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    Dannon Oneironaut

    Dannon's Journal of dreaming.

    by , 06-27-2010 at 05:48 PM (927 Views)
    Made in the Shade

    I am in a hot city with Spanish moss hanging from the trees. It is somewhere in the South. I am driving a car and I am wondering how the heck I got all the way over here. It is dusk and there is a lot of bars and music and nightlife.
    Now I am walking by a river that goes through the city that is kind of underground, but open at the ceiling so I can still see the sky but there are pedestrian bridges going over the river. There are a lot of restaurants and bars outside so I don't know if I'm inside or outside. And drunk people celebrating joyfully. I can't tell if I'm in San Antonio or New Orleans.
    I go around the corner and there is an old black blues guitarist sitting on a stool smiling at me. He has a harmonica in a harness around his neck, a tambourine under one foot and a rattle sticking out of his shoe. He has a hat on and transparent sunglasses. He looks kind of like Jiminy cricket.
    He says to me: "Looks like you got it made in the shade!"
    Me: "Made in the shade?"
    Him: "And having fun in the sun>"
    Me: "Well, I feel like I'm too rattled to shake and too stoned to roll."
    Him: "Well I'm gonna give you a piece of advice, but I'm gonna let it out slow and lay it on you easy, so you can dig it. You got it made in the shade but you don't know it. You gotta be like rubber man."
    Me: "Rubber band?"
    Him: "You can be like a rubber band if that's your thing but don't stretch yourself too thin. Then you can bounce back."
    The whole time he is smiling so much and looking at me over his sunglasses that it is contagious and I start feeling real good.
    Him: "You see, everyone's got their dues they have to pay and you always pay yours on time, so I came here to spread a little sunshine for you so you can see your way."
    He kind of sings this last line while playing his guitar and then he goes into playing "I Feel Good" by James Brown. And he is stomping on that tambourine and stomping his other foot with the rattle and it is some good music! Then he starts blowing on that harmonica.
    Him (singing): "You're one of us now, so rise up singing. Spread your wings and fly!"
    Later Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray jump out from behind a wall and they are cops. "Freeze!" Yells Bill Murray and Dan Akroyd handcuffs me.
    "Hey! Aren't you Bill Murray?" I say. "Shhhh. Don't tell anyone" he replies and then he lets me go. It seems like they were only testing me to see if I would recognize them. We're all good friends and laughing.
    I woke up this morning feeling all good and singing "I Feel Good" all day as I drove for 8 hours. I just got back home and now I write this down.

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