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    ccci. Meeting at a church, Visiting an in-dream dream location, Living in a mall

    by , 07-11-2021 at 07:03 PM (745 Views)
    11th July 2021


    Transitioning from the TBC era to WLK era. T is there as his paladin at one point. There's something very Roman-esque about the setting? We need to complete some gold-payment quest to continue on into the city. There's a group of randoms with us, part of our party.


    In a place like L, by the pier area I think. There's a lot of commotion because of an upcoming football match. It's dark-ish, twilight-like, orange and purple hues in the sky? I want to take the subway to go somewhere, but first I got into this church. Many people are leaving an on-going service in the church but many still remain.

    Aunt G enters the church, I notice her and approach, getting her attention. She eventually recognises me and I tell her we should go somewhere together (to make up for lost time?) because I realise this place is actually quite crowded. I don't entirely feel safe, I think. Someone, an older lady but not as old as my aunt, she's putting up cordons and tells us we can't go in a certain area of the church. She had white hair, maybe tied back.

    The church is artificially lit, quite a warm light which contrasts with the twilight. Originally I wanted to move towards one of the areas that was cordoned off. We end up leaving the church and heading down a nearby subway entrance.

    (recall gap)

    We are next to a guy who's a pipe maker. I tell my aunt how many churches just can't afford new pipes, even though they'd benefit from them. The pipe maker gives us a statistic; only about five-hundred thousand out of one and a half million can afford such things. I realise and remark that it's only a third. I also remark that the distribution is going to be geographically unfair or disproportionate, too.

    (after writing these two, I got up and had thoughts about WBTB as I got back in bed)


    Visiting a church with H. In the dream, I had a dream where I'd visited this church and it was sort of empty. So, when we're there together, I already know the layout. During the dream, this made me vaguely think of "vision quest" dreaming and that sort of thing (no doubt related to reading Dreamgates before bed). The church has an odd layout, the rooms are laid in an inwards spiralling fashion. One of the back rooms we go through is tiled and looks a bit industrial.

    It has four big cylindrical tanks, all white. They're about twice and a half our height. I understand them to be part of some boiler system. A man, possibly the warden, is showing us around the church, some kind of introduction.

    Before this, me and H are outside. We just got out of the van. It's dark? I don't remember the grounds too well but there are tall trees and low dry-stone walls. H shows me something about a painting, which resides out here, on the external church walls. The painting is very big, mostly vertical. It's about one yard wide by four yards tall.

    The painting itself is kind of sepia in tones. It has a sketch-like look. At first I just see some eyes at the top, like part of an incomplete portrait, but as I move it around (because I'm moving it to hang it on another wall), the image changes. On some level, this makes me think of those "holo" images.


    At a mall place with H. We live in a flat inside the mall, accessible via an escalator through a store, it's either a clothing or jewellery store. Some people I know from school are here, there's some interaction. Rest of recall is gone.

    - We went today somewhere that took us the same road that we can take when we went to see a pipe maker. This was recently, so I wonder if that dream theme was influenced by this.

    - The TBC->WLK dream theme probably came from a nostalgia of the actual WLK period and from having some interest in its classic revival. On the other hand, I have little or no interest in paying to play the game, especially since there's very little social motivation for me to do so. The last time I went on, the atmosphere was more "toxic" than I recalled, something I found hugely disappointed, making me feel like some people just never grow up. Perhaps when I played many years ago, I was just that much younger that I didn't think much of it/just ignored it or maybe it wasn't that far removed from daily life, but now it would just bother me.
    -- I still find WoW dream themes to be fairly enjoyable, since they do tend to focus on the sense of adventure, combat or exploration, which were feelings that were much more present in me when I was younger. I haven't felt a genuine sense of wonder about anything at all for many years.

    - In the area where I used to live, the mall has flats over it. Although the mall in the dream had a more "airport-shops" feel to it, the rest of the associations seemed fairly close to memory of home.
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    1. aussiemusician's Avatar
      DD, is the church, the church you attend?
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    2. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      Hm, no. I don't think it was exactly like any church I've been to for a service and it was more of a mix of several different church styles, ones I typically like actually.
    3. aussiemusician's Avatar
      so the church you go to, is it like that of hillsong, another pentecostal or is it a different "denomination" ?

      and what was the go with cordoning off an area of the church?
    4. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      I've been to many churches of different denominations, both for services and not.

      Can't quite say about the cordoning off, but in the dream it felt a bit like those uncommon times when I've gone somewhere and they're either closing up or still preparing as I get there.
    5. aussiemusician's Avatar
      so it was a church service, and not a social gathering?
    6. monsa199a's Avatar
      nice fragments... I often dream visiting my old church, perhaps because since I started lucid dreaming I stopped going to church. So I guess since is in a church, and hearing about the mind blowing statistics; when you talked about pipe maker, do you mean an organ pipe maker?
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    7. DarkestDarkness's Avatar
      aussimusician, I would say it was a bit of both, because it felt too casual to be a proper service, and too organised to be a generic social gathering, though in my mind a service does fit into the context of "social gathering" anyway. My recall of that dream fragment isn't great anymore anyway.

      That's interesting monsa199a, I'm not sure I ever had a visit in my dreams to an actual church I've been in, not even ones that I visited often with my family when I was younger. Most of the time, dream churches are agglomerations of several different styles or specific bits I've seen in churches over the years. And yes, your assumption was correct about the pipe maker. I don't know where the number came from exactly and I'm not sure how it might relate to waking reality in terms of actual statistics, but the general ratio was probably based off my own impressions of how much money certain churches have to spare (versus how little others have to spare).
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    8. aussiemusician's Avatar
      a bit of both?
      ok, fair enough.