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    1. 2nd Day 2nd Lucid in a Futuristic Place

      by , 12-30-2011 at 06:57 AM
      It was my second lucid dream. I think I was not totally under control because for some reason I don't know why I did what one of my dream character asked me to do. The dream was around 9:30am.

      I can't remember where the dream started. The place looks like the setting in Final Fantasy Crisis Core game, a little futuristic buildings with people wearing crystallized suits and armors. I remember somebody, a woman, asked me to first find her brother. I can't remember why. I became lucid. I tried breathing holding my nose and it shows I can still breath. I looked over the place, sometimes rubbing my hands as I want to prolong my stay unlike my last. I talk to people asking where to find Alex (not sure of the name but somehow sounds like that). Then one time a call came to someone. It was loud and it was Alex. He will be there in a short time. So I decided to just wait until he comes. I roam around and found one of the woman in the scene, somewhat like a waitress of that place. I decided to have sex with her. I undress her by just thinking and her clothes are gone, I tried to rubbed my hand while holding her on her back but I woke up and found myself putting my two hands together in the real world instead.

      I'm glad I lasted longer compared to my last but still I wake up when trying to get someone. I notice also its not that clear. I can't remember some of the scene. Hopefully there could be better lucid dreams in the future.

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    2. My First LD, Quick and Inaccurate - but Amazing :)

      by , 12-29-2011 at 07:37 AM
      Got my first lucid dream today at approximately 6am. It was different from what I thought it is. I thought I've experienced it before but I'm wrong.

      The scene started in a faucet in an apartment I'm currently living. At first it's not in a first person view until I realized and told myself I am just dreaming. I felt happy I made it in the first day of attempt but I also felt fear of how I would go out of this dream. As soon as I realized, it seemed that I spin and the view is now a first person view. I have the control of myself now but its slow motion. I did a reality check to make sure. I tried to count my fingers, its too many to count so I am sure by then I was dreaming. I thought of place I want to go to since I gone to sleep, a beautiful beach. Its not clear at first but it becomes clearer as I imagine. It did not turn as expected. The surrounding somehow change a bit as I imagine the good place. The end view is still a beach but somewhat similar to what I use to go in real world, a beach near our house in the province. I imagine beautiful girls to appear. There appears 2 men and 1 woman in beach suit, somehow looked like characters in computer game as their skin do not look just as human. I grab the girl, she looked cute, and started kissing her. I felt the lips like real. I inserted my hand inside her panty suit (that's naughty of me) and I woke up. That was a quick lucid dream but a good start I guess. Maybe I become too excited to have sex with the girl that's why I woke up. I will try to fly next time. Hopefully there is still next time

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