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    Vivid Hospital Scene

    by , 05-04-2016 at 09:29 AM (485 Views)
    This was a very vivid hospital scene where I was waiting for my anesthetic before an endoscopy. An endoscopy involves quite a lot of hospital tech including the usual blood pressure and pulse, anesthetic plus the machine to do the investigation into the stomach. It is a long tube which goes in the mouth and has a camera on the end. There are also devices for taking samples. I was on the hospital bed and one of the team a lady in her late 40s perhaps who seemed very kind but I knew was just doing here job. I said to her that I usually get a heavy anesthetic because I can be troublesome and reject the scope. She said "Oh yes I remember you from years ago. That is no problem.". They would normally never say something that impolite so I was a bit shocked by that. Anyhow she placed what i thought would be the usual stuff in my mouth but it felt different it was small but I trusted the process. She said to the team that she was going to administer the anesthetic. As she did I started to feel the effects of it and instead of going completely out and then waking up after in the recovery bed I just woke up at home this morning

    In another dream before this I met some good friends from the past. They were happy and alert as usual. We were at a retreat and were gathering around the table. I was bringing a friend with me who I forget who it was. This was not the normal retreat setting but it was very kind and warm atmosphere.

    In the dream before that I met an old friend of mine who is best friends of my brother in law. He was wondering what I was up to these days. We were in the City chatting and he was asking me how many rooms were in my house. He was happy that I was doing well. The city was looking dark and rainy but with plenty of activity. It was noisy.
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    1. Habba's Avatar
      Great recall!