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    Bar fight at school

    by , 03-08-2022 at 06:05 AM (374 Views)
    I don't remember any Feb dreams. So I will go into the very memorable nightmare I had last night

    I dreamed I was back in my high school. I was in a science classroom. But I wasn't in a science class I was in a math class. Well anyway the teacher put the math on the blackboard at the front of the classroom (something like 0.3x0.3) and for some reason the classroom was dark-like no lights were on? I had turn my laptop on to write the said math and the EA (Educational Assistant) I had in the dream was insisting I "turned the laptop off" and I kept repeating over and over, that "I had an exception and I needed the laptop to write my notes including math." I tried to get the teacher's help (EA was male, which is weird, I never had a male EA and I believe the teacher was a woman) and the teacher refused to listen either and I kept telling her to "Call the Educational Room" to learn I had an expectation.

    And then somehow it turned into a something like a bar fight from out of a movie but at a school- but I was still sitting in my seat, and it was one student maybe? fighting with the teacher and I think I *might* have heard another student fighting behind me, but I never got a chance to look behind me since I look up after being shocked by the "school bar fight"

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