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    re-making Sabrina the Teenage Witch

    by , 03-07-2011 at 08:54 PM (448 Views)
    I was in an atltervative (sp?) world (except the stuff and stars there were the same people from here). My dream-self had acting talent. I was in some town not Hollywood but some town with a buch of actors. At first Brad Pitt had a romatic interest in me but I said "LNo way Jose you way too old for me". I than bumped into the director/producer wanting to remake Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She thought I would be perfect for the the role of Sabrina. I said "there are 2 problems one I am redhead and the 2nd I'm lefthanded." He said "Sabrina's ancestors could have been left handed beside nobody is around from the time Sabrina was actually on" I than replied: What does Melisa Joan Hart think of the remaking of Sabrina?" A voice behind me said: "Didn't you know I'm going to be playing Sabrina's mom in ALL eposides that her mom is in" I turned around and saw Melissa Joan Hart herself! I said a squeakly "hi" to her and than turned back to the director/producer and he asked me to do some quotes from Sabrina. Which I did. I said "I have one problem I have no place to crash" Melissa offered the guestroom in her and her husband's house. "Thank you but wouldn't you have to tell your kids about a guest staying for awhile?" She said: "yeah but the kids love visitors." She than wisphered into my ear she had gotten an email from Carolyn Rhea saying that Carolyn Rhee is coming back to play Aunt Hilda and she (Carolyn) heard from Beth Broderick that Beth was coming back to play Aunt Zelda. She than asked "Do you want to meet the oringal casts of Sabrina?" I said "sure but what would I call you guys Ms?" she replied P leae call me Melissa and the others would like to be called by there first name too off-stage that is) I met the oringal casts and Carolyn said: "Anne looks familiar" I repied: "Big Apple airport July 2000" I than asked Jean Leigh Green if it was funny going from a mortal cheerleader in Sabrina to being Witch from the Wizard of Oz herself. my dream ened around here

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