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    cccxvi. Arguing couple and changed area, Station reclaim

    by , 08-23-2021 at 03:29 PM (115 Views)
    8th August 2021


    At one point I'm in the bedroom with H. It's morning but the light is wrong. The sun is towards the end of the street. We keep hearing noises outside interrupting our sleep and we check out the window a few times. At some point through this we hear a woman and man, struggling or fighting, we think. H looks out the window and asks her if she's OK and if she needs help. She says it's fine, but I think the man is upset still. They look fairly local I think. Then a taxi thing comes by and picks both of them up? It all happens somewhat fast.

    Later, we're in the car. We go around the roundabout in front of where the civic centre is supposed to be. We remark on how it was all changed, with this newer and bigger roundabout that has a glass dome building and gardens and so on in the middle of it. I comment "but still, there are no seats? what's wrong with people? first they don't like being outside, then they need to be outside but aren't allowed and then they are allowed and there's no incentive".


    Something on a space station. Me and H are reclaiming it or something and we need to get something, I don't know what, some modules maybe. I remember seeing the station from the outside, in a sort of 2.5D view and it has glass on the side, or is shown as a bisection, like in some 2D and 2.5D games.


    - The arguing couple may partially be residue of one of the couples in our street, who are frequently getting into domestic arguments, and the man has been arrested on occasion.

    - The angle of the sun would have suggested mid/late afternoon, but the colour and so on indicated morning.

    - My thoughts on the roundabout mirror some of my waking/conscious thoughts on that sort of topic. In the dream, the area inside the roundabout was much larger than in reality and partially under construction. Come to think of it, the way we were going around it was reverse to what it should have been.

    - The space station is probably some Starbound residue.

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