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    The Worm Menace, and an FA I Didn't Catch

    by , 09-05-2011 at 01:40 PM (647 Views)
    non-dream dream lucid

    Me, my friend Mark, and some other people we taking school lessons at my house, one of my teachers from past years, the room wasn't necessarily the best lit room in the room but it worked. She passed out some worksheets for us to do. Stupid worksheets were going to be boring I quickly walked to the door. My uncle was standing on the other side and said "Now you don't want to end up like the boys upstairs now do you?". I still went straight passed him, through the living room, and out the door.
    When I stepped outside is was midnight. The air was calm. Nothing was out of place. Except for a giant worm. It was pink, and around forty feet long. Freaking out because it was coming at me, and I could not beat such a formidable foe. I ran up the road as fast as I can, it was a dirt road, I was running suprisingly fast on it, faster than I usually could. As the treeline gradually got thicker. There was an abulance next to an open shed. The shed was well lit, but nothing in there was of use to me! The saw, screwdriver, and a dirty white towel weren't going to save me. Then I remember to pull something out of my back pocket. There were two slices of cake, I didn't need to eat them, they were giving me power anyways.
    As I went outside to face the worm, I was met with a startling surprise. The worm was levitating about fifteen feet off the ground, and had also developed tentacles that resembled the worm, it was glowing red, but I had some tricks up my sleeve to. I gain the power to levitate too. I also grew those wormlike, tentacles, but I glowed Blue. I easily defeated the worm, so in order to keep these two valuble items a secret from the worm, I had to hide them. I went back to the house and found an old, rotten, fallen down tree adjacent to the house. None of the crevices were big enough, and the worm could be back any minute, I thought to myself that the was a little hole that was perfect on it somewhere. I turn around the tree's base a little and there it was, but I was too late. The worm was back, and angrier than ever. I freaked out and dropped the cake and ran inside. I jumped the the back window and crash into some little kids learning. Most of them didn't react, but one started crying. I went back into the living room and randomly realised I was dreaming.

    I ran outside, relieved, so as I tried to collect my thoughts, I saw something up the dirt driveway, it was the worm. Annoyed by it's presence in interupting my lucidity. I nonchalantly used telekinesis on it and sent it flying through the trees. I told myself I needed to slow down, recollect my thoughts. I remembered what I did the day before. Which really wasn't anything, and then it all went black in a flash, like a someone switching off the lights.
    I opened my eyes and realised I was in my room. So upset that I came out of my dream, I just started to punch the air in anger. When I went into the living room, I was still doing that, but I was watching not to hit the coffee table. My mother was sitting in a rocking chair and noticed me doing that and asked if I was ok, and I quickly replied with a no, and I woke up to real life.

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