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    1. Auts, food, grandparents' house, girls, cereal

      by , 05-07-2023 at 10:14 PM
      I had this dream this morning before getting up. The first part of the dream was two girls of the same age I'm not sure wether they're siblings (twins) or cousins were in a bedroom, which had a layout of what a bedroom that my Materneal grandparents' house had. The room was known as "the stovepipe roomn" because the pipe from a stove on first floor went through the room. Well any the relatives were sleeping-one of the girls wakes up, and she wakes the other one up and they somehow started talking about wanting sugary cereal but someone wouldn't let them have it. I'm can't remember if they're talking about Nesqik, or Timbits cereal. I don't remember the rest of the dream but what I do remember is the ending-that the dream changes over to an adult who is writing at a desk and they get some kind of feeling and looks down there's an ant on their leg and they look even farther down and they see a parade of ants carrying some cheerio cereal and the last item to be parade by was I think a Jelly-bacon donut that some ants got trapped in so that the adult reached down and grabbed that donut and then went to the sink to wash the ants off to eat some of that donut.