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    cclxxii. Intermission, Alien hive/creatures

    by , 05-22-2021 at 03:42 PM (47 Views)
    21st May 2021

    Not a dream:

    Couldn't recall any dreams for this day made a note that I tried thinking about lucidity in general and about recent dreams where I might have had an opportunity to become lucid. I had hoped to go through the recall of several dreams in my head but ended up getting a bit stuck on this; eventually my focus drifted and I must have fallen asleep.

    22nd May 2021


    (left recall a bit late) Some bit in a town in the style of my old home town, hilly. I'm with some dream friends, a woman and a man both younger than me. They are getting rid of some stuff, office chairs or sofas?

    Some other bit, I'm with someone but can't recall who. Entering some kind of hive building which is in the middle of an otherwise normal city (larger than any I've been to in waking life, NY style). The entrance to the hive part is high up, but I think I just run up it. Inside, there's a sort of rounded off eight point star inner shape and there are cocoons or eggs, they're dark? And the place is dark overall but there's some kind of light. Everything is very geometric.

    I shoot or open the eggs by getting too close? DRG-like creatures come out and so on. I end up leaving but with an intent of returning later. For whatever reason, the creatures are unable to follow me out.

    Some other part, I'm in a building with mom. Don't recall much of it but it's kind of a semi-circular inner area? Like a control room around a central and cylindrical room. It's generally dark. There are other people around, we're walking through the place?

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