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    cclxxv. Outdoor dreams, introspection

    by , 05-29-2021 at 10:51 AM (29 Views)
    28th May 2021


    Outside, night time. There's someone else with me. We're on top of a short building, flat roof. There's a curving road that comes down on a hillside and then back up a bit further along. Relative to me, this is to a 90 degree quadrant in my front-right.

    29th May 2021


    Long dream, there's a hill and a big manor or castle on top? Some interaction with other dream characters. Something about walking a path, something about nature. Get the feeling of dawn or morning.


    - I'm having trouble recalling dreams despite clearly remembering being in them. Dream recall just seems to have completely faded by the time I'm sort of aware of being awake. My first thoughts on waking are fairly random and not seemingly related to my dreams.

    - I also have little or no recall of my alarms going off earlier in the morning. I wonder if the issue here is the same as what has made me feel unable to see things in/with my imagination of late, a somewhat frustrating problem.

    - It occurs to me that H's alarm has been different for a while; I used to think it was particularly annoying before, perhaps it was raising my awareness because of being annoying.

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