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    Searching For Heather

    by , 01-12-2012 at 08:36 PM (561 Views)


    Notes: I was able to sleep in and ended up snoozing or resetting my alarm like 8 times. This gave me a lot of opportunities for DEILD or WILD. The dream lasted fairly long, but I can't recall a portion of it. Also, it wasn't very vivid; I had to stabilize a bunch of times to stay in the dream.

    I woke up and tried to DEILD. I felt the rush come on, but it dissipated quickly. I felt like I was still awake so I stuck with it. I am pretty sure the dream started in this warehouse. I don't remember the transition, but I recall that in the dream I was happy I DEILDed.

    The dream started in a large, gray warehouse building. There were a few people working around. There large crates on top of high shelves. I see a pretty attractive girl so I go up and start making out with her. The dream becomes pretty blurry so I stabilize by staring at one of the crates. I decide to try and find HM. I ask a nearby DC if she knows where HM is. She says yes and walks me under one of the shelves. It led to a narrow passageway that opened into another room.

    This was another storage area. There was a girl working on one of the shelves and the DC said that was HM. We make eye contact and it takes me a second to realize it isn't her. However, she is really hot so I take it anyway. Her face gets somewhat fuzzy when she gets close so I rub my hands together. They feel abnormally soft but it feels good. She starts kissing me and then goes down on me. We were talking dirty the whole time. I lose the dream before it finishes.

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    1. SonicDayDream's Avatar
      Have you found Heather?