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    Dannon Oneironaut

    Dannon's Journal of dreaming.

    by , 06-27-2010 at 06:00 PM (1506 Views)
    Into the Wild

    I am in Southern Oregon, in the Red Buttes wilderness, camping with some friends. It is a beautiful summer afternoon. Everyone is doing their own thing and I go to the campfire and see that the salmon steaks that are on a spit are almost done.

    I go off to find everyone. They went down the trail that goes South. I walk down the trail and it goes over the summit of a mountain pass and then I am in Northern California. There are redwoods all around suddenly. I am with my friends now and we walk down to a beautiful mountain lake and we decide to go swimming. The edges of the lake have an underwater shelf or ledge so it stays pretty shallow for ten feet or so and then drops off into deep waters. This place is similar to my special place, but it is not the same place.

    There we are, swimming in the water, all four of us. On the opposite beach we see four birds: A turkey vulture, an eagle, and two owls. If I were lucid, which I am not, I would look for Darkmatters. Maybe he is one of us four, but I don't know who the other three people are, just that they are my friends.

    At the same time, the four birds launch and swoop into the water and swim towards the four of us. Raptors can't swim, can they? But they are swimming. When they get to us they reach out their claws and each one takes one of our hands and leads us back to the opposite shore where they were. Now they sit in the shallow water upon the shelf but they are one giant bird with four heads: an vulture head, an eagle head, and two owl heads.

    We get out and explore and we find that there is a bunch of discount outlet stores here! Darn it! I thought I found a remote place in the wilderness where no people go. I tell my friends that the salmon is probably done and we should head back to our camp. But they think I am just making excuses because I am scared of the wilderness. They want to go shoe shopping.

    Another Into the Wild

    I am kayaking in Alaska with some friends. We kayak up to the edge of a huge glacier. The ice is very beautiful - the way the water is lapping at the edges, making ice caves underneath the glacier at water level. The aqua-blue-white of the ice and the layers of translucents and opaques and the way the light plays with it and the water. So beautiful and peaceful.
    Spoiler for big pictures:

    I look up. The top of the glacier was WAY up there. It was massive. It reminds me of the cliffs of the Na Pali coast in Kauai, but made of ice. So awesome was this mountain of ice that I became a little nervous should a chunk fall off on me. I did not want an iceberg to fall on me. Also I know how icebergs explode when they land in the water, the same way ice-cubes crackle when you put them in a drink. So I kayaked a safe distance away into the ocean. Then Lo! The Humpback whales arrive!!!!
    Spoiler for MORE BIG PICS:

    A few times they have showed up in dreams past as harbingers of lucidity.

    My friends and I get out of the water just past the glacier and park our kayaks. We knock on the door of some cabin/inn in this fishing village. A man answers the door and invites us in. He is a friend of someone in our party and we are to be his guests for the remainder of our time in this town. He looks at me suspiciously. We take our boots off and sit down and have coffee. Our host reminds me of Cliff's roommate (Cliff is an old friend of mine whom I worked for and his roommate was an asshole. He only ate redmeat, nothing else, and he claimed he was a master healer, but his place was filthy and smelled horrible and had flies all over it eating all the leftover steak grease).
    I don't get a good vibe from our host. He gets it into his head that I am having an affair with his wife.
    Spoiler for The cabin and the jealous guy:

    I tell him "No way, man. Relax! I wouldn't fool around with a married woman, and I wouldn't betray your hospitality that way, and besides, I just met both of you two minutes ago."

    He grumbles something and we all start making music. There are other guests there who are musicians as well. I pick up a guitar that is laying there. I am looking at my hands and seeing which frets I am playing. One song has these chords: C/E7/A minor/C7/F9/E7/A minor/D9/D9, F9/G+,G/C/G7. Just a blues song. Now I notice that I have chocolate syrup on my hands and I stop playing. I am confused, how did I get chocolate syrup on my hands?

    The guy got up and grabbed the guitar and yelled at me. He yelled "THAT is my WIFE'S guitar and I don't appreciate YOU playing it without asking me." I look over at his wife and she obviously was enjoying the music I was playing. He shoves this homemade instrument into my hands to play instead. It looks like a broken piece of plywood with metal springs and things attached. He thinks that I won't be able to play it because it is a piece of crap, but if you know me you know I can make music out of anything. It sounds beautiful.

    I am beginning to get angry with this alpha dude because I have no interest in his Eskimo wife. So I look down at my hands playing this fucked up kalimba when I suddenly realize that my hands, this instrument, this whole scenario is just a dream! I look over at this angry guy glaring at me and I felt such love for him and compassion because he is so threatened by me and insecure because he thinks that he actually exists separately from me; he doesn't realize that his nature is emptiness and he is just a part of a dream.

    I knew he wouldn't understand it if I tried explaining it so I turn to CNDR and say: "Let's get out of here." I take her hand and we teleport to a tropical beach and there are the humpback whales in the water. Then I wake up
    Spoiler for Farewell Whale:

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    1. juroara's Avatar
      Oh yay! I didn't realize you made a new dream journal. Looking forward to your new dreams. Stay lucid!