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    Redwall hero dream (but human, not animals)

    by , 03-07-2011 at 08:50 PM (815 Views)
    I was walking through a wood to test my survival skills and I had a staff like the monks used to carry and I heard talking nearby and I looked though the trees and saw a nasty-looking bunch of humans (looked like a cross between Long John Silver and Captain Hook-with eye patches) with some chained humans around a campfire with the chained humans farther away. I know immediately the chained beings are slaves so I just charged out of the tree yelling "Eulia!" and waved my staff and I knocked out (dead) most of the nasty-looking bunch and the ones I didn't knock out ran away. I then took a dagger from one of the dead beings and cut the chains of the slaves. They said I need a sword and said that if I came with them I would get a sword. They lived on a mountain somewhere outside of the forest.

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    1. RebelSeven's Avatar
      Love Redwall, I use to dream about the abbey all the time! But yeah, the DC's always ended up being human, interesting how that happened for both of us!