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    Tower of Terror

    by , 09-05-2010 at 04:59 PM (521 Views)
    Tower of Terror Nightmare
    I dreamed I was in the actual Tower of Terror (not Disney's ride version nor the Twlight Zone's version) and in my dream I thought that it would be immposible for all those people to become ghosts (in the fifth dimeson or otherwise). In my dream the "ghosts" had missing parts (heads/arms/legs) and they were bloody too.

    the second dream
    At first I was a brown-haired woman who went to get stuff for kids. I got a lot of toys. I thought I got some kind of game that had to do with castle+magic (more on this later). Than I swtiched to the kid's view and the kids "opened" the game and the game had change to lego pieces and than I switched to the toys views and lets just say it was chaos with the toys coming to "life". There were cameos of the toys from Toy Story too. Than it switched back to me.

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