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    Just some dream Fragments

    by , 09-09-2011 at 11:16 PM (396 Views)
    Dream fragment 1:
    I was walking with my friends Emily and Tori around a town that I didn't recognize. The sun was shining and it felt good. We had to make our way through the large amount of people walking to and from different places, we turned a corner to go down a short alley way and I started talking about the class president speeches that made me not get to eat lunch at the normal time. Tori (the one who thought of the speeches) didn't reply, she said goodbye to Emily and went left towards some more houses after we get out of the alley. Me and Emily go right, we entered a feild of grass that was as short as that on a golfing range, surrounded by trees, a hill, and more houses to the left. Emily made the comment we should go to Sonic and grab something to eat. I aggreed and we headed up a hill, and and I cuts off.

    Dream fragment 2:
    I walked into a dimly lit room. The floor was made of dirt and even the window had a film of dust on it. As as I am in there I wake up.

    Dream fragment 3:
    I was outside talking to one of my friends, Dakota. He was sitting in a desk out beside my house telling jokes as usual. The sun was setting so I walked into a shed to use my computer and I didn't want to be disturbed. The shed had no light, and my computer wass next to the door, and is on. The shed had two doors and as I was trying to close the first door and I notice my parents come out of the house, I desperatley try and lock it but to no use. They were seconds away from noticing me.

    Dream fragment 4:
    I was in the same room as dream fragment 2, same spot and everything, except there were lots of people and a projection on on of the walls, they seemed to be talking about something, and a couple wore some red head pieces, that of which I do not remember exactly what they looked like

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