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    1. Bar fight at school

      by , 03-08-2022 at 06:05 AM
      I don't remember any Feb dreams. So I will go into the very memorable nightmare I had last night

      I dreamed I was back in my high school. I was in a science classroom. But I wasn't in a science class I was in a math class. Well anyway the teacher put the math on the blackboard at the front of the classroom (something like 0.3x0.3) and for some reason the classroom was dark-like no lights were on? I had turn my laptop on to write the said math and the EA (Educational Assistant) I had in the dream was insisting I "turned the laptop off" and I kept repeating over and over, that "I had an exception and I needed the laptop to write my notes including math." I tried to get the teacher's help (EA was male, which is weird, I never had a male EA and I believe the teacher was a woman) and the teacher refused to listen either and I kept telling her to "Call the Educational Room" to learn I had an expectation.

      And then somehow it turned into a something like a bar fight from out of a movie but at a school- but I was still sitting in my seat, and it was one student maybe? fighting with the teacher and I think I *might* have heard another student fighting behind me, but I never got a chance to look behind me since I look up after being shocked by the "school bar fight"
    2. statue ate their father unknowingly

      by , 09-19-2021 at 05:14 AM
      Two Saturdays ago-I had this nightmare. It starts off with me being in a maze but inside the maze looks to be like the instead of Beast's castle. In the middle of the maze there's what looks like a statue. But it's kind of looks to be a cross between Disney Moana but she's in a Belle-like dress. She says she's cursed and I asked what's the story behind it. And she tells me both her family and a rivial family lived on a pacific island-during one weekend(?) they both have this "pancake" competion. This one time-the "statue's dad go over and the rivial family basically murders him and he turns into something like Moana's shell necklace (The heart of ?). The rivial family then turns the shell necklace into a pancake which the "statue" family (including the statue) eats but when they're "eating it" -what looks like ketchup-(but it's not ketchup) starts to leak out and in a horror sort of way starts to speak. And it speaks for awhile and one of them (the statue?) eats all the "pancakes" but the "ketchup" is still there and is ANGRY and is like a literally circular wave on the plate. But I woke up and didn't go back to sleep again
      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    3. Kidnapping and Church?

      by , 06-23-2021 at 03:54 AM
      I had this dream last night. I don't remember everything. I was in a building which looked like the inside of my church. Except it wasn't. It was something much more important. I'm not sure what I was doing in the first half of the dream. But the 2nd half I was something like a security guard. In this half of the dream.. I saw some "bad-looking" people walking out with boxes past the "kitchen" . I was a bit suspicious so I followed them out (the outside at least this location also looked like my church) and I'm not sure excatly what the reason was but I was forced to get into a car of some man who looked to be the leader. For some reason once in the car they drived in such a werid way we ended up going up the hill past my house (which was werid) and the park oppistie. But dream ended after the man said something since I had to use bathroom
    4. Bizzaro movie dream and something out of Naria/other stories.

      by , 10-05-2010 at 06:13 PM
      I was by myself but had stepsisters/step mom. But I did have my own bedroom. They were just about to go out and do something when they asked me to do something. I just said "Yes stepmother". and they left. I than wandered into the bathroom. and the lights were off and someone told me a scary story and half-way through the scary story I told the guy "stop". That's when I woke up.

      I had this huge family (I don't know excalty how huge maybe 8?) now 2-4 of us ended up in something that was half the modern world and the other half wasn't. Somehow we met up with some humans. We were trying to find a sword but the problem is a nasty ruler was in the castle that supposedly had the sword. And somehow the 4 of us got split up and I heard that one of the 2 brothers got caught. A little while letter the nasty ruler saw me, so I had to find another outfit to wear. After getting another outfit. There was there festival going on outdoors. So I kind of had to crawl around all the tents. And someone who looked like my friend, Leslie, spotted me doing this and distracted the ruler. while, I sneak into the castle. I got to the brother who got caught who was a little brother (and somehow was able to unlock the doors without a key--magic?). But just after asking him if he was alright. I heard footsteps in the distance. So I quickly hid behind a curtain. The nasty ruler made the brother ride a metal version of those coin-operated horse rides you see in malls (minus the head). and when he (the brother) was on it, he fall into a hole where the horse's head should be, and the ruler left the room. I got out from behind the curtain and got the brother out of the hole. I carried him for a bit. but dropped him when I tried to disappear. The next thing I knew I ended up in the dungeon and my brother and several others were wearing white clothes and singing something called "No more". This is when I woke up.
      memorable , lucid , nightmare
    5. Tower of Terror

      by , 09-05-2010 at 04:59 PM
      Tower of Terror Nightmare
      I dreamed I was in the actual Tower of Terror (not Disney's ride version nor the Twlight Zone's version) and in my dream I thought that it would be immposible for all those people to become ghosts (in the fifth dimeson or otherwise). In my dream the "ghosts" had missing parts (heads/arms/legs) and they were bloody too.

      the second dream
      At first I was a brown-haired woman who went to get stuff for kids. I got a lot of toys. I thought I got some kind of game that had to do with castle+magic (more on this later). Than I swtiched to the kid's view and the kids "opened" the game and the game had change to lego pieces and than I switched to the toys views and lets just say it was chaos with the toys coming to "life". There were cameos of the toys from Toy Story too. Than it switched back to me.
      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    6. Wishbone and the werid hyoptiatic toys

      by , 09-01-2010 at 05:21 PM
      At first I was dreaming of Wishbone and his owner and their friends-(Joe, Sam and Daniel-in this dream were in college). They were in the Dean's office (?) and convinced him to give them some bagels (or donughts?) and than late Wanda appered for no reason and the next thing I know I was at a mechian garage.
      ************************************************** *****************
      Next there were 4 girls. I saw through the eyes of the foruth girl-(who was the odd one out). The other 3 were rich kids. Two of the three rich kids lived in fancy smancy aparments. The third girl her dad was a mechian, but her family lived in a maision. Something werid was going on in the third girl's house. Her toys seem to be hyoptiatic toys and leds any of her guests to werid parts of the house. But the moring after the toys do that -we are back in bed. There was a letter that said to beware of a blue-eyed and blond hair person.
      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    7. Childhood Nightmare

      by , 06-27-2010 at 04:58 PM
      This dream happened when I was a very young child and twice: in one nightmare I was walking home with my Mom from the GO train (train that goes into Toronto in in Ontario, Canada ) station ( I didn't see the train or the station it self I just know that what we were heading from ) over top of the highway "bridge" and its was peaceful until a car with headlights on comes onto the sidewalk (I mean literally) and starts chasing mom and me on the sidewalk (thats when I woke up)

      in the second dream same thing happened but we were closer to home this time on the 3rd main street in my town.

      it was very vivid that I can remember like it was yesterday
      nightmare , memorable