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    1. First Dream Journal

      by , 08-10-2011 at 03:13 PM
      My recall was bad
      Im at a slight different version of my high school
      im looking down a field of several fences all gray with very lush green grass and buildings with rain tower things over the walkways im hoping these fences to get to a class im late for and i want to avoid detection from someone. SO i hope the first fence and theres this big mole dog creature. Im scared by this but it turns out to be friendly and i feel bad because as i left it got sad and put its head down. i continue hoping the fences i notice theres a house to the right of me three or four black guys are messing with an ac unit. i figured they were up to no good.

      IM in front of this older brick building its in a sort of run down area its something like blue ridge recording studio.
      im in a pitch black room i can see the outline of the people im with one is a heavyset lady with brown hair were about to smoke weed.
      i think she rolls a blunt and we all take some hits i think. i remember finding a flashlight and trying to make a joke out of it by shining it on my face but it didnt really work like i wanted.
      I see a bunch of peopele through a window on the door to another room i take some shoes and tie them to the door but the kid came around the side looking disapionted like why did you do that man.
      i get this feeling my room is around the corner and i can just go in there and play guitar.
      im in my kitchen high seeing a sort of green haze in my vision
      i hear brandon in the gameroom telling me to chill but i wasnt doing anything really.