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    1. Flock, and when I was shot

      by , 08-12-2012 at 10:50 PM
      Had some pretty intense dreams last night!

      Long dream where I had wings (though didn't use them much) I was with a group of people also with wings. We were trying to get across some big distance, I don't know why we didn't just fly there and I voiced my opinion quite a bit. About half way through we got sidetracked with some awesomeness, I don't know exactly how it came up but I broke off from the main group with another dude that was pretty cool. We found and hot wired a sweet off road van of some sort, it was tan and I'll just say that I would so drive it in real life. We drove up to some desert gate, we could see a mansion up on a hill. The gate opened though there was no sign that it was automatic, it was just a simple gate really, like one that would keep horses in. We drove through ( I honestly have no idea why we went in lol I wasn't the driver) Sucks but I can't really remember what happened next, I think that we were attacked by some big guy.. We ended up beating him and then the guy that owned the mansion came out and was like a bad guy, there was a little kid there too. He was also against us but his little kid curiosity outweighed his hostility towards us, I assume, because he didn't even know why he was supposed to be mad at us. In the end we bead the owner who was pretty tough (don't remember how we beat him) and we ended up asking the kid if he wanted to come with us. He agreed and we drove out talking to him.
      Dream skip
      (pretty weird, that dream I just posted was like part of the same dream but it was like a separate unrelated dream with the same people (person) and we knew that we were going to go back to the group after we were done with that)

      Now we were back with everyone, it was like my own flock (from a series that I am reading about kids that have wings, it's quite good) We needed to get somewhere across a bit of land and quite a bit of the ocean. I was talking about how we should just fly there, I think that the flock just wanted to find a way there other then flying. I was annoyed. It ended up that the telepath in our group talked to dolphins and we rode them for sooo long, like the entire way across the ocean! It was slow progress and I am lucky that most of it was a dream skip. We finally came upon it, for some reason I got there long before the rest. (I probably ended up flying) and I went into some awesome cave, I remember wondering if it was still salt water in the cave and I tasted the water. Yep. This made the dream quite a bit more vivid actually. As I swam around wishing that I was flying instead (don't know why I wasn't) I saw some dinosaur, like.. this one:

      I was like oh crap, he snapped at me but I swam back too much, wondering if he could swim and was just jacking around with me I backed away as fast as I could wishing that the telepath was here so she could tell it not to attack anyone. Just then I heard them calling my name which wasn't my name it was some other name but it was supposed to be mine. Again, really REALLY sucks that I can't remember it because it was awesome and I know it's not the first time that in a dream I was called that. Anyways, after a little bit of stuff that I can't remember and checking out cool glowing things on the wall the dream ended..

      DREAM 2: Vash the stampede! (me)

      I was supposed to be someone similar to vash the stampede off of an anime called trigun, it's not really important what it's about right now, but basically I had quite a bit of the fuzz chasing me around in tunnels below the city. I was a wanted man although I never killed anyone! Who would believe that though right? Avoiding the popo was pretty easy, I mean if I was cornered I could just break out some of my skills that I got through my demon hunting training right? Wait.. Demon hunting training? yeah, that exact thought went through my head and I still didn't become lucid at all! what's up with that right? I was running in barely lit tunnels as fast as I could without breaking out the skills if you know what I mean.. Every once in a while would see some light from the SWAT team's flashlights and such, Good thing I was like a master of stealth.. Anyways, I took a right and opened a door. Two armed SWAT guys came through it, before they knew what was happening I shoved them back right onto the ground, definitely stronger then your average joe, I didn't even push that hard! I guess all of this training is paying off.. I took off the other way now into another door that was on the same side but right behind me, before I opened it 5 or 6 of them burst through guns blazing, I had to do some crazy stuff to get around them, I don't really know how I did it but I did some elite dive jump right over them through the doorway. I saw a latter that came out in a manhole and jumped clear up the whole thing landing on the ground above. Hey! I know this place, it's my local park! I was ready to pull out my wings (which for some reason I had) and do an up up and away when I was hit in the face by some chick, a particularly hot chick. Some brunette in non standard armor. I fell onto the ground, Dayom she's got some power behind that punch. But immediately rolled onto my feet, she pulled out some awesome pistol, aiming it at my head. We talked, I don't remember exact dialogue but basically I told her that I was a demon hunter and I have never even killed anyone. She couldn't tell of anyone that I killed and in the end she believed me. But some moron cop came over and shot me! I was hit by a 9mm right in the lower right gut. It was weird, I have never been shot before in a dream, or in real life.. It was painful but I knew that it wasn't a fatal shot and I needed to get to my trainer, I sure wish I had learned how to treat wounds. But I haven't learned that. (lol maybe oreoboy1996 was right about the healing magic) after a little bit of stumbling around I ended up running off into the night. yeah, that dream kicked ass! Besides, of course, being shot I mean.. But who doesn't get shot right?
    2. Flying like a boss, zombies, telepathy

      by , 08-08-2012 at 05:41 PM
      [size=24pt]Wings are the best![/size]

      This time it was completely lucid.. I love this dream so much.. I was being taught how to gain altitude well by max. Which is the protagonist in a book that I'm reading right now. This dream was probably the best flying dream I've had and if I ever fly again in a dream I'm so using wings. Jesus! some more dreams like that and I would be one happy boy!

      My wings are reddish brown, more brown then red.. (funny they're usually white though I"m a ginger hehe)

      Unlike other dreams this one started more unrealistic and got super realistic to the point where I became lucid, I was having so much fun though I kept doing what I was doing with being taught how to fly with wings and all, it's a whole different thing to fly with wings for me but I got it down a little. Was at the top of a big hill and I was gliding down. Funny how for half the dream the girl teaching me to fly was Max and the other half was Claire.
      We were also attacked by some thing.

      >_> Oh yeah!~ another dream.. lolol I could talk telepathically to george. It was sweet!

      third dream about me ini a zombie apocalypse, I was gettin "couked up" as I put it and wanted to go waste some zombies, this dream was really realistic and I was tired of being home, besides we needed to go scavenge for supplies. I tossed in our usual weapons and this time put in a crowbar. I remember my brother not really wanting to go but I was ready to go by myself.. I said that I wanted to drive a fredign humvee or tank or something that was lying around town from martial law that hit right after the zombies started coming out everywhere. We set off and we saw people living in tents back sorta by our house.. Like a whole little town of people.
    3. This weeks worth of notable dreams volume 1

      by , 07-30-2012 at 01:08 AM
      I had some interesting dreams this week..

      One night I had a dream that I was in some forest with my brother, we saw some bear (idk what it is with bears I'm not even like scared of them in real life)! It saw us and we took off for some huge rocks that were clifflike. We climbed as fast as we could the bear came after us, I turned around and kicked it in the head with all my might. WHAM and he fell and smashed it's head on a rock and his brains were on the rock and it died.
      I would put that down as a good dream, mostly because I didn't end up mutilated.

      Last night, probably the most intense alien dream I ever hadů
      I was at my house, my mom was coming up from phoenix, she usually called when she was getting near home but for some reason this time she didn't, (dream skip) now about an hour passed when she was supposed to get home, We got in the car to go and see if she was okay, we knew she left but maybe something happened to her when she was driving I don't know..
      Dream skip again.. We were now a little while out from reaching the highway (my house is a few miles away from the highway back a winding road) when I noticed something, a massive column of dust, smoke, and ash reaching hundreds, if not thousands of feet into the sky! And at the top it was.. Oh my god.. it was a mushroom cloud!! "Dad!" I yelled, "There's a mushroom cloud right there!?" I turned to my brother. "Do you think it started?" Referring to martial law and the police state. "No" he said, "They wouldn't use nukes out here in the middle of no where, this has to be something else." We live out in the middle (almost exact middle) of arizona in a little town called Payson. Google it if you want to see.
      We drove further towards the highway, went down a little hill, as we got closer we saw more, smaller columns of mostly dust where it was like bombs dropped out in a big valley to the south by a place called rye, in real life this place is pretty much all desert, but here there was a large city down there.. Finally we reached the highway, cars, both military and civilian zoomed past and.. BOOM! they were taken off the road by a massive (not of this world) missle that looked like a plasma shot or something from halo! I immediately traced where the shot had come from to see a large ship coming over the mountain shooting at everything..
      Think this.. execpt glowing colors and seethrough kinda like a jellyfish, then picture freakin missles shooting out of a cannon at vehicles as they drive around and catch on fire and explode into a million pieces. It was pretty intense, that's all I am saying, there were more of those things raining down from the sky in the distance. If that wasn't bad enough there were ground forces! They were on the other side of the highway shooting towards us, they looked quite like this, But goldish yellow.. They were shooting bullets that were like from the movie Battle LA.
      (I hate to use just halo examples, it really wasn't like halo all that much, it was just in a way similar..
      They started shooting at our car, I ducked down behind the window and screamed, "DRIVE!!" My dad floored it and pulled out to the north, My brother said that we had to get to I forget he either said cottonwood or camp verde.. I said that we need to go on foot away from any towns or cities, which they both agreed to. I said "Crap! We don't have any guns!" That sucked, my brother let out an argh and my dad sighed.. I said, "Wait, I have my .22 rifle, it has 1 clip of ammo, we can't use it to fight but we can use it to hunt for food, rabbits and crap." So that was a relief, The dream probably isn't half over yet, but it sorta changes half way through in a little bit and becomes a completely separate dream that takes place somewhere in china and I had like, special abilities and I needed to find some person that brought on the invasion and kill him so they would go home or something, then they sent someone after me that ended up being someone that I really love and had spent a lot of time with (sorta like the dream where I stabbed my partner in the neck, a similar situation) But this time I just left her and never killed or hurt her.
      The dream ended shortly after, MAN BIG DREAM!

      Another dream with claire in it.. I was spiderman, (the amazing spiderman with the web things on his hands) and I was supposed to go to a school for a while (I don't know exactly why I think I was doing some recon on a hunch that something was going to happen) I made some friends, and there was one really cute girl that at first made fun of me with her friends, but after a while she realized that she was in the same situation as me, (not meaning the spiderman thing hehe, meaning some type of person that came in because her parents moved around) (I guess that was my excuse) we hung out, then blah blah, some other crap with talking her inviting me over to her house and me sneaking over at like midnight and me showing her that I was really spiderman it was a cool dream.

      Then the night before last, I had 2 lucid dreams, one I was getting really really good at waterbending, Kinda accidentally created a tidal wave, I had been training with some super powerful person who was showing me techniques to waterbending. He basically told me the mindset behind it then it was so much easier.. I also practiced up on my airbending a little bit, Not too bad but could use some work. I flew a little bit then dive bombed into the ocean.. Saw some cute girls in bikinis and flirted with them..

      Had a second lucid dream that night, some pretty awesome free running in the city at night. I think my demon training is really coming along, I'm getting pretty elite now..

      That's pretty much all the memorable dreams for the past week or so..
    4. Demon training, future city, killing the bear that has been terrorizing me in dreams. AND MORE!

      by , 07-08-2012 at 08:03 PM
      training with some girl to beat demons, learning to do hard stuff very fast, I kept saying "that's impossible" after she would tell me to do something that I thought was super hard, she would say, "No, it's not impossible but it is very hard, now you're going to do it." We were in some type of basement with a bunch of stuff in it. She was a blonde and she had a secretive look to her, I had gone in there and told her that someone directed me to go see her. I went in and asked her if it was possible to kill a demon with a bullet that had something inscribed on it. Like some type of (in my dream I forgot the word but I had a really good way of explaining what I meant) The circles that demons can't get out of if they go inside. LIke the circle and the star and the symbols in it. I asked if those were to be drawn on bullets and shoot a demon with one if it would do any additional damage? She said that it would but the precision tools to do such a thing were extremely hard to find and demons aren't even that common. She said that it would take days to make just one bullet and one probably wouldn't stop a demon, it would be much easier to use something less effective. I asked why they didn't have a factory that made them. she said, "Don't forget, most people don't think that demons exist, if someone made a factory that made demon bullets.. They would be thrown in the nuthouse!" I just replied with "Good point."
      My training went on for quite a long time actually..

      Watching the execution of someone that they were claiming to be a demon, at the last moment he tried to escape and huge black wings folded out. I remember someone use a pickaxe on rocks nearby. They put holy water on the ropes so when he would transform at all it would burn him. There was a thing with him that unless he is in demon "mode" normal things that repel demons wouldn't work on him unless it goes into his body, (like a bullet made of salt I don't know just for an example.) I remember my brother was the badass executioner that was a pro at handling demons.

      Vash the stampede, desert looking town saving son
      Shooting people, the thing that I remember best of all is pointing my revolver at someone and just pulling the trigger with absolutely no hesitation, if it meant getting my son back, I really didn't care who else died, and if it was a bad guy I would kill them myself.
      I felt pretty badass then ;D

      killing the smaller bear with a knife
      (I have been having dreams the last few nights that involve me being attacked by bears, 4 to be exact all together including tonight) The first time I got away with no injuries, the second time there were two bears, the mother bear and the father bear. Don't let the "mother and father" fool you, they were true beasts to be feared! That time I was attacked and lost my left hand and almost died before I woke up. The third time I tried to sneak past them and they heard me so I had to escape into a storm drain that the bear couldn't fit in, only the smaller one which was the mother came after me, I woke up a little while after trying to figure out how to get out without being killed, I thought about waiting in there until the bear left also.
      The forth time, AKA: last night.. This dream was the one that I got something done finally, I remember that I was going to go on a little hike, I almost forgot but then I remembered that I should take a knife with me just in case I get attacked by a bear. (lol I thought that exactly) I go out on a hike and time skips, I am now about a mile away from my home (I live right on the edge of a huge forest) I am confronted with the mother bear, the father bear is out a ways. It attacks me and throws me on the ground I grab my knife and start plunging it into the bears neck over and over blood is getting all over me from the bear and it falls over to the side dread (this lasts about 10 seconds from the time that I am attacked to the time that it falls over dead)
      For some reason I just realized that I am able to hear the thoughts of something that I am killing. When I killed my partner I heard her thoughts, when I killed this bear I heard it's thoughts. The bear was thinking that she is going to leave her cub behind, and the girl was thinking about how stupid she had been to not join up sides with me.

      in a huge futuristic city with a few other people that were with me, found out that all of the mechanized soldiers were actually robots and didn't have people inside of them.
      One of my partners was claire, there was another that was a guy with brown hair, the third was a kid and he had white hair, he was a machine though, there was something that set him apart from other machines though. The police machines patrolled the streets all night on shifts, everyone had to be in bed by a certain time. Back at the time that I made the discovery that there was something wrong with the way that it is all operating..
      This is what I confirmed in my dream. God was really god but he didn't have any direct power to manipulate things, he would grant people power and he has granted everyone power, but only people who realize this would be able to access the power. I then went on to use telekinesis on something which worked extremely well without problems. The government in the city was calling this type of thing (I forget the exact word) but they said that there are necromancer anarchists that would want to disrupt the peace and make life hard for everyone. Not very many people bought this load of crap, it was almost a last ditch resort to try and keep the population from revolting against them. I was staying in some sort of inn type thing that quite a bunch of people go and sleep in because I didn't live in the city.
      I recently drew up a map for fun in real life and imagined there to be a large city out by the ocean spread across 3 points that stick out going into a type of bay, In my dream I remember seeing a bit of water separating where I was from two other (I assume) parts of the city. This morning I was skeptical to think that this map would be used in my dream that I was wanting to be used in my dream so bad until I remember someone talking about the city. "New Achland." That even had special meaning in my dream because I had called the city by that name on my map! I think that pretty much confirms that this is the city of my map and when I was looking up pictures to put with my map, the one I chose looked simiar!

      Anyways, we went out of our little inn which was strictly forbidden, so we could kill a (I forget what we called the robots! I'll just call it a T1) T1 and prove that there were no people in them, I was using my new power (which is not strong hardly at all right now) We went out where we were confronted by one, it opened fire on us, pretty much literally because there were some type of flaming ball that it shot at us that melted through a lot of stuff.
    5. time travel dream of the past

      by , 05-29-2012 at 04:25 AM
      Was with a girl, the girl from the dream that I stabbed her in the neck while going to town.. This dream took place in the past, I don't know how I know I just do, it seemed different and I was also with the girl, and since right now she's dead because I killed her D:< WHY ME?? WHY DID YOU KILL HER???
      It had to be in the past..

      We were in some forest, a big forest with pine trees around, we were looking for an animal.. it was a magical animal that we hunted down that could allow us to time travel, though we didn't use the phrase "time travel" we were saying something like "time jump" Pretty sure that we would be able to jump once in time and that would be it for that single use, then we would have to find another way to get back. But we weren't really worried about that, we were very good at what we did.. not many people better than us.
      So, we were in some forest, hunting some animal, I really wish that I could remember what it was called, uboboa or something like that. The animal was extremely rare and had magical powers. Pretty sure that my "partner" said that the animal was impossible to kill and that we needed to do some things before it we could time jump.
      First we needed to knock the animal out 3 times, she told me that by shooting it with a .22 below the neck on it's back it would knock it out, the bullet would knock it out because it would hit something that would decinigrate the bullet on impact and knock it out temporarily. I needed to go up and do something to the animal while it was knocked out (maybe take some hair or something)
      I had a .22 rifle, we had been stalking the animal for days (false memory) and we had found it, there was some other person around that was a bad guy, though it wasn't a person I am pretty sure it was a demon.

      He had a long black trench coat on and a black type of hood. (I saw him standing on a tree branch looking for us, he could teleport short distances. I'll refer to him as the dark demon.) The animal we were hunting looked quite a bit like a polar bear, though it was a little bit longer and it looked meaner.

      I remember sleeping next to her in a little tent at night when we were stalking the animal.
      Then it was the day of the mission execution, all of this planning, weeks of finding this thing and it all comes down to today.. Death was a very real possibility.
      We were watching the thing from a distance, we hadn't seen the dark demon for a while and took aim, I took the shot and hit it in the right spot, it went down and I rushed up and did something though I don't remember what. it got back up extremely fast, but by then I was safely in a tree out of sight, (I really wasn't safe that thing could climb a tree so easy) but I was hidden and it didn't see me. the second shot at it was a little while later and I went up to it again. I had to do something else this time, it took too long, I did it but it woke up when I was right next to it.... SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME, it immediately lunged at me, it kept charging me as I jumped over it and around it, I was going to try to shoot it again. I knew that I had to be careful or else I might kill it. (I know that I said we couldn't kill it, and I was told that I couldn't kill it but I knew that if I shot it in the head the body of it would die but it would be immediately be reincarnated to another animal the second that it would die and it would be years before I could find it again.) I shot it knowing that but hit too high, it fell over on it's side but immediately got back up and jumped at me, I dove underneath, got back up and shot as it turned around, I hit in the right spot and knocked it out a third time, this time I didn't have to do anything to it, just wait and try to find a way for it to bite my arm but not kill me. I went over and climbed on it, I got some grip on it where I had one free arm and I was on it's neck for the most part.. It probably hadn't been 30 seconds from when I knocked out that it woke up again. It was dazed and pretty tired, not nearly as much energy as earlier, this should be easier now thankfully. I reached my arm around and somehow got it into a headlock. I put my right arm in it's mouth, (the dream got quite shaky for a moment and I almost woke up) the polar bear had really dull teeth and was now like a big fish, I thought about how it's going to have to bite really hard to make me bleed and it's going to hurt pretty bad. (the dream now became really vivid and it turned back into a polar bear) it bit me and I immediately raised my arm to my mouth and took a bit of blood in and sucked it out of the wound.. Everything got really crazy and bright, brutal shaking and I found myself laying down in a place out under the stars on a roof of some building. I got up and it was obviously the future.. I went around and looked for someone, I got in an elevator.. there was some girl in a red outfit smiling with her head tilted a little, she was some person who worked in the elevator. (for a second I felt like I was in an anime) after that I went out and there were pokemon type things following people around. for a little while I just looked around and enjoyed where I was.. I felt like I had all the time in the world. I forget what I did exactly but I wasn't done with what I was doing when I woke up.
      - this was an extremely long dream!
      - this was an odd dream, I really want to remember this dream.
    6. after a mysterious girl, and killing...

      by , 05-25-2012 at 10:32 PM
      At the park going around riding a bike, (bmx bike) then I went down mainstreet and saw some girl that was doing something strange, (I don't remember exactly what she was doing that was strange, something that indicated she was a robot or something like that)
      I had some rope that I swung around and snow came out. (no idea why this made so much sense in my dream) I was swinging it around and getting snow on things, I forget the reason that I needed to get snow on stuff. Then I followed the girl up some road that went up a hill. There was some other stuff that went on but I don't remember what.. Next scene I was back the road to my house in my moms suv, we were going towards the highway (me and some other girl, it wasn't claire or the girl from earlier) that I knew for some reason was a bad guy and was following, the girl driving the car was probably in her 20's and she had darker color hair, she was my partner for right now and we were following the robot girl from earlier. The car ahead of us pulled off left on the highway and started gong down away from town. But we turned right, I got confused and looked over at my partner asking her why we weren't following the car. She said something and I realized that she was really an enemy that was supposed to kill me, she started swerving the vehicle back and forth really fast and I had to lean over and grab the wheel to keep us from crashing. She punched at me and was obviously going to try and take us into a brutal crash at 70+ miles an hour.
      I then remembered that I keep the dagger in the side pocket of the passenger door and grabbed it.
      (I keep one there in real life, mainly because that's the only place that I won't lose it) I get it in my hand and get ready to stab her, but all of a sudden I have a really hard time stabbing her, I hesitate (only for about a half a second) and think that she is my partner and really pretty and I would hate to kill her, that we've been through so much together and... I force those thoughts out of my head and stab the dagger into her neck.
      (one of the things that I remember is the sound of it going in and going through her windpipe.. that'll be something I remember for a long time to come )
      she struggles and is obviously in much pain, she begins to cry as she struggles for breath. I feel really bad and almost cry too but I am so desperate to save my life. The vehicle is slowing down a bit on the road. I look at her, she looks so helpless right now I hate it so much, she looks at me and I can just tell that she wishes she was really on my side. (I am flooded with false memories of things that we did together and missions that we completed)
      I look down at the dagger which has blood all over it and look back at her as I get ready to stab her again to kill her.
      "Sorry." I say and I plunge the dagger into her heart I see her eyes get wide and then she goes limp. There's blood all over me and the seat.
      I wake up shaking and disoriented.
      Tags: dagger, killing, robot
    7. Attacked by a dragon

      by , 05-23-2012 at 04:30 AM
      [size=36pt]Attacked by a dragon![/size]

      walking on some stone path, there is grass around and there is a stone bridge coming up going over the cutest little river. I go up onto the stone bridge and look out to the water as I pass over it, I am heading to a castle that is probably a mile away up the path on a hill.
      But as I go towards it I see a large dragon come over the mountain. The dragon is HUGE! Probably a wingspan of 50 feet with colors of brown and red! o_o I have to admit I was kinda shocked to see it.
      It obviously sees me, I step back off of the path as it swoops down and lands just yards away.
      Things going through my head:
      - Oh sh**
      - I'm probably going to die
      - :0 a dragon AWESOME!
      - If it snaps I am going to dodge to the left so I'll go into the water (knowing that I am a waterbender) thus if it breathes fire I will be able to not be burned.
      - Wonder if anyone else is around?

      At this point the dragon does a powerful blast of energy which I have almost no time to dodge, I try to though and am hit and fly back onto the grass. Some type of brown FUS RO DAH thing. (the unrelenting force on skyrim is blue this one is brownish red) I am thrown into the grass and tumble probably 20 feet in all but roll and spring up to my feet, the dragon takes off and circles my location flying low to the ground. He does another loud roar which is longer then the last. Storm clouds appear (which are also brownish, but it isn't like everything is brown it looks really good and realistic!) Lightning and thunder crash and zap in the sky, there is tons of noise from the rumble of the thunder, it starts to pour rain down, it is some type of dirty water which is also pretty brown.
      Things going through my head:
      - I wonder what type of dragon this is? maybe some type of earth dragon?
      - Yes! water I can bend this!
      - Maybe now I have a chance to get away..

      I run up onto the bridge and the dragon lands from where I started off at in the beginning of the dream, I jump up onto the edge (like the stone railing that is on each side) and thrust up a blow with water, it works but the dragon is huge and it does no more then dumping water on it. It roars again and looks up stream before taking off. I look to where the dragon looked to and see a massive flood of dirty water (like you would see in a flood in india or something) coming straight towards me!
      Things going through my head:
      - o.o
      - O.O

      I brace for impact, I know that I can't withstand this much water rushing at me, I try to jump over the beginning of it but I don't jump soon enough and am swept down and plunged into the water, I force myself (somehow with my waterbending) to the surface and take a deep breath, I still see the dragon flying just about to land again. I try to do some waterspout thing that lifts me up out of the water riding the waterspout and it works, I ride it over to the edge but another wave hits the bottom and I am flung onto the grass onto the side of the river that the dragon is on. I quickly roll to my feet and get up just as he snaps at me, as fast as I can I dive to the side and narrowly miss becoming a soggy ginger meal! From here the dream becomes blurry and I soon wake up.

      There are some notes on this dream that I want to point out.
      - In this dream the thought of reasoning with the dragon didn't even cross my mind
      - though the thought of where is claire did pass my mind at one point though I don't remember when in the dream I thought this.
      - the other night in my False Awakening when that girl that was sitting in the windowsill to my room and she told me to find claire, from that dream I haven't seen claire in any of my dreams.
      - This dream was definitely not a normal dream, it's like the difference between a normal DC and your dream guide.

    8. Being in call of duty , at my school where obama is trying to sell a crappy product.

      by , 01-08-2012 at 09:39 PM
      so, I was Live action role playing call of duty, well I was actually in the game I could see my mini map, and all the UI at once I don't really know how it was possible. It was kind of like domination except we had to have all our team by weapons crates like sabotage instead of a flag. So I ran over to the crates and saw some loading bar come up, it was not hovering but more a part of what I saw because I could see it no matter where I looked. There were a few other people on my team, we had teams of four at this point. The loading bar was going very slowly and it stopped after it got probably 1/8th of the way up. I yelled out that we need the whole team to be here at once because that is the only way we could capture this place. I saw some of my teammates coming over, but unfortunately I had stepped too far away and the progress bar went away. But I quickly came back over to the crates and now that my other teammates were here the bar loaded much faster and it got very close to being full, we saw the last guy coming over towards us so we got ready to run off and get the next one. Right when he got there we started to leave but we hadn't waited long enough and the bar went away, I heard some of my teammates sigh and head back over. It went up quickly because we were all there, once it completed we ran off in different directions. The area was an urban place that seemed to be in some other country and there were walls blown out and it looked like the place was a recent warzone. I soon ran into an enemy troop and I think I was killed. I don't remember exactly where I spawned but I went back to where I died, and died again, from here I was going to start to mess around and I died a few more times. A little while later I had found that the entire enemy team was in one room and the room had one main doorway, without hesitation I ran through the doorway and jumped in as far as I could shooting in every direction! I know I surprised all of them and caught them all off guard. I took one of them out and hit some others by the time that I died, when I did die I immediately went to first person and saw my body fly up against the wall. I could not help but laugh!
      Later in the dream the scenario had changed, I was at my old school, for some reason everyone had pillows and blankets out on the playground, I don't remember what happened next but I do remember having to pick up my pillows and my scooter, I had to figure out how I was going to get all of this all back in one trip. (I hate taking more than one trip anytime!) so I had an idea, I stacked all the pillows up on the scooter and use it as a seat, this works pretty well, I decide to go into the main building to get a drink from the water fountain, in there I see that there is an egg on each of the fountains and a mrs Jones tells me that I can't use it.
      I roll my eyes and head out the door, I find outside obama in the middle of the sidewalk surrounded by cameras trying to sell some parent a product. I just go around them and head past, on my way back to the other building I nearly fall off twice, and I hear from somewhere that the guy doesn't want to buy it because it has a huge hole in it! then the dream ended.
    9. big monster

      by , 08-08-2011 at 05:25 AM
      I was with 3 other people that were always becoming different people escaping a huge monster by going through various buildings, there were guns to buy on the walls in chalk like on nazi zombies and perkacolas I bought staminup...
      Tags: escape, monster
    10. things

      by , 07-30-2011 at 08:32 PM
      something about a game, 2 lives left, and I had to be killed so I would loose a life, scared of it.
      fragments: riding bikes, grandparents house in new town living with them, hospital, movies (leading into next dream)

      so, I was at some place and the tv was stolen, by what I thought to be my brother and his friends, so I started looking around the house, and I thought to myself, where would I hide it? and I thought that they would never hide it in the house, so I went outside and started looking around for some place where the buried it in a box, I saw a large whole in the ground that looked like an animal dug it. I was careful, got ready and to run and I threw some pebbles into the hole, some little person came out like a goblin, and he was scared of me, I said it's okay, and I won't hurt him, he was okay and he told me he was a gnome, I then asked him what he was doing, he said gnomes were excellent diggers, and I said that I might need his help, he said if he could be my friend he would help, I said that he was already my friend, so he helped me, he said he could talk to animals so he helped out
    11. rock climbing and something I can't remember too well

      by , 04-22-2011 at 05:21 PM
      I was at this one place and someone kept telling me to climb this rock and I did, and soon everyone was, my dad had some toy car that was a gift from a mercades dealerships,(he paints cars) there was a mattress in the back of a truck, the place was constantly changing.

      something about animals and finding them and raising them, it was like a game that we played with a whole lot of people...
      someone kept telling their dog to attack me. and then I found a dog and a cat and some other rare thing.
      Tags: bed, cat, climbing, dog, game
    12. mission

      by , 04-02-2011 at 06:11 PM
      A lot had happened before this, but I can't remember it so here we go! so, I was with a few people at this one place, I don't know exactly where it was, but it was like a room with windows overlooking another room with a flight of stairs we; (me two other people and austin) got into that room because I picked the lock (I do in real life) to the room, we all gathered in and got all ready for a breach.... I loaded my gun and I hadn't gotten 2 magazines in my dragonuv by the time that they found out we were there, they came up the stairs and were about to come in the door, we all took positions before they came in. They suddonly burst through the door BOOM! the first one I hit with a headshot and the second I took out and the rest either were taken out by my allies or took positions, one tried to get away and ran out of a door behind me, I went after him (who was an enemy) but I ran out of ammo! so I had to go take him down with my hands, I went to him and beat him with the butt of my gun, he didn't go down so I hit him again, he hurt from this one but then turned to fight. He took a swing at me which I dodged, and I put a strong right hand right into his face! after a while of a fistfight, he said something like; "useless" or something, and gave up and started walking back towards the doorway, but he walked past it and right down a hill, (the battle lasted a long time I just don't really wanna go into it too much, you wouldn't ask a veteran about a battle right after it would you?) so we went down there and I looked at something and said; "hey look! the new M-14's are here!" and then I heard a voice on a speaker say "we celebrate the arrival of the new M-14 model!"... so everyone started cheering! but I saw austin run out to the road, which for some reason was right there. and he told me that there was a car crash on the road! and I looked and there was a hundai car backwards on the road crashed up... i ran out into traffic to see if everyone inside was okay, and no one was in the car, Justin said Colton look out! and I looked back to where the traffic was coming from, and there was a white suv and a big bus coming right at me! so I jumped out of the way as fast as I could to the side of the road, barely missed the car and the bus came and smashed the car! the car was sliding the way the traffic goes and a police car was racing to the scene of the crash, and he hit the sliding car! I said "soon it'll be like the game pong because of the cars hitting it back and forth" I then woke up...
    13. cool non lucid battle

      by , 04-01-2011 at 11:27 PM
      so I was having this airsoft battle with some people at a store, and it turned into real guns
      so it was a war, and for some reason destiny was there and we had to get to a warthog to escape
      so I hopped into the driver seat and took off, like FAST! and jumps, there was another warthog started chacing us, and we went into this building where we switched seats (now I was on the minigun)
      and she drove and us and the people in pursuit of us were in this place with buildings along with stuff like that
      I took the other watrhog out, we stopped to check it out, and then more people appeared, we got back (me driving again) I saw austin and some other people, we picked them up and took off! then we saw a big aircraft hanger, we drove inside and took cover behind some boxes and equipment where there was a mounted machine gun.
      Austin got on it and started hammering a door to my right where people had just breached the door, a grenade flew in and went off, I was knocked back hard I made a run for the warthog to go and pick up my allies who were (Austin, Destiny, Kevin, and someone who is what I imagine Charles as) but on my way there I saw a scorpion tank! as I was on my way to it I heard a helicopter outside! it was reinforcements!The reinforcements came in, they had mp5's which was a good thing, one came in with a bazooka! I saw two carry in a mounted machine gun, they set it down, one of them got on, one who looked like a general came over and gave me a SCAR which was good at the time. from there I remembered about the tank I headed for it,
      but I woke up an...
    14. preparing for a zombie infested world

      by , 03-24-2011 at 06:38 PM
      Me and kevin (brother) were over at almas (lady lives next door) after some type of zombie outbreak (only knew about it) and we had to scrounge for parts before it made it's way to where we were, the place looked weird. the ceiling was really high and shiny un-dyed wood, but for the most part everything was in the right place, I went through some drawers and found some matches and a variety of hand-held tools we talked about spending the night and I think we agreed that we would and we also said that we would destroy the place or do something to disable it so no one would inhabit the place. ( I have no idea why ) just bits and pieces from here but I remember seeing something like the front porch roof had fallen down or been destroyed and kevin did it from the roof... not sure exactly, but that's pretty much it.
      Tags: dream, tools, zombies
    15. dream about ... more zombies!

      by , 11-04-2010 at 07:38 PM
      so t was kindof like nazi zombies except it was weird I was outside of the map and there were these two kids who later turned into adults that helped me out and i had to go into this overpass it kinda looked like a destroyed overpass like on fallout new vegas but more of a tunnel into a mountain that turned right. as I went i I saw my re enforcements and the leader of them was running faster ahaid of them and he told me that the rest of them had turn into zombies so I had to shoot at them... no transition... I was now trying to get inside of this base type thing with (fallout 3) super mutant type things I had to get in to get something i don't know what ...mabe guns... but I eventually made it in after shooting two turrets with my rifle that I had (I actually had it the whole time a dragonuv sniper rifle i have an airsoft version in real life!( at one point i needed to get a better gun because mine was only an airsoft gun but I eventually forgot it was fake and it was real.)) the place kindof looked like a future whiteish vault off of guess... (fallout 3 or fallout new vegas). and after I made it in I cant help but think there were robots inside (Like fallout new vegas in one of those underground bunkers with hundreds of robots...) or something else... the dream ended...

      DREAM 2!

      this took place after the 1st dream and i think it started with me going up this hill kind of far (maybe 300 yards) behind the place that I had to keep zombies out... but anyways I was on a journey with lol, Gandalf (I had watched fellowship of the ring that night while falling asleep) and i told Gandalf something likeI want to go over there (as we reached the top)
      I was pointing at a city at first it looked like seeing a city out of an airplane it looked miles and miles away. he said ok and welt left where I went right (the hill we were on was hardly a hill maybe 40 feet high and 150 feet from base over the top and back to the bottom) the city was very very close now I could jump to the roof of a red building now...
      which I did, duh! (I'm a free runner in RL flips vaults yeah...) so I jumped from roof to roof al the way to a place when i spotted a swimming pool! and I kept jumping roof to roof untill I was on the building above it ( the swimming pool was on a slightly raised platform on a red roof with one fat guy in it in another section of the pool I jumped from the rood into the pool it was very (not cold) but cool. It felt so real! I got out... cant remember...

      now I was wet my clothes and it wasn't from the pool but I said it was because what really got me all wet would of gotten me in trouble.

      ~~~ THE ~~~ END ~~~
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