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    Nightmare on elm street.

    by , 06-01-2012 at 10:23 PM (915 Views)
    I don't really remember a lot of this dream. I'm at my house and the phone rings. I think that it was someone that wanted to mess with my mom because she handed me the phone and didn't want to answer it. When I get on I say hello in this high pitched voice. The person responds and it sounds like a little boy. But it sounded fake, like how I was trying to disguise my voice. I think that it is just some weird person playing a prank. So I start trying to flirt with this person while trying to sound like a girl. We keep talking like this and then out of no where the persons voice gets really deep and they say "time to die, bitch!" It sounds almost exactly like the guy who played Freddy in Nightmare on Elm Street (the old one's) I hang up the phone. The dream continues but I can't remember it. Now I'm at this woman's house. I can see my mom in her car through the screen door. The womans husband is trying to tell my mom something but she can't here. He runs out side to tell her and I tell him to stop because if someone leaves he will die. He shakes my hand and leaves anyway. I turn around and the woman has her throat sliced. She is bleeding a lot and then slumps over.

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