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    cccxix. A's late husband, Dreaming of dreams

    by , 08-29-2021 at 04:06 PM (131 Views)
    19th August 2021

    Away from home at the time.


    Something about a big drill at the tail end of a dream before waking.

    Before that, something more adventure-like.

    Another bit about S and A. But S was implied to have died and A was having a conversation with me, telling me all of this. In that moment I realise that was why we hadn't had any contact with her for a long time.

    21st August 2021

    Recall was good at first and dreaming presence was very decent too, lots of dreaming overall, but I was unable to write any recall down initially and it was left too long by the time I had another chance, meaning almost all detail was gone.


    Something about dreaming and art.

    Last bit just before waking, I'm doing something charitable for someone. I'm somewhere like in Scotland and I remember moving around a fair bit. (in what way?)


    - I cannot know whether my dream realisation about A's husband has any truth or not, since we still haven't spoken. Sadly it's been years since we last spoke.

    - Dreaming about dreaming and art probably relates to some of the long-term lucid goals I have.

    - I'm not sure if I was still away on the 21st or not, possibly just after I had been.

    - I just realised while typing this DJ entry title that our host's husband passed away some years ago, perhaps this was what brought on the dream about A's husband, in some way.

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