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    The Mission

    by , 01-04-2012 at 08:05 PM (409 Views)
    Janurary 4, 2011

    I lost my iPod Touch, which means that I will rarely put my dreams up here, but I'll still make attempts for those of you who read this stuff for whatever reason.

    As with most of my dreams, I can't remember how it started. There were a bunch of images being shown. An extremely dark icy landscape. A murder. A boat. A nuke. All of these appeared in the dream I had the night before as well, but they all played a part in this dream. As if there was a connection.

    I won't post my last dream, but there were a shitload of nukes being launched in it, and me and a few friends survived by laying face down so that we wouldn't die. (Go dream logic.)

    This dream was part two of that, which I find strange since the last pair of dreams I had were horrific nightmares.

    Back to the dream in question. I remember my Scoutmaster was on his deathbed, telling me his final wish was for me to kill someone. This person was hidden in a cave in Antarctica. So, I grabbed my living friends and we headed to this strange dock, and it was crowded there. I saw my parents, who didn't recognize me. They just shrugged and jumped into the ocean.

    As we approached the tunnel into the cave, it started to snow. Brianna said that was good, because the snow would light up the night sky. It didn't. By some odd coincidence, there was a fire pit to the left of the cave, on a ledge. We figured that by lighting it, the entire area wouldn't be dark anymore, and so we'd light it on the way out.

    I don't know exactly what happened next, but all of my friends were dead, and I was just laughing.

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