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    Ompom loompas, tied with pasta, talking bees,

    by , 04-08-2011 at 11:27 PM (439 Views)
    Wednesday's night dream:

    I don't remember the whole dream since it was a very long one.

    I was shopping w/ friends for something (forgot what) and this creature which looked abit like R2-D2 got up next to the car and open up his/her visor and the "thing" inside it looked like an Omompa Loompa (Charlie &the chocolate factory-but looked like the older ones). Than the next thing I know I was on a mission (again don't know what but had to do with I think a snake). At some point in the dream I was tied up (not with rope) but with Pasta-spaghetti noodles the guy mentioned below was also in the same area-also tied up. Then something about gigantic, talking bees (who were also human at times). two who were a human, male's parents.

    At some point the human male and I were in what I assumed was his bedroom' at the castle-house, but the bedroom looked oddly like mine. The two of us were looking out the window of his bedroom and saw I guess knights. The guy I think said after I mention about wanting to ride a horse "Maybe you could be come a knight??" then when still watching outside we saw a woman (possible the Queen) in human form "walking around the court yard with a R2-D2---Opoma lommpas creature" one of their (King/Queen's) messengers said they sent for me. I went downstairs and caught a snippet of conversation "I heard she's good with animals maybe she could work with them?" and enter what looked oddly like the dinning room where I'm current sitting typing said dream.

    I saw the Queen (and king) in Bee form (but they retained their facial features) and one of their human servants put some squirrel food into my palms and I just stood there and one squirrel ran up my body to get to the food.

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