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    Chimpertain, Job, Train only for couples

    by , 10-08-2012 at 06:06 PM (341 Views)
    I meet this guy who calls himself "Chimpertain" I ask him "Is your brother Chimpertainment" I don't remember the answer unfortunately. He tells me he has a job for me. He takes me to this fancy restaurant. Infront of me is a table of rich people. One of them is a rich lady who is complaining about something stupid. Chimpertain says I should memorize the restaurants name. To my left is a sign that has the name of the restaurant. It is an extremely long name and I only remember one part of it. The first part of the name is "Restauranterleria". I see waiters walking around carrying gigantic dishes of food with them. Chimpertain tells me that he was mistaken and there is no job for me so we leave.

    We meet this girl who has a weird spray that removes color from anything. I ask her "How long does it last" she says "6 months" I then tell her to spray it in my hair and she does so. I then rub the substance all over my hair and it causes it to grow very long. Now I am in my mothers room and I show her my long hair. I then decide I don't like the long hair so I decide to cut it. I go into the bathroom but it turns out that my hair has returned to normal. I notice nothing is wrong with my face.

    I am now at a place I cannot describe but in this place there is a train, not a real train but it's more like a fun ride you can go on. I see many young couples get on the train but I never get on the train, but it was probably because I didn't have a gf with me which somehow prevented me from coming on to the train.

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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      Chimpertainment's gotta chimpertain.
    2. Chimpertainment's Avatar
      Chimpertainment is what I am...Chimpertain is what I do...and Chimp is my true name :)

      I like how the restaurant name is ridiculously long like my name, lol...sounds very mad hatter like too. I have a job for you, do this...good...well i dont have a job for you anymore..

      lovin the randomness of the dream, good stuff!
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