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    Dannon Oneironaut

    Dannon's Journal of dreaming.

    by , 06-27-2010 at 05:50 PM (899 Views)

    I am walking down a path in the woods with some people. I am excited and want to show them something even though I don't know what it is. Then it is just me and this girl I know walking down the path and hopping over fallen trees in the path. We arrive at this old shack or cabin. It is old and barely standing.

    I go inside, now it is just me and I'm naked. I go inside the cabin and the whole inside is one giant bee hive. All the walls are beehive. There is sun shining through the cracks in the slats illuminating lots of honey. The honey is dripping down the walls and from the ceiling I am eating it up! I am licking it and scooping it with my hands like a Pooh Bear. There are big happy honey bees flying in and out of the cabin.

    Presently the buzzing gets real loud. A loud droning coming from everywhere. My body starts buzzing as if my atoms are turning into energy (too much sugar?). I am vibrating blissfully. It is quite a sexy feeling. I am getting turned on. And then I hear the sound of drums. There is a drum circle somewhere nearby.

    I use my Xray vision to look through the walls and see that there are a bunch of tribal people wearing bee masks surrounding the hive and playing drums. I continue eating honey amongst the loud drone of bees and the primal beat of the drums.

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    Tags: bees, tantra