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    by , 04-05-2016 at 05:12 PM (327 Views)

    I was hanging out with my friend who has kindof dumped my recently IWL partly because he is going through some serious stuff with his own family and he is having a change of lifestyle. I am kindof happy this is happening because his attitude is different from mine. He likes fast cars, alcohol, cigars and women whereas I do admit I like all those things too but would rather not go there. So he was there and I think this hightened my awareness in the dream because he was running after wasps hitting them and then squeezing them but they would not die properly and were flying over to me to sting me. I was trying not to get angry even thoough the situation was crazy. I started telling him that if we are nice to beings in the world we can make a big difference but he just continued on. The next thing the same story just magnified into a full on War. I was protecting a group of people while a chopper landed in front of us. A load of men came out with full armour and some kind of machine gun I had never seen before. They captured the people and I managed to get away. They were not looking for me they were looking for the indigenous people to wipe out the spiritual culture and bring on the industrialisation. It was an Avatar type thing. I was suprised at how brave I was and not a bit scared. This makes me think that I must have had some level of lucidity but not recognised it was a dream. This is still taking things a little too seriously and fighting for a cause. I have a sense still that there is something to change and not fully in the dream. I then ran up a number of floors in an office block to let them know and try and find someone official. Of course this is a classic dream sign of running around in circles and not becoming lucid.

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    non-lucid , memorable


    1. Smudgefish's Avatar
      Sounds like you are getting close to being lucid.
      Good recall as well.