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    Disney princess dream (Tanged Spolier)

    by , 01-01-2011 at 06:46 PM (2320 Views)
    Last night I had this dream: I woke up in a tower chained but I had no idea how I got there, I looked around me and I saw 7 Disney princesses, 2 were sleeping on beds but the were chained (Snow White and Aurora) , Cinderella was chained in a way but she did have a bit of freedom to clean around, Ariel was in a pool chained to the ladder of the pool but she kept changing from legs, to mermaid tale, Jasmine was there too (but dressed in the outfit (and chains) from Aladdin when Jafar was ruling the kingdom)but she was feeding the awake princesses., Tiana was there chained but kept changing from her human self to her frog self, and so was Rapunzel, but unlike us others, she was gagged too.

    I asked "What in the world is going on? " The other (awake) princesses said they didn't know-but somehow the villains of their respective stories were back again but were following orders from someone else. I immediately thought and said out loud "Chernabog" but before I could continue someone (Flynn from Tangled) came over the one window in the tower and went to Rapunzel.\

    After lowing the gag off her mouth Flynn said something to her but I couldn't tell what he was saying because I could only hear German words ("Es gibt drei Männer, die zu retten. Eine von ihr Toy Story Film Träume, eine andere Person ist ein junges sie weiß, und die dritte ist ein Held der einige fantasy Geschichte sie schrieb."). Rapunzel translated "Anne, Flynn said 'there are three men who are coming to rescue you. One from your toy story dreams, another person is a boy you know, and the third is a hero of some fantasy story you wrote." I said to Rapunzel "Tell Flynn to tell them not to have any fighting but to work together"
    Which is what he did. The dreamed ended

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