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    Childhood Nightmare

    by , 06-27-2010 at 04:58 PM (483 Views)
    This dream happened when I was a very young child and twice: in one nightmare I was walking home with my Mom from the GO train (train that goes into Toronto in in Ontario, Canada ) station ( I didn't see the train or the station it self I just know that what we were heading from ) over top of the highway "bridge" and its was peaceful until a car with headlights on comes onto the sidewalk (I mean literally) and starts chasing mom and me on the sidewalk (thats when I woke up)

    in the second dream same thing happened but we were closer to home this time on the 3rd main street in my town.

    it was very vivid that I can remember like it was yesterday

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    nightmare , memorable


    1. lucidreamsavy's Avatar
      All of my nightmares when I was a KID had all to do with monsters not any THINGS, huh that's different. Your normal monster, aligators....
    2. Cornflower's Avatar
      side note: I know that in the dream I was "talking" to mom with words and mouth but at that time in RLF I could not talk with words except "yes" and |no"