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    1. My Long Lucid Dream Story (FIRST POST)

      by , 12-22-2017 at 11:30 PM
      Hi there! CrushTower, here!

      This is a long lucid dream story, just for a heads up. It's actually one of the longest lucid dreams I've had and consider it one of my favorites! Please enjoy!

      I was in some unknown neighborhood when I decided to enter someone's house. The owner greeted me and allowed me to enter, weirdly enough. He never said anything, but he walked somewhere else, leaving me to myself. I remember his attire being a white dress shirt, which was neatly tucked into his khaki pants. He also wore a pair of glasses with a neatly combed hairdo. I entered into his very messy kitchen with dirty dishes and utensils stacked on top of the counter. It was everywhere, but in the midst of it all, I spotted a microwave sitting on the counter. I walked towards it and opened it finding a stack of pancakes with butter resting on the top of it. There was no plate underneath them, but it smelled so good. I even had the urge to take some, but I thought it would be wrong since they weren't mine. Te next thing I know, I find myself at some random park with three friends (whom aren't real, but keep reappearing in a lot of my dreams). It was a bright, sunny day and we were all having fun hanging out with each other. Something triggered my lucidity, and I decided to ask one of them a question. I quickly tried to think of something before I woke up. Without really thinking, I asked, "Since you're my subconscious, what is one of my greatest fears?" The girl with golden hair jokingly responded by saying, "A water bottle in water", before she and the two other dream friends of mine walked away from me. I remember not knowing what to say next because I wasn't expecting a joke answer like that. As I watched as my friends walk farther away from me, I began to feel a slight regret from asking that question.
      I instantly find myself waking up from where I was sleeping. It seems to be daytime outside, and I get up to start walking towards the hallway. That was when, from the corner of my eye, I spotted something dark and black...and it was whispering something. I didn't bother looking at it, but instead decided to run as fast as I could towards an area near the kitchen in my house. I turned and tried to look at it from where I was, but I couldn't make it out since it was standing around a corner. For some crazy reason, I decided to go see what it was. I got closer and closer, until it suddenly emerged from behind the corner and screamed at me. The voice was so high pitch, that I remember it echoing throughout the house. It was a witch, but in the form of a little girl. She had black hair and pale white skin. Without a second to waste, I turned and started running as fast as I could, but when I looked behind me, I could see how fast she was running after me, and it scared the crap out of me! I ran through the kitchen, and that's when I heard a loud bump coming from the second floor, but I was too busy focusing on the witch that I didn't really think about it at the time. The witch was closing in on me, and as she did, I quickly jumped and kicked her back. She stumbled back, but she kept trying to run towards me, and each time she did, I would keep kicking her back.
      At the same time, I heard something coming through the kitchen, and I saw that it was the thing that created the bump from earlier--a vampire with no face. I immediately dodged past it to get away from the two of them, but for some reason, the witch ran in the opposite direction from me, as if trying to get me from the other side of the house. As I stood in the hallway outside the kitchen, the vampire continued to approach me, and I tried to do my jump-kick tactic from earlier...but my foot phased straight through him, and I collapsed onto the ground. The vampire immediately grabbed a hold of me and started violently shaking me. It wasn't until I suddenly realized that I was still dreaming, that I tried to force myself to wake up.
      I think I did wake up, but I fell asleep back into the same dream...and it was from the very beginning of the same dream. This time, my grandmother was present and she was walking towards the kitchen. I began to worry the same thing would happen again, but I think at the time, I was unsure whether I was still dreaming or not. I suddenly received a phone call from my cell phone, which was vibrating in my pocket. After picking it up immediately, I found out it was one of my friends from earlier in the dream.
      "You do know you're dreaming, right?" she suddenly asked. Upon hearing that, I instantly snapped into lucidity, and reassured myself that I was dreaming. I remember being nervous of what was about to happen, but that's when she started talking to me about the little witch and vampire with no face, and I felt glad that she understood my circumstances. After hanging up, I began hearing some strange noises, and I immediately told my grandmother about the situation. (I knew I was dreaming, so I don't understand why I did this.) As per usual, she didn't believe me no matter how many times I warned her. The strange noises sounded like they were getting closer to us, and I decided to just grab her car keys, take her by the hand, and jet out the back door.
      We ended up in our driveway, and for some reason, I couldn't find my grandmother's van, but upon turning around from where I came from, I saw the van was sitting right there, and my grandmother was opening the driver's door. I immediately ran towards it to get into the driver's seat, but I must've been so scared that I actually pushed my grandmother out of the way. I didn't realize how hard I pushed her until I saw her laying on the ground, and that's when I froze. Realizing what I just did, I got back out of the car to help her up, but I could see the monsters coming from the front of the house. I just decided to accept my fate at that point, and stood there watch as the two closed in on us. The vampire quickly grabbed a hold of my collar and pulled me up into the air. I thought I was done for, when suddenly, a gunfire was heard, and the sound of a speeding bullet grew until I saw it hit the side of the vampire's head.
      The vampire let me go, and that's when I turned around to see a few police cars as well as one civilian car holding three of my friends from earlier in the dream. As the police ran past me to handle the monsters, my three friends ran to me and hugged me. I could really see the details of their faces, which was incredibly realistic! I saw my sister at one point come around, but I didn't talk to her for some reason. Suddenly, my friends vanished, but I then saw them in the distance walking and talking down the road in the cul-de-sac of my neighborhood. That was when my dream quickly faded to white, and my dream was over...