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    cccxcix. On canyons/adventure with T, Cutting down a streetlight

    by , 08-22-2022 at 02:28 AM (427 Views)
    2022 July 4th

    Long dream. Left recall a bit late and wasn't sure how to describe some bits. Didn't sleep well.


    In the first part I am with H and another couple. We are in some kind of airport place? There's not that many people. I offer to pay for a trip to Germany to the other couple, which might be where they're from. I have some ulterior motive (can't recall what).

    (recall gap)

    Me and H arrive at some building in a car and then we have to go through some kind of trials and it's a bit like a game? The first notable room I recall is like a theatre hall and a bit of a church. It's kind of low for the type of hall it is. The wood in the hall seems to have a yellow tone like it's all gold leafed. Red curtains.

    (recall gap)

    Then I'm somewhere else with sibling T. Somewhere more like an industrial complex but on canyons. We try to connect some power things but I'm not sure what they do.

    (recall gap)

    In a similar kind of canyon area with floating sections and things like that. We are struggling to find the way from one floating section to the underside of an arching canyon. I use a kind of grapple thing and make it. On this small underside ledge, there is a mouth-like opening and clawed tentacles await and look aggressive. I keep myself teetering on the edge and holding on to the rock above with my left hand, using some weapon on my right hand to slowly pick off all the tentacles. My brother doesn't try to jump to the same ledge. After I've killed all the tentacles, I step toward the mouth opening and feel a bit annoyed this is the only way down. I don't particularly feel like getting wet. It looks fleshy at first but as I make my way down its oesophagus the experience seems to become more neon/digital and less accurate.

    (recall gap)

    In a more abstract place in which we have to run through over these procedural platforms and kill enemies. It feels like a CoD game.

    (rest of recall lost)

    2022 July 9th


    I'm outside on a street. I'm cutting down a streetlight post using one of my palette knives. Somehow, I'm managing alright to cut through the thick steel. But as I apply force, eventually the handle gives and breaks off from the blade.

    Then I'm indoors at home. I'm asking H to fix the palette knife and saying I need to go back quickly to finish it. I mention that the wires inside could be live and half jokingly H says we could do with the insurance money.

    Before that, outside on those same streets. They're not from any waking location. Looks more like from a game. Some house appears and disappears when I look in a certain direction. Before that I'm talking to mom but still in this place. I'm asking her about some hallucinations. She tells me that it could be because of the person I work for(?), inheriting their psychic stresses or something.


    Earlier. Something at some kind of hotel place. (from earlier awakening)

    V messaged me saying hello on Discord. I reply "Oh, hey" but can't recall anything else.

    - The oesophageal segment is probably the most memorable part of that dream, as at the time of writing this over a month later it's one of the few bits I can recall clearly, visually. It's also one of few occasions I've had of such nature, I think all of which have only happened in the last few years, despite the fact that themes of "consumption" have always been with me.
    -- On spending a bit more time re-reading the dream, some of the rest of visual elements have come back to me. Some of the floating/canyon areas have similarities with some BL biomes.

    - I think when I replied to V's message, that dream had ended and I woke up at that time.
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      Your recall has been really great lately!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Hilary
      Your recall has been really great lately!
      Thank you, it was pretty decent for July, actually. Still need to catch up on myself with the DJ here.

      Though, since more or less the first week of August, it's been a bit dead because of work schedules. So good recall will likely only have a chance again in a month or so at best.