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    Dakotah's web of dreams

    1. Never let a 10 year old drive.

      by , 02-14-2013 at 04:01 PM (Dakotah's web of dreams)
      I remember trying to sale my car. So my dad decided to buy it. We were standing outside of a store and my dad told my little brother to back the car out if the parking lot. Well apparently we were on a very large hill or a small mountain because when he backed out the car went off the mountain and got destroyed. In the dream I was more concerned with my little brother but my dad just cared about the car. Looking back its actually kind of funny.
    2. Nightmare on elm street.

      by , 06-01-2012 at 10:23 PM (Dakotah's web of dreams)
      I don't really remember a lot of this dream. I'm at my house and the phone rings. I think that it was someone that wanted to mess with my mom because she handed me the phone and didn't want to answer it. When I get on I say hello in this high pitched voice. The person responds and it sounds like a little boy. But it sounded fake, like how I was trying to disguise my voice. I think that it is just some weird person playing a prank. So I start trying to flirt with this person while trying to sound like a girl. We keep talking like this and then out of no where the persons voice gets really deep and they say "time to die, bitch!" It sounds almost exactly like the guy who played Freddy in Nightmare on Elm Street (the old one's) I hang up the phone. The dream continues but I can't remember it. Now I'm at this woman's house. I can see my mom in her car through the screen door. The womans husband is trying to tell my mom something but she can't here. He runs out side to tell her and I tell him to stop because if someone leaves he will die. He shakes my hand and leaves anyway. I turn around and the woman has her throat sliced. She is bleeding a lot and then slumps over.
    3. A long morning of dreams.

      by , 06-01-2012 at 10:07 PM (Dakotah's web of dreams)
      I have been put into a new private school by my mom. I think that it is a good way to find new friends. I feel like the place is beautiful but now that I look back on the place I don't remember anything particularly aesthetically pleasing. A lot of people from my old school are there too but I dont seem to really notice. I see the people as friends, but not as people from my old school. Also I have about the same classes. * I only remember that first hour was mr. Morgan. When I walk into the class there are tons of people, probably 100 in just one classroom. I don't remember finishing the hour. I guess the next thing I remember is lunch. On this lunch day I don't really remember what I get. I can't quite remember what comes next but I'll put this in. I was looking at a full sized car, it was some sport car from Audi. Then I put my foot in the car and it was about the size of a shoe. The illusion was kind of amazing now that I look back on it but at the time I didn't notice. So now I was just trying to skate on the car, the car was really wobbly and almost made me fall down a few times. I guess the more I skated on it the less it would do that. I don't know how I got there but I'm now at makenna's house. This part of the dream is cloudy but I think she was talking about how much she hated her dad. Well the next day I couldn't remember my first hour so I ask a friend and she says that it is my fourth hour from my old school, I couldn't even remember what that was so she told me it was mr. Morgan. I commented on how I liked having his class in the morning instead of afternoon. Next thing I remember is there was a small group, maybe five boys, that was gathered around our head chef. We forced him to try the Chinese food and he spit it out in disgust. Then he defenders his cooking by saying "this isn't fast food, so you can't blame us for not being perfect. Then I commented on how I liked everything except the chinese food. I went up to order and there were about 20 compartments of food in just this small part of the cafeteria. 3 compartments held fruit and I had the lunch lady fill a bowl with all three, i know there was pineapple. In another day my mom was at the school because she was mad. She was at the cafeteria but it was as if they used it as the main office also. We argued about what was in this certain fried food that we found and someone beside us proved me right. The rest is cloudy but I remember saying that if I couldnt go to the private school next year that I would freak out. My mom told me that I probably couldn't because of the cost and I told her how many friends I made and I hated my old school.*

      Bits of information that I couldn't put in the dream*

      I remember seeing my real life grandpa in the school cafeteria but in the dream he was makenna grandpa. He was sitting alone waiting on her but she didn't show. I felt bad for him, she finally arrived with her dad and about 200 people got out of his car. Her grandpa was happy but the bell almost rang immediately. I was mad because she took advantage of him and because she already talked bad about her dad.*
    4. Copyright puffins dream

      by , 07-29-2011 at 11:08 PM (Dakotah's web of dreams)
      I was sitting on the bench in my front yard kissing this girl. Then I become lucid. I pull back and plug my nose. I can breath! I'm lucid! I tell the girl that I'm dreaming and she goes "what would you like to do in your dream?" in this sexual tone.

      She leans on for a kiss and I shove her off of the bench and say "I want to fight". I get off of the bench and pit my arms up on this fighting pose. We start to fight ninja style. We were doing flips, roundhouse kicks, and whatever you can think of.

      Then I shout out some names and say "come get some". Four people come out from behind a tree. I get in my stance. One runs at me and I flip him over me. Two more come and I do this spinning kick and knock them both to the ground. The last runs at me and we do the same move. I have two ands on the ground holding my self up. And my feet are in the air. She was doing the same move so our legs were tangled. My left leg was on top, her right leg was in the middle, my right leg was under that. And her left leg was in motion going to the ground. I tried to spin in mid air and everything went in slow motion. Just like in puffins dream I felt like I was going through a thick liquid.
    5. harry potter dream

      by , 07-22-2011 at 11:34 PM (Dakotah's web of dreams)
      I remember walking down this dark hall. There was little light but I don't know where it was Comming from because there were not lights or windows. Then I used the lumenesent spell. (Or however you spell it). My wind lights up and I see professor mcgonagail fighting a bunch of death eaters. Then there were people behind me. Using spells like ''explelliarmus" and ''stupify". I shot a couple of the death eaters. One of the death eaters grab mcgonagail. I use expelliarmus to shut the wond out of his hand and than I used stupify to shoot them away. As I kept walking I saw one of the weasly brothers on the ground. He threw his wond at me.

      That was the last thing I remember.