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    Leading Lady in a musical production

    by , 06-27-2010 at 05:24 PM (386 Views)
    I dreamed I was asked to be the leading lady of a Canadian production of TLM (The Little Mermaid) since the director wanted someone to be perfect for the role and the casting director was in my neighborhood and heard me singing Ariel's song "Part of Your World", but I wasn't even in my part anymore but 2 streets over delivering catologoues-so he was like Prince Eric trying to find me in the town. But he did find me. But I was worried about a couple of things:
    1) being kidnapped (they had hired body guards)
    2) what would people think of a leading lady coming out of the blue from nowhere?

    When I went to my first practice the people playing the mer-sisters, maids and princesses (all the same people) were jealous saying that since I didn't audition I shouldn't have gotten the part. So I showed them by singing "Part of Your World", then they realized that the casting person was correct.

    I was so astonished about the person was going to play Prince Eric in my dream was a boy I grew up with that I fainted. Because when I fainted when there was commotion around me, some tried to kidnapped me and locked me in a closet where I came too (sp?) and people were looking for me but I heard the boy who I grew up with voice so I shouted "Limmer" his dog's name so he could find me.

    So I could have some experience being in a rowboat with "Prince Eric" he and I went to a nearby pond and practice (well he practiced I should say since in that scene Ariel can't 'talk").

    Somehow my body guards were knocked out and both he (boy I grew up with, playing Prince Eric) and I were kidnapped

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    1. lucidreamsavy's Avatar
      I have had a dream about being an actress before! I was in some random room, like in a normal house, a bedroom...I was doing a love scene with this kinda ugly guy, but I was acting...

      I have ALSO fainted before in dreams. Actually, the feeling of fainting in dreams feels kinda cool .