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    lamp, Jafar-man, libarary, deal, "slave outfit

    by , 04-16-2011 at 05:43 PM (504 Views)
    Last night dream. I made a deal with a (evil) man-something to do with a lamp. But right after making a deal he broke his part of the bargain, by trapping me in a box or something and send me to the past (caveman times). Which made me 100% to find the lamp before HE did. After tripping over a 1,000 big rocks and landing in some snow, I somehow got back to the "present" . According to an old lady I talked too after "returning" said I made the deal at noon and had 42 hours to find the lamp. I found the lamp in a library-right under the nose of everyone. I took the lamp but I didn't want to use it. I started hiding myself behind bookshelves. After 5 minutes the evil man showed up, so I started running. Somehow I&the evil man ended up in a maze and me trying to get away from him was going through hidden doors,etc. At the end of the dream I went through this one hidden door but it was a dead end inside and the evil man (who sounded a lot like Jafar) said "Princess remember our deal? Give me the lamp and you will be unharmed" and I saw my dream self dressed in an outfit similar to the slave outfit of Jasmine's was in a corner afraid for my life-But was pretending I wasn't.

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