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    Kidnapping and Church?

    by , 06-23-2021 at 03:54 AM (247 Views)
    I had this dream last night. I don't remember everything. I was in a building which looked like the inside of my church. Except it wasn't. It was something much more important. I'm not sure what I was doing in the first half of the dream. But the 2nd half I was something like a security guard. In this half of the dream.. I saw some "bad-looking" people walking out with boxes past the "kitchen" . I was a bit suspicious so I followed them out (the outside at least this location also looked like my church) and I'm not sure excatly what the reason was but I was forced to get into a car of some man who looked to be the leader. For some reason once in the car they drived in such a werid way we ended up going up the hill past my house (which was werid) and the park oppistie. But dream ended after the man said something since I had to use bathroom

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