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    Dream Journal: Daegon


    by , 11-20-2011 at 03:02 AM (235 Views)
    My dream last night was strange, because it was both non-lucid, and lucid. It started out as non, then later on I was holding a teddy bear of all things. I didn't feel any attachment to it, it was like I was just looking it over. I don't remember everything I said, I do however remember saying "...when I wake up..." then snap, my conscious mind kicked in and I realized I was dreaming.

    The strange part was throughout most of my dream I was trying to get away from a group of people. I wasn't afraid of them, nor did I fear they would harm me, I just didn't want to be around them. I also remember moving through a massive warehouse, in the process of trying to get away from these people I was running across large stacks of everything. Luggage, mattresses, containers, and I'm talking stacked dozens of feet high, like 20-30. I also remember jumping through a pane of glass that shattered, leaving a shard in my forehead. I just removed it and kept going.

    There was also a search, I and another group of people were searching for some ruins, which we determined were likely located on the site where the warehouse sat. We searched for some time without success, I was about to leave, and not being able to find a door I was about to knock a hole in the wall, not uncommon for me in dreams. I stomped my foot getting ready to do a shoulder ram when the floor gave out, I fell, and found the ruins we were looking for, I don't remember much after that.

    There was also some racing involved, like Mario Kart, only very competitive and at extremely high speeds, in the first race I took 4th, then 1st in the second, and in the third I blew the engine on my racer and ended up dead last. I also bitched about only winning twelve grand cause I thought I could do better.

    I know this all may sound strange, but my dreams often shift settings and I can only remember small fragments usually.

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