was waking up so I stood still trying to get back in. I then began feeling sensations of movement and could hear myself narrating my dream actions to my friends who I knew were there for some reason.

      I eventually regained all my senses and I was in some small room in a building. It had a small reception desk with a guy standing by it and two of my college friends were in the room. I immediatelly did a nose RC and the dream became very vivid. I looked to the walls in front of me, just beside a hallway. The walls were white but kept shifting forms between a regular white wall and a mirror/crystal surface. I tried opening up a portal on there but couldn't. One of my friends suggested I couldn't open up a portal because the wall was a mirror. I kept trying to open up a portal by pointing at the wall, but I couldn't and I eventually woke up.

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    7. Short Time Control Dream

      by , 04-25-2017 at 06:06 PM (My Dream World)
      The first part of the dream I remember is being in some big area during some kind of event. Suddenly the dream scene switched and I was in some kind of computing lab with a bunch of people and we were celebrating something. Apparently I won some contest (I was in a podium) and I could have one wish granted. A woman asked me what I wanted and after thinking for a while I said I wanted to control time. She threw up some papers and told me to get them all before they touched the floor. As I failed she said "See? Time control isn't real" in a mocking tone. I was thinking of ways to use time control powers and tought that if I put myself in danger they could activate. I then suddenly became lucid.

      I decided to go with the dream plot since time control was interesting. I ran up to the computers and began smashing them hoping security came in and tried to stop me. I pushed some guy back and said something like "Is that all you have? Is there no security? Don't you even have guns?". After that he pulled up some weird gun that almost looked like a toy gun. The moment he shot me I instinctively snapped my fingers and everything almost immediately stopped with a cool distorting effect. I think during timestop everything had slightly more gray-ish color to indicate it was within stopped time. I grabbed the bullet midair (which also looked kinda fake) and unfroze time. Seeing the bullet in my hand, the guy just stared at me with a bewildered expression.

      I froze time again and walked around. I saw a strange object on a table that caught my attention. I don't remember what it was, but I think I knew in the dream. It was some small, technological object about the size of a smartphone, but it didn't look like anything that exists in real life, I think. I touched that object and kinda willed it out of stopped time. The reason I did this was that I was going to rewind time to when the woman threw those papers and I wanted to see if I could bring something with me. When I did so, it gained more color, indicating it was out of stopped time. I snapped my fingers wanting to rewind time and everything started being "sucked" into their original positions in a weird manner, kinda like being sucked into a blackhole. It was a really cool visual effect and feeling. I went back to the moment the woman was about to throw the papers but I don't remember if I got to pick them up.

      The dream ended shortly after. As I was half-awake, half-dreaming, credits began to roll and I could hear music, as I tried to make up lyrics I could hear them in the music, this went on until I opened up my eyes.

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    8. Learning with DCs

      by , 02-20-2017 at 08:37 PM (My Dream World)
      The earliest part of the dream I can remember is being in a distorted version of the garage in the building where my grandmother lives. There was some havoc going on but I can't remember what exactly was happening. I suddenly got lucid, was a little excited but slowed down and remembered my dream goal: asking a DC to teach me how to change the dream.

      I extended my arm backwards as usual to summon someone. I decided it was going to be someone really good at changing the dream scene. I felt a hand and heard someone saying something that I cannot remember. At that moment, the image of CJ, a character from Regular Show, came into my mind. When I turned around, it was her.

      **** Forum news UPDATE ****-cloudyk.jpg
      I was happy to meet her. The dream was pretty vivid at this point. She said some stuff that I forgot now and I asked her to teach me to change the dream scene. Instead, she told me we had to run from Mordecai for some reason (it was a weird, goofy version of him, he's also a character from the same show). I tought I might as well go along and maybe in the end she will help me. The dream turned into a silly chase scene for a while, with CJ opening up portals while we ran and taking us through various part of some distorted building. This part was kinda weird as it was almost like I was watching it. I probably had low lucidity at this point. I even remember telling her we should stop and stabilize and she just told me to touch stuff as I was running.

      The chase scene ended when I sent CJ and a clone of myself into a portal to trick Mordecai. We were in some weird stairway area which had stairs both on the floor and ceiling and the dream had a lateral view of the whole scene. I somehow cornered him and stopped him from chasing me. The dream shifted scenes again, now to a first person view, but was still kinda unstable. I turned around to look for CJ who was supposed to help me now but she was running off already. I just decided to try to mimic her portal technique by pointing at a wall. When I did, a black, pixelated portal appeared. I went through it and ended up in a different scenario which I can't recall very well. I then tought about the destiny islands from Kingdom Hearts and opened a portal underneath me, imagining the feeling of sand in my feet. I felt some sand and saw I made it! The dream also became pretty vivid then.

      **** Forum news UPDATE ****-destiny_islands_-art-_kh.jpg
      It looked just like I entered the videogame, as in it looked exactly as it did in the game, with ps2 graphics and such, which I was not very pleased about. It was also glitching out. Part of the floor was on a lower level than it was supposed to be and you could see through the map. There were also some characters together in an area but I don't know who they were.

      Now I'm not very sure were this part of the dream takes place. It might have been when I entered the portal or maybe the scene just shifted while I was in the islands. I was in some huge city at night flying around. I was flying around and I was surprisingly high too, higher than I usually can fly and I wasn't afraid at all (this might be because before sleeping I kept imagining a scene in my head where I could fly and told myself there was no gravity, I couldn't fall, etc). I found some small building, like a little house in the rooftop of an appartment building. There were windows, but it was very dark inside. I decided to explore it and try to find something. I phased through the wall and sure enough, it was really dark. I chanted some magic words I made up and lit the place up a little. I don't recall finding anything interesting in there.

      Again, the order of events is kinda wonky. Next thing I remember is catching a ride with my mother. While I was in the car with her, for some reason I had a top-down view of the city. I flew off the car and told her I didn't need a ride because I felt like flying a little. I took of flying and my view changed again to first person. My lucidity was pretty low here, I was just flying aimlessly.
      I eventually lost lucidity and I think there was a dream plot where I had a daughter and then I was in my grandmother's bedroom, which was almost completely flooded. I was just floating in there until I woke up.

      It was pretty cool learning from a DC. It's something I've been thinking about for a while and wanted to try. Basically I summon someone as usual but think to myself that it's gonna be an expert at whatever thing I'm having trouble with. It worked pretty well, now I just gotta polish my portal technique a little. Flying really high was also pretty fun, especially since I always get really scared when trying to fly too high.
    9. Spellbee's Splendid Competition Night 6: Flipipping a Car

      by , 01-19-2017 at 01:39 PM (My Dream World)
      I don't remember the non-lucid part of the dream, but I suddenly got lucid. I was in the middle of some large street, on some crosswalk. There were lots of car. I started walking fowards. There was a car in my way, so I decided I wanted to flip it. I put my two hands beneath the car and effortlesly flipped the car like a table. I continued walking until I reached the other side of the crosswalk, when I remember the three-step tasks. Luckily, I managed to reemmber the first one, telekinesis. I saw a woman across me and decided to TK her towards me. I extended my hands towards her and made her levitate and brought her into my arms. I let her down and continued walking on, until the dream started to fade. I tried RCing and touching stuff to stabilize, but lost the dream and woke up.

      Me and my family were staying in some huge, fancy hotel. I woke up a little late (I think about 9 A.M, almost 10) and decided to go get breakfast. I went into the elevator (which was huge, it had tables and chairs in it for some reason) and it started going down. I noticed I was wearing jusjt a shirt and boxer shirts, but decided I didn't care anyway cause it was breakfast and everyone was probably in their pajamas. I also remember some little kid being in the elevator. I them realized it was too late and they wouldn't be serving breakfast. When the elevator arrived at its destination, I went down some stairs and there were some bakeries where I could buy stuff. I got lucid at some point but everything was already fading away and I was feeling faint. I walked along some wall, touching it for stabilization but woke up.
    10. Spellbee's Splendid Competition Night 2: Good Karma

      by , 01-15-2017 at 08:15 PM (My Dream World)
      The dream begins like it's some kind of videogame. It's a game where I roam a big city and I think I'm some kind of gangster, I remember shooting some guys and driving a car. Even tough it's a game, it's like I'm inside the game, but at the same time playing it. Most of my videogame dreams are like this.

      After messing around I suddenly decided to be a nice guy and do nice things . This was probably influenced by mer playing Infamous: Second Son before sleeping in waking life, a game where you can gain good or evil karma depending on your actions, and be a villain or a hero. Anyway, I was walking down the street and I saw a litte boy in some tattered clothes. I offered to buy him new clothes and we entered a store. The dream got less videogamey at this point. I remember he picked some clothes that were all the same and I told him to get a little variety. As he chose stuff I was kinda worried about how much it would cost but remembered I had a lot of money. At some point we were picking a shoe but I couldn't find the right size for him. Later we went outside and I was supposed to take him to his home. We walked for a bit and I tought about stealing a car. We were back to being in a videogame. I stole a car and tried to drive safely but messed up and ended up in a car chase, crashing the car horribly in the end. The kid was still alive, tough.

      At some point I was in real life (as in, not in a game anymore) in the city I actually live in. I was just walking along the street at night when I realized I was dreaming.
      I flew a bit while crossing the street. At some point a little chubby girl came up to me and I was struggling to remember what was my objective. I told her to give me the dimensional scissors I'm looking for to open a portal, at that moment she looked at me with a grim on her face and took off. I was ready to give chase, but the powerpuff girls showed up and threatened my with some kind of weapon. I gave up, frustrated and began walking along the streed again. Eventually my vision began to fade and I tried staying still to get back to the dream, but I had a false awakening.

      I was laying in bed and could hear my brother talking on the phone to someone. I opened up my eyes and tought I lost the dream, then I just rolled to the side and tried to sleep. I then woke up for real.
    11. Take Me Somewhere Interesting

      by , 11-02-2016 at 03:04 PM (My Dream World)
      I was in some kind of bookstore and was looking at some manga. The manga I was looking at was kinda... erotic, for some reason, but I was really enjoying it. I put it next to some other manga and begin browsing and looking at different stuff when I realise I can't find the other one anymore and was desperate because I really wanted that one. I asked some guys next to me for help until I eventually became lucid. What did I do then, you ask? Well... I kept looking for the darn thing. I tried using voice commands (something like "The book I want is gonna float towards me" stuff like that) but nothing worked. I asked the guys what their favorite ones were, in hopes I find something better than the other one. They started talking about manga they liked and gave them to me, but they weren't what I was looking for at all.

      Eventually I realized I was wasting time and decided to focus. I realize I was in some kind of shopping mall. For some reason, I couldn't fly. I remembered reading something about stabilizing and how it makes dream control better, so I stabilized the dream by doing RCs and told myself I was sleeping and creating this dream and could do anything. It didn't do much, as I couldn't fire laserbeams from my fingertips (which was something I wanted to do... I guess) nor could I fly for some reason. I decided that didn't matter as I didn't need to fly for my goal, which was finding a mirror, asking my dream to take me somewhere interesting and enter it. Whenever I want to enter a mirror, there is always one nearby. I looked around and there was a huge one in a nearby section of the mall that looked like a shoe store.

      I got close to the mirror, rubbed my hands, and was already phasing my hands through it when I remembered I had to say the command.

      "Dream, take me somewhere interesting, please."

      With that, I fully entered the mirror and found myself in some kind of rooftop in a urban area. To my left there was a huge window to big, empty factory/storage of some kind. Looking around, I could see the rooftops of different houses and I think some buildings in the distance. I couldn't see the streets from where I was. This place wasn't what I was expecting at all, so I turned around and asked my dream, again, to take me somewhere interesting, but I specified that I didn't want just some generic city area. I floated up to a window with a dark tint (apparently, that's where I came from) and noticed I could kinda see through it. In this area there was also some kind of loud, constant noise in the background, like a really loud air conditioner. I phased through the window and ended up in a similar area. It was like I was in a room of an destroyed, abandoned or unfinished building. No roof or walls, save for the one the window was in. I didn't really look around the area since I was kinda annoyed and wanted to try entering a mirror one more time. However, the dream started fading and I was trying to think how I could bring it back. I think I tried to stabilize somehow
      but woke up and tried to stay still for DEILD, but I was sleeping for so long already (almost 10 hours) that I was too awake and didn't feel like staying there trying to deild, so I jut got up.
    12. Pretty Long Lucid Dream

      by , 10-28-2016 at 12:26 PM (My Dream World)
      Alright, I think this one my be one of my favorite dreams and probably my longest lucid dream right now. Some time before sleeping I took some melatonin (one tablet, this is the first time I ever used it) and I guess since it supresses rem sleep I had some kind of rem rebound after I woke up which gave me this long dream.

      I was in the street in front of my house, at night. I remember opening the front gate and going up the stairs. Details are kinda fuzzy but I remember entering my apartment and going to my room. I suddenly woke up but managed to stay still (might have swallowed, but didn't move) so I tought I might as well try DEILD. Now, I've tried deild many times before but I just get a lot of popping in my ears and the feeling of a numb body, then I just give up and get up. This time tough, I persisted and tried to imagine things, like dream scenarios. My toughts started getting derailed so I tried to imagine seeing my room's ceiling through my eyelids. I think I also tried to imagine the sensation of flying. There was one point were I decided I should get up and check if I'm dreaming. I opened my eyes and stood up, everything seemed pretty real until I did the nose RC and found out I was dreaming.

      I was pretty excited, running around the house trying to do some dream control. I don't remember very well what I tried to do but I remember not being able to control the dream with expectation and being confused because my recent LDs have had pretty good control. I went to my parent's bedroom and it was pretty dark so I imagined it becoming daytime outside. I looked through in the window and it was very early in the morning and still pretty dark, so I imagined the sun speeding across. Surely enough it started getting brighter and the sun speeded across the sky. I stopped it by shouting some command (maybe I held out my hand too) and I positioned the sun to the middle of the sky. I then told it to come closer. Closer! I began to try to pull it with my mind and it came closer and closer until it seemed to have engulfed everything. It was kinda like I was floating in space and I was now inside the sun which was blue now.

      The inside of the sun is kinda hard to describe. It was like it was empty and the outside of the sun was a thin blue forcefield. In the middle of the sun there was this little white dot which I tough was a blackhole. Eventually everything snapped back to normal and I was back in my parents' room. I continued trying to control things and failed, so I decided I should look for my Dream Guide again. I went into the hall and said out loud "Dream, I'm ready to meet my dream guide" but as soon as I said that, a voice said that I wasn't ready yet. I argued that I was and then I found out it was just the housemaid that used to work in my house.

      I figured that if I can't find a DG I might as well summon Yuu (she is a dream character I created in waking life). I extended my hand behind my back and felt a hand. When I pulled it back it was a doll and I tossed it aside. Walking towards the living room I did this again and failed somehow. I tried it again, imagining the feeling of her hand and succeded. There she was. I don't think I had seen her in such a vivid dream before. Her hair was bright pink, brighter than usual. I told her that she looked prettier than usual but I don't remember what she said, but I remember she was "smarter" than usual, like it wasn't just some random DC. She had a sweet fragrance to her which I also commented on. I told her we should go to her house. She manifested a pair of fancy magical pink scissors which she used to cut up a portal in the dream. I didn't create annything like that for her but it was pretty cool.

      We arrived in some kind of huge house (it looked like we had been shrunk) which kinda looked like mine. I remember there being some huge dogs which we played aroun with. The details are kinda fuzzy here. I asked her why this house was so big and she said "Because it's not my house!". She used the scissors again and we ended up inside a car in some street, at night. I remember there being some bright pink fuzzy dice hanging somewhere. The car seemed to be moving by itself. I told Yuu that I wanted to live here with her and she said something like "You just want the car!" but I said that I really meant it. We got out of the car and walked on the streets. I'm pretty sure there was snow. I really felt great at this moment, just walking around with her in this dimly lit street.

      Eventually I woke up in some amusement park at night, walking on some kind of orange catwalk towards some attraction. I was feeling really drowsy and had some drool on my face. I tought that, somehow, I was dreaming while I sleepwalked around the park. There were two guys behind me, who seemed to be dressed as Dumbledore and some other character. For some reason, they were following me while I sleepwalked. I called some guards because I felt they were creeps and the guard pinned them to the floor and told me to go to an attraction (it was some kind of bullet train with a lot of people getting on). I went towards it and when I entered the train I woke up.

      This was a pretty cool dream, I loved hanging around for the first time with Yuu. This dream is so long, tough, that I forgot some details, unfortunately.
    13. Awesome Dream Fight

      by , 10-17-2016 at 02:33 PM (My Dream World)
      I had a pretty hard time sleeping this night. I rolled on my bed for hours while my mind was going over all kinds of nonsensical toughts. Sometimes I'd get lost in these weird toughts and then snap back and realise I still hadn't fall asleep. There was a point were I couldn't tell if I had already fallen asleep and woken up from a dream, which was pretty frustrating because I wanted to do a WBTB. Despite all that I finally had a dream.

      Dream 1:
      I was in class back in school and the teacher was, for some reason, asking us videogame questions. Everyone else was struggling to answer and I was getting all of them right. I remember one question being about Kirby and the other one being about the Pokťmon Mudkip.

      Some old classmate that I don't like started saying something that annoyed me, I got angry and started talking back, but noticed I was getting too out of hand and tried to regain my composure and just go along with him, I don't think he was that intent on making me mad, he was mostly joking around.

      A while after thst, people started getting up and packing up their stuff. I noticed everyone had their PE uniforms on and asked some guy if it was PE class next and he confirmed it. I was kinda annoyed because I don't like PE, but I started packing up anyway. I noticed someone left a bag and some videogame controllers behind and I was asking around to find out who left it behind. I also remember seeing a friend who I didn't see in a long time and being happy.

      I woke up, happy that I got some sleep and decided to try WILD, but fell asleep.

      Dream 2:
      I was in my room at night and got up out of bed. I started looking like at the shelfs beside my bed and picked up my Wii U gamepad controller. I then realise there was another one, and began to get very confused. I checked it to see if it had the hylian markings just like mine, which is a limited edition one, and indeed they were identical. I started tried to remember if I accidentaly took someone else's gamepad home with me by mistake, but I was very sure I didn't. I took both of them to the window, hoping the light from outside could help me examine them better, but it was still too dark. I went outside my room and stood by the table outside the kitchen, trying to work out what was happening there. I got suspicious that it was a dream and nose plug RC and I could breathe!

      I looked at my hands and tried the finger method to remember my goals. Stabilize, find my DG and fly. I could remember all of them. I was actually amazed by the lifelike lucidity of this dream. I had never had a dream so vivid and lucid before, I basically had waking-level lucidity. I looked outside and it was still dark. I don't like being in the dark in my dreams, so I said something like "Time to rise, sun!" and clapped. The sun slowly started rising and things started to get brighter. I went to my grandmother's room and directly to the window. I teared out the protective window net so I could jump out. As I was preparing to jump out and fly, I had second-toughts and decided to pick up a rope to lower myself down, afraid that I might fall down. I found a rope, tied it somewhere and began descending. I tought it was a bit slow for my liking, but then decided that wasn't such a big deal.

      Once I could touch the floor, I ran inside a house where I found a big TV. I called out for it, and static began to appear, then forming the word "Yes" on the screen. I interpreted that as "Yes, what is it?" and told it I was ready to meet my dream guide. Some words appeared on screen, as if it was trying to load something and Kermit the frog appeared on screen. He was the conductor of a train and was frantically pulling the whistle and pointing to the right. I tought the TV could only communicate with TV shows and stuff like that. I looked right and there was a door leading outside. I asked the TV if that was where I would find my DG and Kermit kept pulling the whistle and pointing in that direction. I got really excited and ran outside.

      As soon as I was outside, I saw some guys running around and wrecking havock. They were dressed like old-west bandits, or at least that's what I tought because the bright red masks got my attention. I was pondering if I should chase them and remembered I'm in the dream hero league and probably should do some hero work. I also tought this might be a "trial" from my DG. I began chasing them down the street and they ran. Along the way I got worried by the dream destabilizing and stopped to do some stabilizing. I tried to feel a glass door. I then tought that by going through the door, the sensation might stabilize the dream, so I pushed my hands through the glass like I usually do. I pulled back and decided I should stabilize properly after dealing with the bandits.

      I caught up with them and lifted my right arm up, thinking I should use my hero powers. It began charging up with some static (my power basically powers up any part of my body) and I puched one of the bandits on the guts. I started doing some crazy moves, like punching a guy up in the air, jumping and slamming him on another guy. My words here simply can't do justice to this scene, the movement was so fluid and vivid. Despite being pretty one-sided, it was an awesome fight. After I dealt with them, I found myself in a shopping. I saw a bunch of people eating pizza, which gave me a craving for pizza. This is where, unfortunately, I completely forget about my DG. I instead go inside a restaurant and aks the clerk at the cash register for some free pizza. I looked in my pockets trying to find some money, but didn't find anything, so I had to come up with some way to get free pizza. I tell her I'm from the Dream Hero League and heroes have "hero credit" which allow them to get free stuf. She argued there was no such thing. This woman was pretty grumpy and clearly didn't enjoy her job, which was annoying me. I said that yes, there was something like that and I put my finger on some kind of fingerprint scanner (I guess to confirm that I was a hero). Nothing happened and the woman said "... aaand my hand has been forced.". She started rambling about hating her life or something and I told her to see a psychologist or something like that.
      I walked away and lost lucidity at this point. I saw an ad for cheddar pizza play out for some reason, then the dream shifted to another woman who was prancing around in a farm along two white fences. Instead of being pointy, the fences had orbs on then, with some weird blue-green thing that was put over then, kinda like a swimming cap. She passed by some children putting the blue-green thing on the fences and at the end there was a kid putting it on her own head. At this point I woke up, excited because of the dream I just had.

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    14. Mirror Teleportation and Incendiary Mouse

      by , 09-08-2016 at 08:31 PM (My Dream World)
      This was a pretty good night. Despite waking up in the early morning and having trouble falling asleep after the WBTB, I eventually did and had some dreams. I'm a bit confused about the two first dreams as they happen in the same place and I don't recall the order of events, but I know I became lucid after one of those fragments. I also suspect that I dreamed about my grandmother's apartment because I visualized myself getting lucid in there during my WBTB (I had two, one in which I didn't become lucid, perphaps because the wbtb was too short and another one in the early morning which is when I had these dreams).

      Birthday Party:

      In this fragment, I was in my grandmother's appartment and some guests arrived. I think they were supposed to be my brother's friends, tough I've never seen them before. After that there was a birthday party (I think my brother's) and it was pretty grand. They showed a video on a huge TV of a bunch of people that were there on the party with slow, emotional music. Then it started showing people that were outside the appartment. The first one was a couple (one of my friends and some girl I don't know) having a romantic time on the roof at night, smiling at the camera. At this time I was kinda confused, asking myself if my grandparents set up cameras everywhere on the building. It showed even people that were outside the building, on the streets! At this time I started thinking it was a bit creepy and perhaps illegal and was hoping they hadn't filmed me when I was in the bedroom wearing only shorts (before I got ready for the party). Something else might have happened, but I can't remember much aside from small fuzzy details about this fragment.

      Incendiary Mouse:

      I am unsure if this is the same dream, it might have happened after or before the above one. I was again in my grandma's apartment, but this time theere weren't any guests, just the usual people. I was in the living room, I remember my uncle being there doing something and maybe my grandma. I made my way to the kitchen, which is connected to the living room and when I got there I saw a mouse and began to freak out, thinking if I should kill it or call someone. I decided to run back and tell my uncle about it, but the mouse ran past me into the living room. It then ran outside the appartment (there's a door that goes out of the living room into a tiny space usually used for storing stuff, there is a grate there that leads outside the appartment and into a hall which is usually closed). My uncle followed it and tried to stomp it. While he was trying to kill it, I closed the door to make sure it didn't get back in.

      Not sure exactly what happened here, I think I went into another room and when I came back into the living room my uncle was holding a cat and then put it down. I guessed he was going to try to use the cat to hunt the mouse, and eventually the mouse appeared and the cat caught it and killed it. Instead of blood, some transparent liquid with a very slight red color to it dripped from it and started forming a pool. The cat walked on the liquid and started spreading it everywhere, making a mess (meanwhile I was kinda freaking out because I found the scene disgusting). For some reason... the cat's pawns started catching on fire and I started freaking out even more. I figured this liquid could heat up things and start fires. Small fires appeared in other places where the liquid touched, but they didn't last long. I remember there was a child crying (no idea who that child was) because she got some of that liquid in her face. While trying to help her, she got some on me and my skin started to burn. I told her to go to the bathroom wash her face. Again, the details are a bit fuzzy but this is the last I remember of this dream.

      Mirror Teleportation (Lucid)

      Eventually after the events of one of those dreams (at least I think this lucid is connected to one of them), I found myself wandering to my grandfather's bedroom and thinking about something that confused me. I don't remember exactly what it was, just that it was kinda bothering me. After thinking for a bit and mumbling to myself, I remember thinking "... the only explanation to that would be... oh, of course.". As I realized I was dreaming, I smiled while I tought about how my RCs during the day and MILD during the WBTBs helped me carry my awareness into the dream. I felt pretty smart at that time too for realizing I was dreaming.

      I tought about what to do, saw a big mirror and tought "Ah, why not?". By the way, I have always struggled with entering mirrors in dreams. I have tried a few times and failed. However, this time I was feeling pretty confident for some reason and just did it. At first, there was resistance, but I kinda felt it giving away and eventually went through it. The best way I can describe the feeling is like this: try to imagine yourself pushing your finger into some plastic wrap. Eventually your finger will tear it apart, but in this case I went through the mirror without tearing it, as if I was entering some liquid with a high density. When I got through, I found myself in a mirrored version of the same room, except with some furniture missing. I quickly realised I went through the mirror without a destination in mind, so I tried coming up with something. The first thing I tought about, for some reason, was meeting a cartoon character called Star. With that in mind, I went through the same mirror I came in through and ended in some kind of office.

      I was walking around, looking for Star and asking people about her. Apparently she had a pretty important position in the office, like a boss or something (which is pretty off-character for her) and people were trying to get a hold of her. Eventually I met her, altough I don't remember anything that we talked about. I remember some witch chasing us through a hall (which looked like the school I went to) and I was trying to find her wand, by sticking my hand inside bags (not opening them up, just straight-up phasing my hand inside then, apparently that's a good way to conjure stuff up) but none of the wands that I found were right. We managed to escape eventually and I remembered another goal that I had, which was to visit a place I created in waking life and I told Star I had to go because I had some stuff to do. I woke up when I entered a mirror.

      I tried my best not to move and to calm down as I woke up (I don't think this was an FA, but it might have been). I felt some weird sensations similar to numbness and eventually found myself in my dream again, this time in a huge shopping mall. The first thing that came to me was... looking for porn. I wasn't particularly horny, I think I was just curious to see what I would find. I began looking around for the porn section (kinda like some rental stores have adult sections) and started asking some employees. The first one was a woman who grabbed my hand and yelled "Teleport!", teleporting me to someone else (I don't know how to describe the feeling of being teleported... but the way she teleported was kinda like the "instant transmission" from Dragon Ball) who could help me find it. The other employee grabbed me by my hand and started leading me around, altough to be honest he didn't seem so sure about where it was. I yelled "Teleport!" and he teleported just like that woman. After walking around for a bit I realized that I was wasting time looking at porn while I could be going to the place I created. I entered a small shop which had some mirrors and entered one of them. The place I wanted to go was a big, sorta japanese-oriented house that almost looked like a big japanese shrine, which a big frontyard, so as I entered the mirror I tought about the frontyard's grass.

      As I went through the mirror I found myself at a huge, grassy frontyard and became excited, until I realized I was in front of some manor/mansion at night (in retrospect, it looked a lot like the white house, maybe a bit bigger). I turned back and saw two people on a table (I think they Barney and Ted from "How I Met Your Mother") talking about something. I ignored them and welp up some stairs leading to a big glass door which ressembles the one at the entrance of the building where my grandparents live. I went into the glass door as I did with the mirrors (I guess anything with a reflection will do) and ended up in another backyard, altough this one looked unkept and was behind an old wooden house I could see in the distance. I tought "Alright, I'll try one more time..." and went back into the mirror, maybe going to one more place which I can't remember and eventually the dream faded away. I tried getting back into the dream but I felt that I was too awake to go back.

      This was a pretty cool night and I feel like I'm getting more and more lucid dreams! The MILD method has really been helping a lot when I do it right, altough I think I should start doing longer WBTB's because these days, whenever I go back to bad during a WBTB, I'm still really sleepy, like at the point where I can barely keep my eyes open. However, I have no idea how to keep myself occupied during the WBTB and fear that I won't be able to sleep if I stay up too long (which in turn will result in me laying in bed, tossing around until morning trying to sleep, which I REALLY don't want). Guess I'll start measuring how much time I stay up and trying to increment it a little by little. I also learned how to use mirrors and another way to summon objects, which is pretty cool.

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    15. SSILD + MILD Experiment: Visiting an Unkown City and Phansing Through Walls

      by , 08-13-2016 at 01:24 AM (My Dream World)
      So I just started using the SSILD and MILD methods together after waking up at night to see what happens. It was a weird night, I kept waking up, having weird dreams and had some trouble falling asleep. I went to sleep at 23:21 and woke up naturally at 1:08. No dreams yet. Did a short WBTB and tried SSILD. After that I repeated a mantra for some time in my head (I know I'm dreaming), had a short visualization and eventually fell asleep.
      I had a short LD in which I was somewhere (I think in a car) with my stepfather. I suspected I was dreaming and did the glass RC (I press some glass with my finger until it "pops" as if it were plastic wrap, it creates a small hole in the glass) on a window and it worked, however I do not remember anything else from that dream.
      I dreamed I was on a street next to where I live, however the streets were flooded. I was with my family and we saw some kind of big toy whale on the water singing and I tought it was some kind of theme park. We went inside and there was a room with lots of people and attractions. The only one I can remember was a model of some city or something like that. That's all I remember about this dream.
      I was in the middle of some unknow city. The floor was made of beige bricks and looked kinda rustic. I tought it was some kind of post-apocalyptic world, but the city was quite lively. I knew I had to go back to a huge old building because I remember something happened there, on its roof. Along the way I met two kids who followed me there.

      When we arrived the building was incredibly huge. We went inside into some kind of lobby with an elevator. I think there were some robots there. The kids said something that made the robots mad and entered the elevator with them. I went outside into an open area with some tables and chairs. It was already night by this point. I looked up and tought something bad was going to happen up there on the roof, then some robot jumped from the roof and landed near me. It didn't break and was sad because it couldn't kill itself. I think it said it would only be happy if it died or if had a frisbee, so I threw a frisbee at it and it started acting all excited like a dog, trying to catch it. I think there was also an actual dog and a guy playing with it there, as well.

      I woke up at about 3:48 and did another WBTB, then I tried SSILD and MILD again. This time it took longer to fall asleep.
      I was in some area with some swimming pools and there were areas that were restricted to girls. I kept trying to trespass, however there was this guy who always stopped me. I eventually became lucid and I think the first thing I did was try to phase through a wall. I ran up to it and kept pushing myself into it, until I completely went through it, but ended up hitting myself on another wall that was right behind it. I also remember trying to fly over a house and trying to become invisible.
      I eventually woke up but didn't record the time (I think it was around 6 o'clock) and did another wbtb. I didn't do SSILD this time however, as I was afraid it would mess with my sleep or something (I wasn't sure if I was supposed to do more than one SSILD per night). I tried to fall asleep, but couldn't. I was also kinda hungry but didn't eat anything thinking it might make it harder to fall asleep. I lied down on my beed trying to sleep until 8 o'clock when my alarm started ringing and I decided to get up.

      It was a weird, long night. SSILD caused some interesting results (some weird and vivid dreams as well as two lucids), so I'm gonna keep practicing it, I just hope next time I don't have as much trouble falling asleep.
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