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    Hostage trying to run away

    by , 06-02-2024 at 05:47 PM (49 Views)
    It starts off with me being outside the drugstore and I'm on the phone.. I'm not sure whom I'm talking too but I know i'm calling for help. Either if its 911 they don't believe me, or I'm calling someone to have them call 911 and they don't believe me. I think someone else is beside me after I'm done my call I try to go back inside the drugstore and an employee there said the store's closed.. I say something to the effect of "we're are hostages" meaning me and whomever I'm with and we're back in the store. We go back to big guys aka the kidnappers but they have the attitude or at least they'll have later on the attitude of Elmer Fudd.

    Whenever they get a moment's distraction -I'm off like a shot trying to escape the drug store or whatever store I'm in and its like something from Looney Tunes I'm like Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck but I do go back to them eventually for some reason I don't know. And about 10-15 times of this little "game" of me running away and them trying to track me down again. I'm think the store might have c hanged from the drug store to a clothing store- and one of the kidnappers is asking "Why do we have to bring Ava in (my dream-self name) in? Maybe we should forget about them, we still have the other one". The other one says something along the lines of "the boss wants us to bring Ava in". So it seems like the unknown boss and my Dreamself Ava, had some history prior to the dream. And I had to wake up at that point.

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