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    The Camping Ground - 34th Lucid

    by , 09-13-2011 at 12:01 PM (1181 Views)
    The dream begins in the bush with dad. We just got out of a car at the edge of a new camping ground. It is small, rounded and at the edge of the ground the tree line begins, and continues on into the forest. There is a very large kangaroo a few meters away from us, looking over occasionally. It is after mid-day and the sun is shining through the trees, creating a beautiful dappled afternoon and a joyous feeling as we arrive.

    Dad starts commenting about the camping ground. "Gee, this is pretty ugly. I thought it'd be bigger." I have memories of this place, perhaps from a previous dream or the terrain was created from a memory of bush land. I think it's absolutely beautiful, but I just talk along with Dad anyway. "It's a bit small I guess", for most of this time my eyes have been glued to the kangaroo, who is still standing around and un-afraid of our presence. To the left, there are two people sitting around some sort of camp-fire, I catch them in my peripheral vision as they stand and say "It's nice once you get used to it". Dad makes a comment about how he could take out the roo with a shotgun, and is now standing at a table where the car was parked, looking at a long box which contained a shotgun.

    Memory jumps a little here, but I assume the two people start taking us in to a large wooden cabin. We walk through a door on the left side of the building, the inside is a large hall space. A boy from school I don't often talk to - Max - walks up to me, and the first thing he says to me is "You're dreaming, you know?"
    "Oh, I am?" I wasn't quite sure - everything seemed very realistic and I hadn't realised till now the strange dream-like feeling. I could tell before I had RC'd, but I did it anyway, and plugged my nose and breathed in. Awesome!

    I turn to him, start rubbing my hands together to stabilise, and with the situation at hand I take the opportunity to ask a question, directed at the dream character but aimed to get an answer from my subconscious, I look him straight in the eyes.
    "How come this doesn't happen more often?"
    "How come you don't normally tell me when I'm dreaming?"
    "Oh, you know, uh.." He was really unresponsive.
    "Is it an effort thing?"
    I can't remember if he replied or the dream skipped, but he ended up saying
    "You know, where I'm from there's this trick with water-"
    and instantly I remembered - Yes! My goals! The ToTM!
    "Thank you!"

    I start walking backwards out of the building, and think "When I turn around, there will be water." I pictured a lake, or a large, clear puddle behind me. When I turned, there was a few trees in front of a clearing, where there was a murky, muddy puddle. I walked towards it, saying in my head "I am walking to the water" over and over.

    I stood infront of the puddle, facing towards the cabin. I stepped, trying to stand on the water and my foot simply planted straight into it. Hm. I tried both feet and failed. I believe I could have tried to lift myself out of the water after having both feet in, but I can't remember it completely and I'm not going to count it as complete. When I was done, I stood infront of the puddle again - this time for the advanced task. I started with water bending - something I've done completely naturally in a lucid dream before - but now I was thinking about it. I try and raise the water in a stream, using my hands to guide it up. It doesn't work, but I somehow make a splash in the puddle, and increase the effort and concentration I'm putting into the telekenesis. The murky water collects into one ball at eye level, gently swirling around while I increase the intensity to gather more water.

    People started to gather and I realised I needed to control two elements, and not just water. While holding the ball of water in the air, I focus on the ground and try and raise up the dirt in columns - it doesn't work. Okay, wind! I start yelling, louder and louder as they do in Dragon Ball Z, feeling as I draw in more energy. The last time I did this in a dream I woke up just before I was finished and I didn't want that to happen again so I stopped increasing the volume. Loads of people were standing around me now - one was filming. I could see the wind blowing around me but I couldn't feel it yet - and the dream was starting to fade! I put all my effort in and felt the air rushing forwards against my back - success!

    I woke up into a False Awakening, hearing an occasional dull buzzing noise. I presumed it was my phone, and turned to find out I had fallen asleep in bed on IRC with my netbook. I had been added to a private channel with ShockWave, Raspberry and a few new members I didn't recognise - I was also using webchat. I closed the windows and had a sudden panic that the lucid hadn't saved in the word document! (Which I never typed.) I woke up, as I went to check for the document, and started writing the dream out.

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