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    Disney, Cultural, spoiled,

    by , 03-07-2011 at 08:55 PM (1009 Views)
    First dream; (I wasn't there in this dream I was on the sidelines or was watching from a video camera somewhere else). There were two girls (Both were African.) one was a less-than oridnally girl and the other one was a "spoiled brat". There was some mystery going on around the spoiled brat girl. At one point I see the spolied brat at a ballet place talking to other girls and the next she was at a indoor pool place. Somehow Dinsey characters got into my dream (Simba and his friends). something about an empty bed and a "scream face" thing having more than 1 wife.that's all I can remember of that dream. something about an empty bed and a "scream face" thing having more than 1 wife.

    Second Dream: I was at a either a costume ball or a Halloween party. They are the same thing anyway. Well in my dream it was nearing the end of the party and I had stepped away for a second to go the Les Toilet. But as soon as I stepped away from the party arms came out of now where and grabbed me (no I have never seen and never want to see Carrie) into a room that was "inside" the wall. The arms just tied me to a chair. First I had tried to kick the wall with my feet. But the people couldn't hear me because of the music being too lound. Then I tried to send a message by a captilar (sp?) but some party guests didn't believe it and drove right over it. That's

    Third Dream: I was at a playground at the top of a slide but I was still bound (tied) but this time not to a chair. The arms that got me in Dream 2 pushed me (I didn't see them doing that but they must have) and as soon as I got to the bottom of a slide a passeryby noticed that I was bound up and stopped and helped me. She asked what was I doing being bound up and on a playground. I just told her what I knew.

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    1. Myte's Avatar
      What do you think of this?

      I think:
      Well, to dream that you're being bounded, captured or held in a place against your will, is often interpreted that the dreamer is feeling caught by his/her lacking ability to handle his/her surroundings/situations/moods, relatives. You can feel caught by something because you feel you're not good enough or not doing the best you can, or fear og your ambitions. You can also feel caught by ideas and fear and blaim others for your own situation. It can even have something to do with the moralcodex.

      Try to find out what you do which is keeping you back from what it is you actually wanna do. The costumeparty seems to be a symbol of hiding or covering up something. Either something within you, or in your surroundings. It could be hidden talents, or needs you have which you neglect but it now demanding your attention. Or! It could be a something (either a person or a situation) which really is not what it looks like, and you should stay away for it (which is why you were caught by the hands) if you wanna stay on your path. Which sounds like a choice you'd make to make a happier you. A good thing

      ? Just a few thoughts..