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    Random Segements from Random Dreams

    by , 01-19-2012 at 03:26 PM (474 Views)
    Last night:

    There's a house in front of my school. I only remember looking at it once while waiting on the bus. My dream captured that house image perfectly. because this morning, it looked exactly the same as the one in my dreams.

    Anyway, I was in schoo, doing whatever. I can't be sure if this was the entire dream up until the point, but in any case, as I left school, my mother was at the entrance. She told me we were moving into the house across the street from the school. I look to the left of the house, and there's a giant brown lake. The sky is pitch black at 3 PM. I think I see steam coming from the lake. She tells me we're suddenly in Canada. I scream.

    Two nights ago:

    All I remember is being on a sofa bed, and a giant snowstorm is outside. A giant face is suddenly in my window, staring at my sleeping body. I wake up.

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    1. moSh's Avatar
      Love how you screamed at the prospect of living in Canada...