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    Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal

    This is where i'll be posting my dream journal online, in a hope to increase my tendency to remember more dreams, and clearer.

    I write all my dreams in a small exercise book under my pillow, and will post them up on here every day or two

    I hope to delve into more than just control over my dreams, but finding an understanding about life and keep walking the path of awakening.

    If you have advice to give me, I would be ever willing to accept help, a guiding hand would make a great difference for me

    1. Hiding in the Dark with the Ray-gun of Time

      by , 08-01-2014 at 11:13 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      I had this little dream I remembered but hadn't written in my journal last night.

      It was late at night, I was outside and it was dark and gloomy, just barely bright enough for me to see my surroundings. I was on the run, I had some people chasing me, there was a scavenger hunt of some sorts going on and I had just grabbed a plastic bag which had a bunch of ham in it and ran away. I was scared that I was going to be caught, so I ran as fast as I could around some buildings and found a field of grass behind them, and layed down as flat as I could in the grass, knowing that someone would come looking for me. I figured I was low enough not to be seen, but the plastic bag of ham out to my left might have been more visible. I stayed still for a good few minutes, worry running through my mind. I could hear voices coming closer, and they sounded like a couple of old buddies I had from high school. I jumped up and sprinted away to my right towards a small office building, but inside was an older thin man, who was working security.

      Inside was small and brightly lit, with a desk in the corner and the walls barely decorated. He saw me and immediately sounded the alarm, crap! I knew there was only one thing to do, shoot him. I shot at him, and a bunch of people ran inside. I knew suddenly that I had messed up, this shouldn't have turned out that way, and I had to fix it up. The people chasing me ran in to the office and saw what had happened. I reached in to my pocket and pulled out a small parabolic dish attached to a handle, this was a special ray-gun which had the ability to reverse time, but I had no idea how it worked. I assumed that if I pointed it in the direction of the man I shot, he would simply reverse and be alive again. I pointed it and pulled the trigger, but not just the man went backwards, but everything in the room was affected, including me. It created some really strange distortions as things started going in reverse, people walked out of the room and the dead man came back to life. When I decided I had gone back sufficiently far, I released the trigger and waited. This time there was no alarm, and the officer seemed rather happy instead. It was very bright, as though it was now day time and the sun was glowing through the window lighting up the room. The people who had run in though, alerted me to the fact that not everything was as it seemed, and I could feel some strangeness throughout my body. I knew that reversing time would have adverse effects, and it felt as though my hand had turned to goo, even though it still looked fine. One of my friends who ran in pulled out their phone and showed it to me. One half of it was normal, but the other half was distorted, with the letters and numbers sliding off of the phone. Whoops!
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    2. 48th Lucid - ToTM November

      by , 11-24-2011 at 11:35 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      The beginning of the dream eludes me, but my memory begins with me already lucid. I am in a place I've never been before, a small pasture, surrounded by hills on 3 sides and leading to the ocean on the other. Opposite the ocean is a small house/cottage up on the hill, I began somewhere near here. Knowing that I was dreaming, I decided to go for a bit of a fly. I jump up in the air and propel myself forward - the wind flapping my clothes and hair. I took a dive towards the ground and flipped upside down, flying backwards down the hill. I drop, gently rubbing against the ground as I continue to push as I fly. I remember thinking about the strange warmth it produced instead of pain, and how it shouldn't tear the shirt I was wearing. I get back upright and fly back towards the cottage on the hill.

      Inside, fOrceez's little brother is set up as a clue to complete the ToTM, as he's completely dressed in Mjolnir armour from the Halo series. Oh, right! I should do the ToTM! I look in a mirror and start to create the armour around me. Almost like in Iron Man, the armour starts latching around my arms, legs, body and head. I can still see perfectly clearly, no helmet or visor obstructs my view - but I'm now decked out in full yellow armour!

      I move my arms around, jump up and down, it was incredibly light and offered no resistance - feeling as though it actually increased the speed and power of my movements. I go back outside and look out over the hills. I point my hands down at the ground and push - this is one of the first times I've tried to use Iron Man rocket-style flying but boy is it good. I flew around the hills for a while, and some time later lose lucidity - though quite how I am not sure.
    3. Successful WILD! Trick or Treat and Questions About My Dream Guide

      by , 10-06-2011 at 06:19 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      Successful WILD! Trick or Treat and Questions About My Dream Guide (WILD)


      I wake up at 8:24, from a dream about meeting a girl. I spend about 10 minutes writing it down, and lay on my front just to sit and think about the dream for a while. All of a sudden - BAM - I'm hit with a massive wave of vibrations. I of course, decided to go with it - and I decided to try using an AP exit technique. I stayed still, allowing the vibrations to deepen, and started visualising pulling up on a rope, and pulling myself out of my body. The vibrations intensified, and the lowered briefly. I kept going with the visualisation until I really felt myself start to slip out. Infront of my eyes, a hallucination started.

      I saw a CRT computer monitor, perfectly square, with a bunch of symbols on the screen, one was a clown face, then others just squares, spheres, a pyramid. I began to feel the vibrations lower, and the hallucination solidified properly. I asked it - "Who is my dreamguide?" A picture of my cat appeared on the screen. I asked again "Who is my dreamguide?" A picture of the music teacher from the Simpons appeared, an older man with grey hair around the sides. It is possible that I asked again - but I can not remember correctly if I received a reply.

      I decided here to take a chance - I wasn't sure how deep in the dream I was, and I didn't know if I would wake if I tried to move. I threw off my covers and stood up. I could feel my body but I couldn't see - am I awake? My eye mask fell down on my face, and I shifted it, and took it off - my bedroom appeared before me. It was night, I stood in the middle of my room, I looked in the mirror - whoa I look weird, I must be in the dream. I tried to count my fingers but it wasn't working - screw it. I plugged my nose and breathed in and out, I forgot how much fun this was! I used body awareness to stabilise further - centering myself into the dream.

      Oh! The Task of the Month! I faced my bedroom door, "Trick or Treat!" I said, and opened the door. It was just my family room - nothing abnormal and nothing to receive. Damn. I walked up the hallway to my parent's room. "TRICK OR TREAT!" - I reached out and went to slide the door open, and it flew off as though I had kicked it down - awesome! Inside, they are both asleep. Dad rolls over and turns on a lamp next to his bed, and I notice that as the lights come on it becomes day - that saved a bit of effort.

      I walk over and stand next to my mum's side of the bed, Dad rolls over and searches next to his bed. I look at my hands - I needed to shape shift aswell, one of the gods? Zeus. I try and make a large lightning bolt in my hand, but get a blue glow and a few sparks. I don't even know how to shapeshift! I'll just do it later.

      "So who IS my dreamguide?" I ask
      Mum starts talking about something strange - about how when someone is sick, there is an association people make with them within society. She's rummaging through a small box, and I see a pillow with an apple sticker with "Sick - Sam" written on it - probably from my cousin being sick here sometime. Is that what she's talking about? I still don't understand. I end up holding my luggage bag - what dad was searching for over the edge of his bed - my trick or treat gift. I use the texture of the leather on the handle to stabilise while I talk. I didn't look in the bag.
      "Who is my dreamguide?" I ask again.
      "Well, you've been told.. me, cats," my Dad replies
      "Yeah, uh.."
      "Old Man Fudd" - a reference to the Simpsons music teacher - that's not his name.
      "And who else, I can't remember! I can't remember!"

      The dream instantly dissapears as I wake up drawing a sharp gasp.

      The messages in this dream were quite confusing. I'm not sure what to think of it. I've always thought of my cats as highly spiritual beings, but I've never thought of them as helping me with my dreaming. My father isn't my dreamguide, but has led me spiritually throughout my life.

      The music teacher, with greying hair is interesting though. In the last lucid before this, I became lucid after an older man, in a police car yelled out to me 'Isn't this weird, Alex?!' When I think back through my dreams, I can note significance of an older man. He was there when I questioned my dad if I could learn to fly, he was there when I landed from my first power slide, he was there when I met Alex for the second time. I feel that he could play a significant role in my dreams, though I haven't spoken to him more than once. I will continue to find my dream guide, speak to Alex again and find out more about this old man.

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    4. The Camping Ground - 34th Lucid

      by , 09-13-2011 at 12:01 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      The dream begins in the bush with dad. We just got out of a car at the edge of a new camping ground. It is small, rounded and at the edge of the ground the tree line begins, and continues on into the forest. There is a very large kangaroo a few meters away from us, looking over occasionally. It is after mid-day and the sun is shining through the trees, creating a beautiful dappled afternoon and a joyous feeling as we arrive.

      Dad starts commenting about the camping ground. "Gee, this is pretty ugly. I thought it'd be bigger." I have memories of this place, perhaps from a previous dream or the terrain was created from a memory of bush land. I think it's absolutely beautiful, but I just talk along with Dad anyway. "It's a bit small I guess", for most of this time my eyes have been glued to the kangaroo, who is still standing around and un-afraid of our presence. To the left, there are two people sitting around some sort of camp-fire, I catch them in my peripheral vision as they stand and say "It's nice once you get used to it". Dad makes a comment about how he could take out the roo with a shotgun, and is now standing at a table where the car was parked, looking at a long box which contained a shotgun.

      Memory jumps a little here, but I assume the two people start taking us in to a large wooden cabin. We walk through a door on the left side of the building, the inside is a large hall space. A boy from school I don't often talk to - Max - walks up to me, and the first thing he says to me is "You're dreaming, you know?"
      "Oh, I am?" I wasn't quite sure - everything seemed very realistic and I hadn't realised till now the strange dream-like feeling. I could tell before I had RC'd, but I did it anyway, and plugged my nose and breathed in. Awesome!

      I turn to him, start rubbing my hands together to stabilise, and with the situation at hand I take the opportunity to ask a question, directed at the dream character but aimed to get an answer from my subconscious, I look him straight in the eyes.
      "How come this doesn't happen more often?"
      "How come you don't normally tell me when I'm dreaming?"
      "Oh, you know, uh.." He was really unresponsive.
      "Is it an effort thing?"
      I can't remember if he replied or the dream skipped, but he ended up saying
      "You know, where I'm from there's this trick with water-"
      and instantly I remembered - Yes! My goals! The ToTM!
      "Thank you!"

      I start walking backwards out of the building, and think "When I turn around, there will be water." I pictured a lake, or a large, clear puddle behind me. When I turned, there was a few trees in front of a clearing, where there was a murky, muddy puddle. I walked towards it, saying in my head "I am walking to the water" over and over.

      I stood infront of the puddle, facing towards the cabin. I stepped, trying to stand on the water and my foot simply planted straight into it. Hm. I tried both feet and failed. I believe I could have tried to lift myself out of the water after having both feet in, but I can't remember it completely and I'm not going to count it as complete. When I was done, I stood infront of the puddle again - this time for the advanced task. I started with water bending - something I've done completely naturally in a lucid dream before - but now I was thinking about it. I try and raise the water in a stream, using my hands to guide it up. It doesn't work, but I somehow make a splash in the puddle, and increase the effort and concentration I'm putting into the telekenesis. The murky water collects into one ball at eye level, gently swirling around while I increase the intensity to gather more water.

      People started to gather and I realised I needed to control two elements, and not just water. While holding the ball of water in the air, I focus on the ground and try and raise up the dirt in columns - it doesn't work. Okay, wind! I start yelling, louder and louder as they do in Dragon Ball Z, feeling as I draw in more energy. The last time I did this in a dream I woke up just before I was finished and I didn't want that to happen again so I stopped increasing the volume. Loads of people were standing around me now - one was filming. I could see the wind blowing around me but I couldn't feel it yet - and the dream was starting to fade! I put all my effort in and felt the air rushing forwards against my back - success!

      I woke up into a False Awakening, hearing an occasional dull buzzing noise. I presumed it was my phone, and turned to find out I had fallen asleep in bed on IRC with my netbook. I had been added to a private channel with ShockWave, Raspberry and a few new members I didn't recognise - I was also using webchat. I closed the windows and had a sudden panic that the lucid hadn't saved in the word document! (Which I never typed.) I woke up, as I went to check for the document, and started writing the dream out.
    5. String of Lucid Dreams - 12-13-14-15

      by , 08-06-2011 at 11:03 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      String of Lucid Dreams - 12-13-14 (WILD)


      I had just changed from my school to my friend's school, though the dream actually took place at my school. I was getting accustomed to a new group of friends, and Hamish convinced me to leave during recess and go out of the school.

      We climbed through a fence, and started walking down the street when Hamish said 'Shit! That's the principal's car!' We started running back towards the school as fast as we could. I got back in the gate and walked back up to the group. I asked Dunstan what he'd done, his hand was swolen, he said he'd broken his knuckle. We were standing in a circle beside a tree close to the fence line.

      I asked fOrceez where his group sits, but I don't think I was ever shown.


      I wake up and want to write in my DJ. I roll over and open it, take out my pen and go to write the date. What the, it's not the 31st, it's the 12th. I started writing when I noticed -
      wait, I'm in my bed. I was sleeping at fOrceez tonight. I looked up at my clock, it read 8 : 0~. I did a nose RC, aweosme! I sat up and rubbed my hands and the sheets on my bet, but when I got up my entire body felt top heavy again. I struggled against it and got up and out my door. I opened the door into my hallway, though it was a different version. Everything was poorly lit, with a green tinge. It was hot, and muggy. I felt as though I was in a chinese seafood market. WHOA. My head tilted to the side very quickly, I stumbled, fell down and woke up.

      I layed in my bed and did visualisations as I fell back to sleep. I ended up without a dream around me, floating in the void. For the first time ever I imagined a dream scene, I believe it was a beach, in which I was able to simply step into. I remember doing the nose RC in the dream. Yes! I'm lucid! WHOA-

      I wake up in a false awakening, in a room with fOrceez, his little brother and two of his brother's friends. We were all in the same room, there was a bed on each side of the room and then 3 mattresses in the middle. I got up and walked down the hallway and accidentally walked into fOrceez parents room, crap! I ran back to the room we were sleeping in and tripped and fell in through the doorway and woke everyone up. Some kid tried to elbow me in the balls, and I pushed him away.
      I told fOrceez, "Dude, I just had a DILD and then a WILD!" I got excited and noticed the dream fading.
      I'm dreaming, shit! No! Don't collapse!

      I woke up and stayed still and let my mind wonder. I started visualising. I was atop a cliff, looking over the edge and out at the stars. I look back over the edge and jump down. I free fall, feeling the air rush against my skin. I fall about half way down before I start to catch myself, and begin to float away.

      This dream then faded into a non-lucid about being in a bird-zoo at night, I was being instructed by someone to use two axes - one in each hand- to kill as many birds as possible. I was just swinging wildly at birds and they'd disappear in a puff of feathers.

      This night made me so proud, I was just so incredibly happy with it.
    6. Feeling Like A Child - 11th Lucid

      by , 07-28-2011 at 12:33 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      I stood in the loungeroom counting my fingers. "1, 2, 3...4 ...5... i think? 1, 2, 3.. gah this is hard! Wait - what if i'm dreaming?" my inner monologue rattled off

      I nose RC, whoa! I am! I stabilise, grabbing the wall and rubbing my hands all over it, feeling the orange peel paint texture under my hands. I look around at the loungeroom, trying to understand what's off about it. I immediately notice the books, piles of them stacked to the roof of a plethora of colours. It was messy, but kind of artistic and pretty, in a sense. I walked over to the window and looked out at the sunshine, focussing on my hearing, something I'd never done before in a lucid. I noticed the chirping of birds outside, coming in through the front door. I put my awareness into the sense of touch, and felt the weight of the clothes on my body.

      I turn around and walk out into the kitchen, observing how realistic this dream is - I didn't have a hint of my usual top-heavy feeling, I was very stable and anchored to my dream body. I looked at the counter and saw a glass, it was somewhat dirty but I figured I'd use it anyway. Instead of picking it up, I simply made another one appear in my hand. I thought about opening the fridge to get a drink when I realised - Why bother?

      I focused my intent on a drink, and found my glass half full with red, bubbly creaming soda. I took a sip - it tasted great! I thought for a moment, I should focus on my sense of taste! I increased my awareness to my mouth and changed the flavour, it became an incredibly strong, creamy malt flavour! Damn! I put the glass down and pondered what to do. I looked out into the back room and saw some sort of boxes, it wasn't my usual back room. I walked out to take a closer look, and the dream faded almost instantly.

      I woke up, and went to write in my DJ. I took it out into the family room, it was day time. I open it up and put it down on a table. It was one of my old ones, with all sorts of ruled margins and drawings of strange monsters in it. The handwriting was really fancy. "Wow I wrote so much neater when I was younger." I struggled to find a spot to start writing my dreams, and kept flipping pages - until I woke up. Should have RC'd as I woke, to avoid the false awakening.

      Throughout this dream I was in a very different state of mind - my consciousness and thoughts felt as though they were those of myself, but from 4-5 years ago, when I was first into LDing. This matches the dream journal that I recognised as my old one, though it was a false memory. I had another couple of dreams after this where I felt the same way, but they have since shifted back to normal
    7. Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse at School Camp

      by , 07-28-2011 at 09:22 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      Late at night, we gather in an empty clearing. The grass is dry and dead, we're somewhere in the wilderness, on a school camp. The moon is out in the sky, bright and full, illuminating the clouds around it and shining just enough light for us to see where we are going, and what we are aiming at.

      We're some of the last left, who knows how many others are alive, but the population is dwindling. We walk up to the wall of guns, I grab a pocket sized shotgun and some ammo, Jeremy grabs a gun off the rack and we walk off and join the group. We walk along the path with the small group we're with - just a few of us who knew each other from primary school. We're walking against the crowd, everyone else is running away.

      Further up the road we find a shack to the side of the road, one of the sides has a giant hole blown in it. Jeremy and I go in first, scouting out the various floors of the house. There are small crates and doors everywhere, with glowing edges. Most of them are blue, but we see one door which has red lights instead. We break through the door and find a robot mounted on the wall to out right, on what seems to be a hallway. There were boxes of guns and ammo on the ground, I wanted more.
      "Come closer, closer" the robot said. Jeremy and I instantaneously decided "Fuck this!" and got the hell out of that room. When we returned to the group I fired my weapon at one of the girls, Brianna accidentally. The shotgun was loaded with buckshot, but she wasn't harmed at all, thank god.

      We turn around as the farmer who owns this land walks out holding a crate. He's tall, wearing overalls and with a big white beard. He drops the crate down and it's full of more weapons. Everyone immediately starts grabbing at the weapons. I see the SMG lying at the top of the crate, tempting but I hold out for more. Eventually, most of the weapons are gone and I'm left with a large cardboard cardboard knife, hammer, shovel, and a giant pair of garden shears. I should have picked the shears, but I grab the stanley knife for mobility.

      We start to walk off, back down the path. Everyone is running to the left, but we see the wave of zombies coming at us. FUCK They're heading left in the direction of the group - what if we just go right? We walk around the edge of the fence line, keeping low and avoiding making noise. The zombies were clever to chase the rest of the people, but we out smarted them by heading right. I black out.

      My memory picks back up with the group I was with, but in my school hall. There's loud music playing and everyone's dancing, oh shit it's a competition! I join in, trying to subtly hit on one of the girls. She keeps looking away and shutting me down coldly, what a bitch. I keep dancing, but I get hungry and want to show off to everyone. I pull a cold, hard boiled egg out of my pocket and take a massive bite. Everyone's impressed.
    8. 10th Lucid - Making It To The Lake

      by , 07-05-2011 at 12:36 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      10th Lucid - Making It To The Lake (MILD)


      I was in some sort of large brick city - it reminded me of a game. I don't quite remember the back story of this dream - I believe my friends and I were being chased by something - trying to get away from the center of town?

      I don't know what set me off - but I RC'd with my nose - I'm dreaming! I instantly stabilised, looking around me and trying to calm down - with great success! The dream was very solid and stable, I didn't feel top-heavy at all and I was thinking very clearly. I walked around lucid for a while - it was night and I was in a town made of red bricks.

      I remember walking out of a large square doorway and looking outside. There was a tall tower as though there was a castle in front of a couple of walls. Daniel ran past me with a group of people - but I stopped him.
      "Hey, can I have that?" I was referring to his MP3 player. He handed it over without trouble - and kept running. It reminded me of my old mp3 player, but longer. Music started playing from it - Good Charlotte - Last Night. I was surprised at how good the music sounded, Jeremy was right!

      I decided to focus on my next goal - time dilation. I yelled at the dream 'Two weeks to a day! No wait, Two weeks to an hour!" I looked down at the screen on the MP3 player, there were two digital clocks. They were both counting time to seconds and read
      08:35:-- and the seconds at the end were in sync. Ohwell, I don't need it anyway this dream is stable as! I tried to make my DG appear behind me, but I didn't believe it would work properly, and it didn't happen. I ran down the street, it was paved and there were walls either side of me, I jumped and tried to take off in a superman flight stance, and fell smack bang on my face. I believe this is where I managed to teleport to the lake.

      Next thing I remember, it was day, and I was at a lake. This was different to the lake I had been picturing. There was a shoreline filled with trees - a forest, and then a basin in the middle. There was some sort of tower on the hill on one side of the basin - a light house perhaps? I wanted to fly again, and tried superman style again and landed on my face. Bah.

      I tried instead, to simply levitate up. I lifted off the ground slightly and got my balance in the air. I then pushed myself backwards as though I was swimming through the air - almost rowing. I kicked and swam faster, and started going really fast. I flew around the lake, looking at all the scenery and weaving in between the trees, feeling the air rush over me. I remember thinking a lot about the way I was rowing my arms - and I was slightly confused as to how it was working. I remembered the last lucid I had where I summoned an apple and figured it'd be pretty cool. I hovered in mid air, and flicked my left hand expecting an apple to be there. Nothing appeared, so I visualised the slice of green apple and went to take a bite - nothing. Oh well!

      I know I was talking to someone in this dream, and I believe it was a kid from my school named Michael. He convinced me to try flying superman style again, now that I'd nailed flying backwards. I picked up lots of speed and did a flip. I manouvered through the air turning around and ending up in the superman position - it felt really awesome. Uh oh. I started falling out of the air - I needed to try and swim in that position. I hit the ground with a smack, it didn't hurt at all and I actually laughed a little. I instantly felt the transition into my waking body. Damn that was fun.
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    9. The House Party - 9th

      by , 07-05-2011 at 12:34 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      The House Party (MILD)


      My family had a lot of people over, mostly relatives but I didn't recognise anyone. They were mostly old, there were women with greying hair who looked frail, and a couple of old men. We sat in the loungeroom and watched some sort of movie, with lots of food on the coffee table. I don't think I was very interested in the movie.

      There was one man there I recognised - who looked like an older version of one of my ex's dads. I walked up to him and shook his hand, telling him I'd never mis-recognise someone from their family. There were two small dogs who I played with throughout the dream. I recall there being small clumps of dog hair under the coffee table, and we were suspicious that they had been fighting with the cats. I went and got one of the dogs from out in the family room, picked him up and bought him out into the family room. He was noticably scared of Kitty & Merlin.

      It was time for everyone to leave, and they all left out the front door, and as I was left alone in the loungeroom, the dream fades to darkness.
      I wake up in the loungeroom, alone. It's night, pitch black outside with lots of stars in the sky. The light is on in the loungeroom. Something seemed odd to me - but nothing in particular, I counted my fingers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 wait - my fingers are branching off one another. I went to recount and my fingers just kept on generating and branching. Cool! I did a nose RC just incase - wow, I'm dreaming!"

      I felt as though I was in a hurry, quickly I decided to try and teleport - imagining myself standing in the hallway. I was trying to do it too fast, and not trying properly and so I failed. I started looking for Dad again for some reason. I tried to summon him, I think and it failed. I then saw the reflection of him standing up wearing his cap out in the hallway from the window. I went to check and he wasn't there.

      I realised how fast I was going and slowed down, stabilised. I grabbed the wall and touched it, looking around the room. The old TV cabinet was in the front window, and was also in the bar area where it used to be - cool. I wanted to use my sense of taste - and so I flick-summoned an apple into my hand. At first I couldn't feel it, but as I raised my hand up to my mouth I decided on a slice of apple instead of the whole thing. I took a bite, it was sweet and delicious, and made a satisfying crunch. I intensified the sweetness using my mind.

      My eyes started to feel tired, and I noticed they had sleep in them. I noted that I had better not shut my eyes too much or I ran the risk of waking up. I simply scratched at the sleep with my fingernails, but at one point did shut my eyes. As I opened them, my eyelids opened in real life, and I was fully awake. Oops.
    10. Possible WILD - Teaching Tim About Dream Control

      by , 07-05-2011 at 12:32 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)

      Possible WILD - Teaching Tim About Dream Control (MILD)


      I layed in bed after waking up repeating my mantra "I am dreaming" and allowing myself to get caught up in the visualisations. I didn't feel any onset of SP, but I believe I was lucid the whole time this dream happened, though I don't fully remember the transition.

      I was visualising minecraft, and a server with Jeremy, Tim, and Henry. I was trying to help Tim understand how to fly, and make choices about changing the dreamscape around him. I showed him how his thoughts influenced the generation of the landscape around us, by going flying fast across lots of terrain. As my thoughts would scatter, the terrain would jump and become inconsistant, but as my attention returned, it would continue smoothly. We ended up flying through some sort of never ending gravel terrain, which spiralled downwards and was beyond my control. This is when I woke up.
    11. 7th Lucid - Failed Dreamshare with a DC

      by , 06-29-2011 at 03:10 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      I was in my house, in my room getting changed. I put on some underwear, and then started to pull up a pair of shorts when I thought.
      "Wait a second - I never grabbed these shorts off my chair!"

      I RC'd, and sure enough, I was dreaming! It was sometime around mid-day, there was bright sunlight coming in the window, but I had my blinds shut and the light on in my room. I looked up and saw the mirror, remembering one of my goals to look in a mirror and try and see detail in myself. I looked into the mirror, it didn't reflect the room, instead it was a blackness with two of my reflection in it. One of me was normal, and the other.. darker somehow. It was too hard to focus and get detail out of the mirror, and I didn't want to focus too hard so I continued out of my room.

      I went into the kitchen, it didn't look how it normally did. There was no 'kitchen' items in here, it was just a room with a bench to eat on. I continued out into the lounge room, oh here's the kitchen in this house! It was beautiful, the walls were painted a modern white with blue accents all around. A fresh breeze blew in through the front windows, which now overlooked the ocean. Awesome!

      My mum and dad walked out of the office together and started talking to me. I ignored them, knowing they were trying to put me back onto the dream plot, but then decided 'heck, perhaps I can shake this DC hard enough to draw my dad into this dream bubble.' I grabbed my dad by the shoulders, looked him straight in the eyes and said
      "Dad, where are you?" He looked blank.
      "What are you doing, where are you going? Isn't this weird? You're dreaming!" He looked around the room, confused and then it hit him. I allowed him to stabilise.
      "Focus, dad. Focus on the feeling of my hand."

      Once he had calmed down, we started talking. We talked about how weird it was, he bought up how close of a connection this is and something about how painful it would be to experience a death in a dream accidentally while lucid. We sat down on the floor in the loungeroom near a window, the sun was shining in. I slowed myself from falling as I sat, I didn't want to hit the ground, but I did. I swung myself around hanging on to his arm, jumping up and then slowly falling back down. It felt somewhat like repelling down a rock climbing wall, but sitting. The dream started to fade.

      "No! Pull me back in!" Crap. DEILD, DEILD, DEILD!

      I woke up in full vibrating sleep paralysis, and started repeating my DEILD mantra "I am dreaming, I am dreaming." I stayed in this state for 2-3 minutes until it started to fade, and I woke up and wrote down this dream.
    12. 6th Lucid - Lucid Fight!

      by , 06-27-2011 at 01:13 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      It was the beginning of a nightmare - I walked out of my bedroom to find my school janitor, Frank, and another older man I don't recognise standing in my back room. He was old, with greying hair and a beard, wearing tattered clothing. They were walking really, really slowly. I was confused and scared, I went to tell dad.

      I found him in the office sitting on his computer.
      "Dad, Frank is in the back room!... wait, why would frank be in the back room... I must be dreaming!" I didn't RC, I was sure I was dreaming and the only thing on my mind was making this DC disappear.

      I went to the kitchen and looked at the back room, the second older man was gone but Frank remained and he was MAD. He started to throw knives at me, but I dodged them all. I picked one up and threw it weakly at him, it didn't even reach him. I then picked up 2 or 3 knives with telekenesis and launched them at him, lodging them in his chest. He didn't even flinch. I went out to the back room and we started having a fist fight, but my hits were doing nothing to him. I grabbed a water bottle and poured water all over the floor and proceeded to gather it all onto Frank and freeze it. He kept moving, walking towards me, and I made it colder and colder and colder. Finally, I punched him in the jaw with a right hook and shattered parts of his chin.

      We then, stopped. I can't remember why, but Frank was gone even though I didn't win; I knew he could have overpowered me. I looked back over the counter and there stood a man who looked a lot like Morgan Freeman, writing in a notepad, he had an angry presence about him, and disappeared. I then started to think about my lucid goals, right! DG! Find my DG, find my DG. I took off a jumper I was wearing, and while it was over my head, in the blackness of the dream I decided to try and teleport. I wanted to go to Hawaii, so I pictured a beach, with me standing next to the water, and a sailing boat floating by.

      My teleportation wasn't successful, I didn't get an image to form around me like I had hoped. I thought about how I could meditate in this darkness, this void, just floating in nothingness for a long, long time. I was rushed though, I didn't want the dream to fade. I finished taking off my jumper and ended up lying on the floor of the kitchen. I stood up and the dream started to fade.

      I tried to DEILD, and awoke to two REALLY loud barking noises.

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    13. Solid Snake!? Possible Share?

      by , 06-27-2011 at 01:12 PM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      My recall of this dream isn't as vivid as i would like it to have been, but the dream itself was incredibly vivid.

      I was helping someone I just met complete some sort of goal. I didn't know who they were, but I decided to help them anyway - they seemed pretty genuine. He was probably around 14-15, with blonde hair and defined features. We went on some sort of Metal Gear Solid style adventure in some sort of chinese village to help figure out the secret behind the recent shortage of cucumbers. It was believed that the cucumbers had been poisoned and so they had to recall massive amounts of cucumber stock - but this was not the case.

      We went to a store which reminded me a lot of the local Go-Lo and talked to a woman in her mid 20's about it, and she said she'd demonstrate and asked for a lighter. Confused, I pulled out my lighter (er, what? I dont carry one) and handed it to her. She took a massive bite of a cucumber and spat it at the flame of the lighter, creating a giant fireball! That explains why they recalled them!

      We went to the middle of China Town, and found my friend's dad, who helped us find our way. I have a memory of running around here very fast, and not realising I was disturbing those around me. Jeremy's dad showed us that we had to walk slowly and bow in respect to everyone we passed. We got to a bridge, where I bowed to an asian man sitting at a table I swear I've seen in a cafe in my dreams before. We crossed the bridge slowly - but it was different this time, it was a zig-zag shape. We made it through and made our way to the graveyard, where we were to open a casket right in the middle to find out the secret behind the cucumber.

      We walked carefully around the perimeter of the site. The casket was in the middle of a sort of digging site, with dirt piled high all around it and the casket alone in the middle. We were almost at the center when someone grabbed us - Solid Snake!?

      'What are you two kids doing disturbing the ___(cant remember) festival?'
      We questioned him about the festival, and at one point he seemed embarrassed about it. I'm not entirely sure what happened after this, I believe we might have solved the case, and the last thing I remember was playing minecraft - something about my body and arms being made out of minecraft materials.

      My friend, forcee says that last night he had a dream with this same boy in it, he matches the description perfectly. Interesting, if this was a dreamshare, it'd be great to find out who it was!
    14. 5th Lucid - The Black Man

      by , 06-20-2011 at 07:51 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      This was sort of a weird false awakening induced lucid dream, I'm not sure how the dream transitioned but I remember being aware as soon as it did.

      I had a dream about some sort of race to Candyman's house - he was having some sort of gathering with a bunch of friends from school, and we all had to make our way through a forest to get there. Toby and I were grouped together, and as soon as everyone entered the forest it got very dark. I decided to hell with the forest, I'll just fly across and beat everyone there - so I did. Toby and I waited in a small room, it had grey walls and was only lit by the light coming from the overcast sky. Inside was a large stack of presents, which I believe Toby and I accidentally knocked over. We picked them all back up in time to turn around and find people arriving from the forest.

      I went out the sliding glass doors and found Sally, I told her 'Sal, I flew here! Haha! That only happens in my dreams, but how crazy is it that I can fly when I'm awake!" I remember thinking to myself how much stronger I must be.
      I'm not sure how it happened, but the dream transitioned to my front yard, and I was lucid. I recognised how clear it was, and how it didn't feel like it was going to fade. I knew I had complete control. I rubbed my hands and looked around at the trees in my front yard. It was mid afternoon, there was a bright sunlight shining from behind my house, indicating it would set soon.

      A boy from my school walked up my driveway, with a huskie/wolf on a leash, with a clone of him with another huskie right behind him. I knew that I should ignore whatever the DC wanted, because it would likely put me back on the plot of the dream, but I figured I might ask him a question. I can't remember what I asked, but I remember I dismissed the answer because it was nonsense. I then remembered my goal of trying to find my dreamguide! I said to the dream "when I turn around, my dream guide will be behind me.' I turned, and a large black man was standing behind me. He was wearing clothing somewhat like a genie, with short sleves embellished with gold trim. He was extremely tall, perhaps 7-8ft, and extremely built. I asked him
      "Are you my dream guide?"
      He laughed, and replied
      "Of course not, When you find your dream guide you will know it for sure."
      I realise now that I should have asked him who he was, and how he was connected to me, because I did feel some form of connection. He had a very positive presence, he radiated happiness and seemed so carefree. I plan to find him again and introduce myself properly (and a lot more politely..)

      I spoke to the dream again "When I turn around, my dream guide will be behind me." ad turned, to see my father. He was blurry and out of focus, I'm not sure if it was my vision or just the rendition of him. I was confused
      "what, are you my dream guide?"
      He smiled, and said no. Things started to blurry, but I could still feel my dream body.
      "No, Stabilise!" I yelled, rubbing my hands together and noticing how real it felt. The dream faded, and I woke up in an FA.
      I told sally about my LD, how I'd been flying and told her in my dream. I hadn't written in my DJ, but I figured I didn't need to because it was all so clear in my memory! The rest of this dream continued on briefly, with an uninteresting plot about presents and an ex girlfriend.
    15. The Girl In The Garden

      by , 06-16-2011 at 07:11 AM (Dark_Merlin's Dream Journal)
      This was another really long dream, but I don't remember any of the beginning.

      I had to help her, I had to find her and talk to her. There was a girl, she was never allowed out of her house to see anyone. I can't remember how I managed it, but I clearly remember the end.
      I was with Cameron, it was night. I looked over a picket fence, and I saw her in her backyard. There was a tall tree to the right of the yard, the entrance to her house on the left and a seat for 3-4 in the middle. I jumped over the fence, struck by the scene. The whole backyard glowed softly, with only darkness surrounding it. I found her and sat down with her, of course the first thing we did was kiss. She was reluctant at first, but then she kissed me, and sat on my lap. I didn't want to do anything other than kiss her and talk, but it seemed she wanted more from me somehow. I don't remember what she looks like, only that she was short, and had curly hair and pale white skin, but she felt really, really familiar...
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